Some news about SNEmulDS 0.5 beta

April 29th, 2007

It has been a long time i didn’t give any news, so here it is, some news about my progress. I have finally succeeded to improve sound in SNEmulDS. One part has been to work on the sound core (new APU timers, removed speed hacks, put back memory in fast EWRAM) and the other part has been to add a set of emulation hacks that you will be able to play with, thanks to the configuration file.

The way the sound is implemented in SNES emulators for DS bring some synchronisation problems that make sound garbled or make games not boot at all.  I found some ways to improve synchronization, but each game need to be tunned differently. For the moment, i have found a way to have good sound with classic Square and Enix games  : Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana 1, Final Fantasy VI (FFIII in USA/Europe) Terranigma, Illusion Of Gaia. I will let you find the best configuration for other games that have sound problems.

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  • 1. tAGGY  |  2007-04-29 at 11.29 pm

    Thanks a lot for your emulator dear Arhcheide, I visit your site every day just to see if there ’s something new ( and make you some hits :) ) ! You made a great work on your snes emu, and we’re all very excited in being able to play to our ol’beloved snes games with even better sound !
    To me having an .ini file with all the parameters for all the games, like in the N64 Emu Project64 is a very good thing, since everybody could help in improving SnemulDS compatibility !
    Anyway, keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to play DBZ Butoden 2 flawlessly :) and it seems that it’s in a good way ^^

  • 2. Shutz  |  2007-04-30 at 1.07 am

    Great news about the sound!

    Any progress on properly implementing graphics layering?

  • 3. archeide  |  2007-04-30 at 2.25 am

    There will be some progress too, i try to implemenent a limited emulation of priority by tile.

  • 4. Ibrahim  |  2007-04-30 at 3.18 am

    Hey, thanks for the update on SnemulDS, do you have any idea when we might be seeing the beta? I’d like to play chrono trigger because I’ve heard it’s great and I don’t have time to play it on a PC emulator and although it’s pretty good on yours it’s still kind of weird with the sound and stuff, and the menus are kind of non-working. Great emulator nonetheless, I think I’ll finally be able to finish ALttP.

  • 5. George SA  |  2007-04-30 at 3.38 am

    I just wanted to thank you for not giving up on this project. All your hard work has brought back the fondest memories I have from childhood gaming and brought me hours upon hours of fun.

  • 6. Thebradshaw  |  2007-04-30 at 4.27 am

    I too, check this site every 5 hours approx. I was getting worried because the pattern t usually was an update a week.

    Good Job, on the sound emulation. Remember, clearity is the key though. LOL, good to know that Chrono Trigger won’t sound like I’m scratching a black board.

    Our deal still stands man, keep up the good work.

    Looking foward to playing Kirby Super Star with 2 players, in version SnemulDS 1.8 :)

  • 7. Syldaril  |  2007-04-30 at 6.56 am

    Fantastic news Arhcheide! Just like tAGGY said, I visit your blog everyday hoping for an update or a post. I really like the technical details you add to your posts, it makes them ever more enjoyable to read and adds a touch of complexity that makes us appreciate your work even more so!
    Keep up the great work!


  • 8. jackal27  |  2007-04-30 at 8.29 am

    Awesome news! I would always hate when I was playing Chrono Trigger and it would just wig out. Any news on graphic glitches or compatability?

  • 9. Lioran  |  2007-04-30 at 8.50 am

    I noticed that the soundeffect are alot louder then the music,
    will the futur version have the soundeffect sound be lowered or is it just the DS that give that feeling?
    thank you

  • 10. Satch  |  2007-04-30 at 8.51 am

    Great work so far…
    Looking forward to the next release
    It brings back great memories…not just of the snes glory days but of the old snes emulation days…
    Its very cool to see an emulator such as this one evolve over time.

    Thanks again for all your work so far.. and to your collaboraters
    I would like to say thank you for bringing the classics back!

    The stylus play is brilliant…
    The graphics display is almost there
    The sound is great

    Masterful coding lads!

  • 11. the_aeon  |  2007-04-30 at 1.12 pm

    where I give to lower it him?????? where this the Download 0.5b ?????????????????

  • 12. PerswAsian  |  2007-04-30 at 6.09 pm

    I’d like to second what Satch said above.

    I started emulating games back in late 1998 with the early days of zSNES (and Final Fantasy V’s early translation). The progress that you’re making here reminds me of those early days.

    You’ve also given me a reason to hold onto my MMD now that I’ve got an iPod.

    I’m really amazed by the work you’ve done here. The hardware limitations have got to be killing you and still you’ve managed to up the compatibility and improve the emulator overall.

    I’m adding to the compatibility list in hopes it can help in some small way.

  • 13. Alato  |  2007-04-30 at 9.55 pm

    Do you have an idea when the Beta is coming out? I can’t wait. It sounds great. I’ve been playing a lot of Earthbound on my DS. I’m so glad the sound is being improved. I’m looking most forward to more games booting. It would be great to be able to play Yoshi’s Island, SMRPG, and Kirby Super Star on my DS.

  • 14. skipboris  |  2007-04-30 at 10.47 pm

    Really looking forward to this one!

  • 15. PerswAsian  |  2007-05-01 at 1.36 pm

    If I’m not mistaken, all three games Alato listed have separate chips that would make them really difficult to emulate within the confines. I’m not saying it’s impossible; I’ll leave that to archeide down the road when the emulator’s further along.

    However, I’d bet dollars to donuts that any game using the Super FX, Super FX-2, SA-1, DSP and Cx4 co-processors will be long down the road.

    I wonder, though, if the limitations would be less binding with the 10MB RAM expansion pack that comes with the Opera Browser.

  • 16. Jake  |  2007-05-01 at 8.47 pm

    A quick note of gratitude, thank you so much for your non-stop effort! SNES on the DS is always the first thing that friends ask about when I introduce them to DS homebrew and make sure to tell them how far you’ve come in so little time. Please keep it up!

    To continue PerswAsian’s comment, do you have plans to utilize the Opera expansion? Would it help? Could any expansion support also include SCDS and EZF 3in1?

  • 17. the_git  |  2007-05-01 at 9.40 pm

    Thanks for all the hard work in the emulator.

    Im having a slight problem with my Supercard Lite though.

    I can save a state during a game and it says state written.
    When I click on Load state from the menu there is nothing but a list of tags :(

    If I look at the MicroSD card, the save states are created on the file, each of size 291kb.

    So has anyone got any ideas on what the problem is?

  • 18. ken  |  2007-05-02 at 6.01 am

    my girlfriend and I love your snes emulator, we spend countless hours playing the great snes classics of our childhood, keep up the amazing work.

  • 19. Yheti  |  2007-05-02 at 6.41 pm

    Hey Archeide
    I was wondering since you’re improving the sound, if you know of any solution to games like NHL 94 crashing when sound is on? It’s quite amazing that it runs at full speed and so well and honestly it’s not a *huge* deal to not have sound, but I figure since you’re working on the sound next you’d want some suggestions at bugs to fix.

    I don’t know if this one is fixable, since it seems to effect PC emulators as well, but when certain sound effects are used (being tackled, scoring a goal and getting the goal horn) makes the game freeze sometimes. Is there any possibility that you know what might cause that?

  • 20. Little Otik  |  2007-05-02 at 9.31 pm

    Yay! You’re one awesome person! Keep on truckin’ and keep on restin’. :D

    It’ll be great when I’ll be finally able to play Super Mario RPG on the DS.

  • 21. chuck  |  2007-05-03 at 2.09 am

    great to hear from u! i love this emu very much but do u think that you could incorporate an auto fit mode so evertying is visible on screen and where theres no need to manually change screen position. im pretty sure everyone else wants the same thing so please try and make this happen. thanx for all your hard work!

  • 22. gopherbob  |  2007-05-03 at 2.48 am

    Your emulator and your work is much appreciated in the homebrew community! Like the guy said before me, keep up the great work.

  • 23. Mr. Nutty  |  2007-05-03 at 4.25 am

    This is the best SNES emulator for DS so far. Great work and I am looking forward to the next update. I still get graphical glitches with chrono trigger on my ez pass 4 but it is great to hear you are still working on the emulator.

  • 24. Edward  |  2007-05-03 at 9.37 am

    Yay! That sounds very good. Congratulations because of your awesome emu, archeide!

  • 25. Rambo  |  2007-05-03 at 10.23 am

    archeide did you hear that the person who is porting quake for the ds is making ds to ds in the final version of the game?

    will you use use this technology to improve snemul in latter versions of this emulator?

  • 26. Gene  |  2007-05-04 at 12.56 am

    Improved sound would be much MUCH appreciated. Thanks again for your work, archeide.

  • 27. cailin  |  2007-05-04 at 3.02 am

    thanks for your good jobs

  • 28. Andrew  |  2007-05-04 at 3.04 am

    Good job archiede… when do you plan to release it? (sorry if it sounds like im jumping the gun) Can’t wait for it to hit front page at GBAtemp again :D

    Also: do you believe that this new release may break compatibility with any of the other games?

    Oh yeah, and I managed to hit a corruption bug that dealt with me playing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest i made a save state (don’t remember lvl, etc) but i do remember that when i went to load it, the whole emu crashed and i needed to turn off my DS.

    Final part of my post and last question: Is there a way to delete states, if so how? If not, can you add it in or something, and make the stuff on the touchscreen navigable with the d-pad, etc?

    Reply would be nice. Implementation would be swell. :)

  • 29. MasterJunior  |  2007-05-04 at 5.18 am

    Man some1s gotta pay this man!!!! I cant wait till this thing is all super fixed and everything. Its already the best. Id love it if you got some money to work a little more on it, lol. Or if you are already workin like a mad man then you should still get some anyway :P

    What your doing is mindblowingly huge for everyone with flashcarts. Congrats

  • 30. archeide  |  2007-05-04 at 9.00 am

    @Andrew: this week end i hope / surely a problem with sound state, try the next version / save states are files, so you can delete them (name of the game . SM1 SM2 …)
    @Rambo : i will definitevly take a look on the quake project if they succeed to do that

  • 31. starbork  |  2007-05-04 at 9.39 pm

    Thanks archeide!! Really looking forward to the .5 beta, get some Chrono Trigger on in the bathtub ! :)

  • 32. jaxypoo  |  2007-05-05 at 4.20 am

    Thanks archeide for your great work!

    Dont know why this has never been mentioned in any of the DS sites but in Mortal Kombat 1, special moves doesnt seem to work at all. Also, can Mortal Kombat 2 be played with sound in the new beta?

  • 33. Spike  |  2007-05-05 at 10.23 am

    say, would it be too hard to implement scaling? i dont know, i have no idea how programming such things work^^

    but i think it might be a good idea, dont you agree? sometimes it can get a bit frustrating moving the screen up and down every here and there…

    just my thoughts, the emu is great, i lobve it, and keep it up!^^

  • 34. Syndrome  |  2007-05-06 at 12.03 am

    Huge thanks for the work you’ve done so far! Emulating SNES on the DS was one of the main reasons for me getting an M3 card.

    Can’t wait for the beta, I’m a fan of the Square- and Enix games.

  • 35. Marko  |  2007-05-06 at 10.45 am

    Thank you for the update on your work!

    Please make DONKEY KONG COUNTRY series play and sound the best you can. Those games are the best for SNES.

  • 36. Cehel  |  2007-05-07 at 4.16 am

    Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage pour cet émulateur! Il est déjà pas mal et d’après ta news tu planches sur quelques grands titres de la consoles tels que FFVI ou Chrono Trigger :)

    J’espère bien qu’ils fonctionneront pas trop mal avec la v0.5b ;)
    Quoiqu’il en soit continue ton travaille! A mon avis tu n’imagine même pas l’ampleur du bonheur que tu distribue aux joueurs du monde entier ;)

  • 37. chuck  |  2007-05-07 at 5.31 am

    yes please try and implement scaling! ill donate ya 10 bucks just for this feature alone! PLEASE?

  • 38. Alex  |  2007-05-07 at 8.23 am

    Can you fix bugs in Mortal kombat (U) and Killer instinct (U) please? Mortal Kombat 3 doesn’t work :(

    Thanks anyway!

  • 39. Sean  |  2007-05-07 at 12.06 pm

    If you ever stop this project, I’ll hire ninjas to do unpleasant things to you.
    I can’t believe that thanks to this program I was playing Super Metroid on my DS. Chrono Trigger barely works at all… but the word is doesn’t work ‘yet’! What you have so far is purely amazing.
    Keep up the good work! Here’s hoping for a full release that works for every game! Cheers!!!

    Finish what you’re doing now first, but here’s an idea for something after a semi final release:
    Co-op play. Send the game to someone through download play and BAM!
    Here’s another idea… WiFi! =D

  • 40. mauro  |  2007-05-07 at 3.22 pm

    Oh! This is great news. I’m really looking foward to enjoy Chrono Trigger sound Track. By the way, the sounds glitches in Zelda have been eliminated too?

  • 41. xeno  |  2007-06-25 at 8.13 am

    this is an amazing project so far, and I am very impressed, almost all of the games I own work on SNEmulDS 0.5, but there are some that don’t (for me at least)

    Mario RPG will not work at all, the screen remains white.

    Secret of Mana doesn’t have any text in sight when inputting the name of the main character, (same with Secret of Mana 2)

    Secret of Evermore will not load after the “flaming” Squaresoft Logo.

    Ranma 1/2:Treasure of the red cat gang will run I am guessing throughout the entire game, but I cannot get any further then the intro because Ranma (the main character) continues to walk in 1 direction (as if on a track with screwed up graphics) and wont move in any other direction until I press X which returns him to where he is supposed to be as the first position in the game, but isint because of an unknown error.

    Mahou Shojo Rayearth wont work correctly and will freeze at any moment when playing (usually when its the intro or after loading a state)

    Sailor Moon: Another Story, as far as I know works perfectly except for when you load a state, the music freezes.

    Star Ocean refuses to work in any way, like Mario RPG.

    at this point it also seems that 3d games are unavailable to play.( as well as most anime English games)

    Hopefully these errors are not going to be taken as a flame, and they will be taken as help or not as help but not flame, I hope they are fixed, thank you for making this SNES Emulator for the DS, of the ones I have used this is the best so far.
    if you need it I will provide images (I cannot do video due to my lack of equipment, sorry) of these errors.(if able)

  • 42. I WON  |  2007-06-30 at 8.13 am

    Hi , oh thanx for the snemulds update :p I liked it

    but ”Super James Pond II” is doesn’t work…

    and ”Mario World” or “Mario All Stars” is small screen

    2 probelms :(

    Bye + Sorry for my bad English.

  • 43. Akter  |  2007-08-11 at 4.09 am

    How [if i can} hide the menu screen, the one that appears on the bottom, wich combination or option?

    I dont like to play with thos withe letters, cannot concentrate =)

  • 44. Knux the Fox  |  2007-10-24 at 12.43 am

    Looking at the parent site, you can see that Super FX and DSP games didn’t become playable on SNEmul DOS/Linux until the latest and final (it seems) build.

    As much as I would orgasm over a fully playable handheld StarFox (SNES), I don’t expect to see it happening until the next generation of the DS….unless there’s some mad compiling done to get it running smoothly on native hardware. I would kill for something that does nothing more than emulate StarFox.

    Regrettably downtrodden about limitations, -Knux

    P.S. Maybe the ARM7 Could be used solely to emulate Super FX, and the ARM9 for SNES CPU…..of course, there would be no sound, but who needs anything else when you have portable StarFox?

  • 45. KommanderKool  |  2008-01-23 at 4.04 am

    Damn I wish the Super-fx chips were emulated. I really wanna play mario kart and yoshi’s island. Those were the only games I played as a kid.

  • 46. Kazelezx  |  2008-05-25 at 1.30 am

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  • 47. Kazelmxd  |  2008-05-25 at 1.32 am

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