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No SNEmul is not dead, it’s simply sleeping. I Hope I will have more time later to fix bugs and add improvements to the emulator, but it’s not really possible for the moment.

Due to a change in the MySql from my provider, Wordexpress was not working correctly since some months. I was hoping that the bug will get fix itself but it seems I needed to upgrade Wordexpres. Anyway it seems ok now…

40 comments June 18th, 2008

Work In Progress release for Slot 2 device and some words for a friends’ project

Hello everyone, a tiny and “unofficial” update for slot 2 device users. The 0.6 alpha didn’t work well, so i tried to fix most issues in this release.

Other people can check this release too, it reduces the battery consumption and includes a button to hide the GUI.

Off-topic :

I want to wish luck for a new project made by friends : a new way of paying for creators, PEPITA !

A digital store where you can sell your music, artworks, pictures and software. You can even include creations of others!

Take a look here :

I included my store here, and you can donate for SNEmulDS this way instead of paypal :)

90 comments November 13th, 2007

SNEmulDS 0.6 alpha available

The preview-alpha version of SNEmulDS 0.6 is now available for all the brave testers around the world!

The GUI artworks are not ready, so you have a “naked” and not very pretty GUI, but at least, you have the multi languages support!

You can check if your language is correct.
You can choose one of the language in the firmware or some language by editing the snemul.cfg :
# Language of GUI
# -1 -> Use firmware settings
Firmware languages:
# 0 -> Japanese (Katakana only)
# 1 -> English
# 2 -> French
# 3 -> German
# 4 -> Italian
# 5 -> Spanish
Non firmware languages:
# 106 -> Portuguese
# 107 -> Catalan
# 108 -> Polish
# 109 -> Dutch
# 110 -> Danish

Various External RAM packages can be used to improve large rom emulation, see snemul.cfg for more informations.

Scaling support has three modes :
- Full screen : nearly like snezzids
- Half scaling : “smart” scaling, only reduce half the backgrounds, and doesn’t squish sprites. It looks quite fine in games.
- No scaling : no scaling at all, classic SNEmulDS mode, still default

Here is the complete list of changes compated to 0.5 beta:

- New GUI using framebuffer for sub screen
- Better human interface, improved file selector (alphabetical sorted), buttons, check boxes, multi choose zones, etc.
- New GUI supports joypad (joypad is not supported when emulator is running however).
- Multi language support (more than 10 supported, including katakan japanese !)
- Memory pak support (Opera RAM, Slot 2 card reader, etc. using libram) with paging or with large ROM mapping
- Scaling with pseudo bi-linear filtering and sprites squishing : full screen scaling (like snezzids), half scaling (half scaled and without sprites squishing), and no scaling (classic snemulds mode)
- Autiomatic SRAM saving when needed
- Some other bugfixes and improvements in GUI

174 comments October 9th, 2007

Need help: translation

Hi folks,

The new version of SNEmulDS 0.6 comes closer… The new GUI is nearly finished and is being integrated to the main core. I’m waiting for artworks from my friend to complete the GUI design.

A new feature of the next release will be multi-language support. For the moment, the language setting is read from the DS firmware, and the charset used is ANSI Western occidental (Windows-1252) so the translation is limited to : English, French, German, Spanish, and Italiano. But in future, Japanese and other language will be included.



All language has been translated already ! Thanks to all who contributed!

Others languagues are welcomed to, but will be not included in next release. Don’t hurry to send new translations because i will not spend much time on translations now.

If you are interested in translating SNEmulDS, this is very simple.

Here are the current files containing the string ressources.
If you want to helop, You just have to translate strings, without changing anything else.

First people to translate his language will be included in credits Wink To give your translation, send me a mail (archeide at or post in this forum :

As I’m french, the french version should be the main source. If you can find better translation for english, tell me!


66 comments September 24th, 2007

Happy birthday SNEmul!

Sorry, no new release yet… I’m busy with work and vacation …

Hope to add new features like screen scaling, new GUI, memory pak compatibilty and some nice things soon…

Anyway, I wanted to wish an happy birthday to.. old SNEmul core!
It was the 14th july 1997, the start of the SNEmul DOS emulator project!

10 years ago… it seems to me like it was yesterday!

A lot to thanks to all SNEmul(DS) users for your support and help!

93 comments July 14th, 2007

SNEmulDS 0.5 beta

This version aims to improve in sound and graphics. As the emulation becomes more and more complex, it is more and more difficult to add new features without breaking the emulation overall, so some new feature will not be enabled by default for all games. The configuration file select which features are enabled or not, and becomes very important (so don’t forget to put it in the root directory!).

I tried very hard to improve sound, and i succeeded to get much better musics in some games, but there may still some “pops” or “cracks” sometimes, and the sound can slowdown or goes mad in some rare circumtances (the ARM7 seems not powerful enough).

A new menu has been added : the GFX config menu, this menu offer a simple way to change the GFX behaviour in real time. The emulation is not stopped like in the options menu, you can enable/disable several features and see which ones are better for the game. (See README for more informations)
Here is the list of changes

  • Changed the Sound timers, now the timers should be a bit more accurate and removed the timers hacks
  • Moved back the Sound RAM in the fast ARM7 RAM, removed unused code from ARM7 codes
  • Now support sprite address change during frame (limited to two addresses by frame), this makes Ogre Battle much more playable
  • Left handed people can now enjoy the SNES mouse option (right buttons can be used like left joypad).
  • Options can now be saved in configuration file
  • New SNES config menu
  • Fixed some bugs

Optionnal feature (enabled by configuration file):

  • Added sound synchronisation fixes, this is a set of flags that make ARM9 slowdown or make ARM9 wait for the ARM7. Those options make Square games (and other games) sound much better, but also break sound in other games. So this option is available through the configuration file. I only changed for the configuraiton file for Chrono Trigger, SOM1 and FFVI. You will have to modify the configuration and test the options for other games.
  • Added priority per tile for BG3, by detecting if there are more low or high priority per tile at each line (see README)
  • Added priority per tile for BG1 and BG2, by using the fourth DS layer. Low priority tiles go to fourth layer, and high priority per tiles (this idea was taken from SNESAdvance).
  • Sprites priorities can now be changed. See configuraiton file for more informations. The default is 1123 but 1223 makes some games look better (like Castlevania IV first level for instance)

Get it here (and patch it with DLDI):

218 comments May 7th, 2007

Some news about SNEmulDS 0.5 beta

It has been a long time i didn’t give any news, so here it is, some news about my progress. I have finally succeeded to improve sound in SNEmulDS. One part has been to work on the sound core (new APU timers, removed speed hacks, put back memory in fast EWRAM) and the other part has been to add a set of emulation hacks that you will be able to play with, thanks to the configuration file.

The way the sound is implemented in SNES emulators for DS bring some synchronisation problems that make sound garbled or make games not boot at all.  I found some ways to improve synchronization, but each game need to be tunned differently. For the moment, i have found a way to have good sound with classic Square and Enix games  : Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana 1, Final Fantasy VI (FFIII in USA/Europe) Terranigma, Illusion Of Gaia. I will let you find the best configuration for other games that have sound problems.

47 comments April 29th, 2007

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