SNEmulDS 0.5 beta

May 7th, 2007

This version aims to improve in sound and graphics. As the emulation becomes more and more complex, it is more and more difficult to add new features without breaking the emulation overall, so some new feature will not be enabled by default for all games. The configuration file select which features are enabled or not, and becomes very important (so don’t forget to put it in the root directory!).

I tried very hard to improve sound, and i succeeded to get much better musics in some games, but there may still some “pops” or “cracks” sometimes, and the sound can slowdown or goes mad in some rare circumtances (the ARM7 seems not powerful enough).

A new menu has been added : the GFX config menu, this menu offer a simple way to change the GFX behaviour in real time. The emulation is not stopped like in the options menu, you can enable/disable several features and see which ones are better for the game. (See README for more informations)
Here is the list of changes

  • Changed the Sound timers, now the timers should be a bit more accurate and removed the timers hacks
  • Moved back the Sound RAM in the fast ARM7 RAM, removed unused code from ARM7 codes
  • Now support sprite address change during frame (limited to two addresses by frame), this makes Ogre Battle much more playable
  • Left handed people can now enjoy the SNES mouse option (right buttons can be used like left joypad).
  • Options can now be saved in configuration file
  • New SNES config menu
  • Fixed some bugs

Optionnal feature (enabled by configuration file):

  • Added sound synchronisation fixes, this is a set of flags that make ARM9 slowdown or make ARM9 wait for the ARM7. Those options make Square games (and other games) sound much better, but also break sound in other games. So this option is available through the configuration file. I only changed for the configuraiton file for Chrono Trigger, SOM1 and FFVI. You will have to modify the configuration and test the options for other games.
  • Added priority per tile for BG3, by detecting if there are more low or high priority per tile at each line (see README)
  • Added priority per tile for BG1 and BG2, by using the fourth DS layer. Low priority tiles go to fourth layer, and high priority per tiles (this idea was taken from SNESAdvance).
  • Sprites priorities can now be changed. See configuraiton file for more informations. The default is 1123 but 1223 makes some games look better (like Castlevania IV first level for instance)

Get it here (and patch it with DLDI):

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  • 1. yay!  |  2007-05-07 at 9.44 pm


  • 2. Syndrome  |  2007-05-07 at 9.55 pm

    Wow, you’re FAST.
    I’ve been waiting for this!

  • 3. Forgottenvariable  |  2007-05-07 at 9.56 pm

    Frankly, this is AMAZING.

    The improvement in sound is just great, you sir are a saint.

    Thank you! :3

  • 4. RupeeClock  |  2007-05-07 at 10.12 pm

    This is a great upgrade to the previous version, congrats. :)

    The sounds really has improved a great deal, but I still find occasional graphical glitches like the palette selection on Mario Paint, which doesn’t update properly.

    The Snes Test program still can’t get passed the clear moving objects part, which looks like a still shot of a Super Mario World level though.

    I also keep encountering this weird bug where the touchscreen on Mario Paint, keeps responding to the SNEmulDS options even when they’re on the top screen, effectively stopping you from playing it.

    Even so, this is a great step towards a better emulator, congrats!

  • 5. Sawao_ya  |  2007-05-07 at 10.20 pm

    This is so awesome!! I can play battletoads cleanly now!!

  • 6. Galdor  |  2007-05-07 at 10.23 pm

    Grat job, thanks from Spain :)

  • 7. skipboris  |  2007-05-07 at 10.27 pm

    better than my already high expectations. great work!

  • 8. VenoM  |  2007-05-07 at 10.54 pm

    Keep the good work :)

  • 9. unkown  |  2007-05-07 at 10.58 pm

    very nice work! now even one of my fav games killer instinct boots but still has grafic probs can you please make this game perfectly work this woulb be the best. but anyway this rocks dude!

  • 10. ApprentiSorcier  |  2007-05-07 at 11.04 pm

    You are doing quite an amazing job.

    What is your next plan now? ^_^

  • 11. Melty  |  2007-05-07 at 11.09 pm

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been stuck in the middle of finals, but now I can relax for a little while and see how far I can get in Bubsy, which seems to work now. Keep up the great work, it’s appreciated :)

  • 12. DS: Warranty Voided &raqu&hellip  |  2007-05-07 at 11.16 pm

    [...] Link Download Download [...]

  • 13. SNES blog :: SNEmulDS 0.5&hellip  |  2007-05-07 at 11.18 pm

    [...] Nueva versión del mejor emulador de Super Nintendo para Nintendo DS a día de hoy. Aquí os dejo las novedades que he traducido de su página web oficial. Esta versión apunta a la mejora de sonido y gráficos. Como la emulación se vuelve más y más compleja, cada vez es más y más dificil añadir nuevas caracterísitcas sin romper el emulador, así que algunas nuevas características no estarán activadas por defecto para todos los juegos. El archivo de configuración elige que características están activadas y cuales no, y se ha vuelto muy importante (no te olvides de introducirlo en el directorio raiz!). [...]

  • 14. PetMetroid  |  2007-05-07 at 11.20 pm

    Syndrome’s right, that WAS quick. I can’t use this right now (I left my DS at my friend’s house) but I’m anxious to try it out. I had trouble getting the last version to work (I made a post as the name of Paul Skinner saying I couldn’t get it to work after moving it on my card,) but this time I’ll put it right on the root of my card (and the SNES folder) and KEEP it there, name and everything. Blood told me that I needn’t patch the program for EZ4, so assuming it works first I get it, I’ll report back. Keep up the good work! = )

  • 15. Alcidias  |  2007-05-07 at 11.22 pm

    I love you. :P

  • 16. PetMetroid  |  2007-05-07 at 11.24 pm

    Oh, although it’s in the folder, to I still have to take the files OUT of the folder and place all three in the root (including readme I guess, DO I have to include the readme)?

  • 17. Martin  |  2007-05-07 at 11.38 pm

    great job
    thank you that you are still workin on this emul and spraeding to the comunity … I enjoy more the old school snes games than some of the best DS games … yeah for me the oldschool powa is the best and thank to you I can enjoy it on my ds …

    wish you the best

  • 18. lavino  |  2007-05-08 at 12.29 am

    Bravo!!! Million thanks!!! Any chance Actraiser series will work?

  • 19. samir  |  2007-05-08 at 12.52 am

    wait, so the configuration file is automatically set up to be the best it can be for chrono trigger?

  • 20. skipboris  |  2007-05-08 at 3.04 am

    yes on the chrono trigger question

  • 21. scognito  |  2007-05-08 at 3.06 am

    congratulations, and this is the first release to support directly ninjads, so my work is no more needed :P

    Keep up the good work!

  • 22. Vengeance  |  2007-05-08 at 3.15 am

    You did a great job on this update

  • 23. chuck  |  2007-05-08 at 3.42 am

    thanx for the update we luv ya! but could you please implement a screen autofit so we dont have to scroll pretty pretty please??? ill give ye a cookie

  • 24. NAME  |  2007-05-08 at 4.10 am


  • 25. scottfro  |  2007-05-08 at 6.30 am

    the first alpha of the last release didn’t work with the ninjapass x9, then the 2nd did. this new one is doing the same thing as the first alpha (white screen of death).

    thanks for your efforts, thought i’d let you know for debugging purposes.

  • 26. cornaljoe  |  2007-05-08 at 7.43 am

    Nice work Archeide, keep it up! Love the new update. The edition of the config file is very nice, but I have a small request. Can you make it read from ‘\DATA’ instead of the root. Lots of other homebrew use the ‘DATA’ folder for config files and such. It would be greatly appreciated if you could make this minor change. Thanks!

  • 27. Byakko  |  2007-05-08 at 11.16 am

    Been checking out untested games for this emulator.

    Seems like this new addition was MADE for RPGs =) Bahamut Lagoon’s playable, and even Primal Rage is partially working (freezing up quite a bit).

    Great work, man, GREAT WORK!

  • 28. NightEye  |  2007-05-08 at 11.17 am

    Pourrais-tu s’il te plait mettre à jour le Readme et surtout la partie Installation.
    Là, ça ne marche plus comme avant : je crois comprendre qu’il faut maintenant mettre des fichiers sur la racine et non plus dans un dossier SNES ?

    C’est assez flou pour l’instant.


  • 29. Slaanesh  |  2007-05-08 at 11.18 am

    Thanks from Australia :-)

  • 30. tAGGY  |  2007-05-08 at 12.37 pm

    Merci pour cette nouvelle version Archeide, une nouvelle beta de SnemulDS est toujous une fête :)
    Je n’ai pas encore trop eu le temps de tester mais si FFV et FFVI fonctionnent alors là ça va le faire :)
    Merci beaucoup, encore une fois, de tout le travail accompli sur cet ému qui est vraiment, vraiment prometteur.

  • 31. TPC  |  2007-05-08 at 2.09 pm

    This is awesome, thanks! Keep up the good work!

    You should have a paypal link where people can donate money to keep this project going, I know that I certainly would do it!

  • 32. red M0nk3y  |  2007-05-08 at 2.26 pm

    i have been useing SNEmulDS scence 0.3 on my Max Meda Dock, aneatedd it keeps getting better all the time. i gust tested this new one……….F*@king awsome. thats all i got to say.

  • 33. MaBpuK  |  2007-05-08 at 2.54 pm

    Thanks from Russia! This is a great job!

  • 34. Hank Dryly  |  2007-05-08 at 6.30 pm

    Fantastic work! Thanks so much for this.

  • 35. happydude  |  2007-05-08 at 6.42 pm

    I am using the G6 Lite and yes, I have patched the emulator, but everytime i try to save state the ds freezes :/

    Btw awesome emulator! :)

  • 36. skipboris  |  2007-05-08 at 7.28 pm

    Bahamut lagoon is playable, but when I played it all the battle scenes played from the side perspective (like the final fantasies) were completely black. So, you basically had to wait until after the attack was over to see the outcome.

  • 37. ol  |  2007-05-08 at 8.39 pm


  • 38. archeide  |  2007-05-08 at 9.09 pm

    @TPC “You should have a paypal link where people can donate money to keep this project going, I know that I certainly would do it!”

    there is already a paypal link ;) it is at the right, below “Donate”

  • 39. samir  |  2007-05-08 at 10.20 pm

    I dont know if I am doing anything wrong, but I am not noticing any sound improvements in Chrono Trigger, all I did was unzip the config rile and put it in the root directory of my card. The sound is the same as the last version. Also, what program should I use to edit the configuration file? (sorry for being a noob in advance)

  • 40. archeide  |  2007-05-08 at 10.58 pm

    @samir: if you are trying a saved state, than the music will not improve until you change of level, because the music need to be loaded agian. If you have a bad song even when you don’t use saved state, than the emulator didn’t succeed to load the snemul.cfg file, or use a old snemul.cfg, or didn’t find the entry in the ROM.
    You can check this, when you load Chrono Trigger check that the following message is written
    Checking Configuration…
    Found Title in CFG file.
    Press START…

  • 41. samir  |  2007-05-08 at 11.03 pm

    thank you, i think it was an old snemul.cfg, and the fact that I using an old save state. Thanks for the help, this emulator is amazing!

  • 42. whishky  |  2007-05-09 at 5.54 am

    Awesome man! Keep up the good work! Also, Earthbound actually works very well now. From what I’ve seen, the only problems are minor graphical ones, a glitch when walking behind trees Ness appears to be on top of the tree. The other one being that there is no screen swirl thing when entering a battle. Other than that though, this is awesome. Chrono Trigger still needs some work though. Anyway, Thanks a lot

  • 43. Saotome  |  2007-05-09 at 10.17 am

    Great progress. Super Punchout works very well, as does Mario All Stars. The sound (and speed) in Ninja Gaiden is greatly improved. Would love to donate, but unsure as to actual dollar amount because of the 0,00 value.

    Would greatly appreciate any help with this. Thanks for the great emulator :)

  • 44. Joe Joe  |  2007-05-09 at 11.33 am

    works soooooooo good on the MMD.
    There are so many new games that work.
    Almost ALL of the work perfect.

    If you ever add wifi support I can test it for you.
    I got a router
    2 MMDs
    2 NDS’s

    Rambo’s my brother so thats why i have two of everything.

  • 45. Yoshi  |  2007-05-09 at 5.25 pm

    I apologize in advance that it might not be appropriate place to ask here.
    Is there anybody using Acekard plus? I patched with DLDI and I can go to the menu screen to choose the title, but can’t actualy select the title :(
    If anybody can give me advice with this problem, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • 46. linguafreak  |  2007-05-09 at 10.06 pm

    You did a really nice job by developing this new version! But I still have some minor problems with the “Donkey Kong Country” series. In some levels slow downs occur and when I try to fix this problem by switching to the option “No vblank” so that the game speeds up a bit, the general speed reaches far more than 100% what makes the game rather unplayable. Can anyone give me a hint how to improve the emulator’s performance especially with the “Donkey Kong Country” series? I would be very grateful!

  • 47. Holmes  |  2007-05-10 at 1.55 am

    You are the best, and hello from Canada :D

  • 48. Inquisition  |  2007-05-10 at 2.10 am

    The screen is cut of at the top and the bottom, with games like super mario, i can’t see the ground, is there a way to fix that?

  • 49. JJY  |  2007-05-10 at 3.08 am

    Thanks so much for the update, and keep it up :)

  • 50. -LMA-  |  2007-05-10 at 4.28 am

    Great Job man, seems the sound has been greatly improved (not as many skips, barely any actually). Keep up the great work man.

  • 51. sushibot12  |  2007-05-10 at 6.29 am

    WOW, you are godlike, i can finally play Chrono Trigger again!!!!!

  • 52. Phopon  |  2007-05-10 at 9.53 am

    Also had same prob as scottfrol, only one of the alphas worked on the Ninjapass and the new beta does not work either… patched it with dldi and everything. Thanks though for all the hard work, this emulator is amazing.

  • 53. Cehel  |  2007-05-10 at 2.49 pm

    He bien voilà qui est fort interessant :-)
    Le changement est vraiment important là!
    Chapeau l’artiste, le travail est de qualité :-)

    Mais dans FF VI j’ai encore qques petits prob d’affichage (ptet que j’ai pas configurer qqchose soit dit en passant)
    D’ailleurs, j’y songe, pourquoi ne pas créer un ptit forum pour pouvoir poser quelques questions et compagnies, et mettre des FAQ aussi (tu peux trouver de l’aide pour ça je suppose ;) )
    Voilà en tout cas si t’était une femme j’te ferai carrément l’amour :D bravo et continues sur cette voie!!

  • 54. Betovarg  |  2007-05-10 at 4.57 pm

    The M3Simply version also need patching? im trying it and it doesnt work in my DSLite.

  • 55. Betovarg  |  2007-05-10 at 5.20 pm

    it works, sorry, i tried to use yshis island, but i tried with mario world and it does work.

  • 56. dante2003  |  2007-05-10 at 6.08 pm

    I got the same problem las Yoshi. I can’t use touch screen. I’m using NDS not Lite, M3 with latest firmware and patched emulator. Can anyone help?

  • 57. dante2003  |  2007-05-10 at 6.09 pm

    *M3 simply

  • 58. Syndrome  |  2007-05-10 at 8.44 pm

    That’s weird, I’m using an M3 Simply on a Lite too, and the touchscreen.

    Have you tried installing the pre-patched (for M3S and R4) version of SNEmulDS?

  • 59. Syndrome  |  2007-05-10 at 8.45 pm

    ^ And the touchscreen works*

  • 60. dante2003  |  2007-05-10 at 8.57 pm

    I have normal DS, “not Lite”. Yes, I tried pre-patched SNEmulDS

  • 61. Serka  |  2007-05-10 at 11.11 pm

    Awesome work. Beyond donations, is there anything else others out there could help you with? Er, I guess you’ve got my email if you do.

  • 62. shamaz  |  2007-05-11 at 11.09 am

    Franchement Archeide MERCI !
    Je viens de recevoir mon R4, et sans conviction j’ai tout de suite testé Donkey kong…
    Et la c’est la grosse claque ! Ca marche IMPEC’ et c’est fluide O_O
    DKC2 est pas encore au point (tourne trop vite) mais faut que j’essaie un peu de bidouiller la config.
    Je suis un petit peu le monde de l’émulation depuis quelques années. Et voir un émulateur évoluer si vite avec juste un dévellopeur c’est assez exceptionnel.
    Donc BRAVO l’artiste :)

  • 63. marko  |  2007-05-11 at 7.52 pm

    Thanks! Please try to make DONKEY KONG COUNTRY series play perfect. The graphics in SNES versions were nicer than GBA so it would be great to be able to play it on DS without flaws.

  • 64. Andrew  |  2007-05-11 at 10.31 pm

    Good job! Archiede, if you can edit your original post, it would be cool if you can tell why old save states aren’t working for some of us (I only used save states on DKC2, and now its not loading right)

    I also appreciate that you moved save state away from reset. :) I guess you heard my plea. hrth!


  • 65. Ubergamer  |  2007-05-12 at 8.22 pm

    Forgive me for my ignorance but i have only recieved a R4DS today.
    I extracted snemul.cfg and SNEmulDS.nds to I:\Games and the snes roms are located in I:\Games\ROMS.
    I get the error message: “no files found” how do i fix this?
    (Note that i initially extraced all of the files to root and placed the rom’s in /SNES but this also did not work)
    Thanks in advance

  • 66. superx3man  |  2007-05-13 at 5.34 am

    What format of ROM should i use?

  • 67. joychung  |  2007-05-13 at 8.53 am

    Work good on Megaman X but the armor upgrade is disappear after the stage is clear or begin a new stage.

  • 68. Clem  |  2007-05-13 at 9.37 am

    c’est vraiment terrible!
    une fois les réglages ok (voir wikipedia), megaman x tourne impeccablement. Quelques défauts restent tout de même:

    -pas de neige en affrontant chill penguin.
    -pas le haut du vaisseau de l’opening.
    -problemes au niveau du “get weapon”
    -au stage select, pas de bordure, les boss vaincus ne sont pas distingués.
    -bugs graphiques dans les intro des boss.
    -on ne peut pas garder les pièces d’armure d’un stage à un autre, et ça, c’est un gros point noir
    -pas de texte, pas de boite de dialogue (sauf à l’intro du jeu)
    -quelques défauts mineurs

    néammoins la vitesse est idéale (l’originale) et c’est tout de même appréciable pour les 2 premiers niveaux (puisqu’on ne garde pas d’armure.)

    j’ai aussi testé rockman & forte, il est impeccable, malgré les animations de selection du personnage et les intro des boss, ainsi que les boites de dialogue.

    vous faites du très bon boulot, il y a un énorme progrès par rapport à la version précédente, et vous faites des mises à jour régulièrement: c’est du bon boulot ;)

  • 69. imec  |  2007-05-13 at 10.46 am

    Let me say, firstly, extremely good work on the latest release and I appreciate what you are doing for all of us; you are a coding genius. This is just one step closer to the perfect (as perfect as an emulator can get) SNES emulator. I would just like to point out a few bugs:

    In Demon’s Crest it’s impossible to defeat the third boss (Griffin-like creature) since damage stops being detected. After he kills you, standard enemies will no longer receive damage.

    In King of Monsters 1, neither the player or the computer will die when their health bars reach zero.

    In Metal Warriors (and some other titles), all layers jitter when the screen moves.

    Clock Tower, Star Ocean, and Yoshi’s Island will not load.

    Doom Troopers will sometimes load without pausing, at some point in the level, the game will pause. It doesn’t seem to be caused by any specific sounds or actions, disabling sound doesn’t stop this issue.

    Clay Fighters one seems to pause, while Clay Fighters two has highly distorted graphics and frequently pauses.

    Another World will boot into title screen, but seems to pause after starting a new game.

    Rockman and Forte runs perfectly (don’t know if this is a problem with the translation) but causes fonts to blend into the background.

    Would fullscreen resizing be implemented? Or is that too CPU hoggy? Sometimes squishing Mode 3 will result in squishing an incorrect layer, is it possible to do selective squishing of a specific layer/s?
    So yeah, those are some real basic ones, I have over 150 other games I plan on testing. So far, it looks fantastic, almost every single game runs now, it’s truly amazing.

  • 70. Sky  |  2007-05-13 at 3.04 pm

    Imec if you’re planning to test the games, make it benefit for everyone by posting your results here plz :)

    thx a lot !

  • 71. marco  |  2007-05-13 at 5.17 pm

    sorry, y i can’t run it on super card rumble, and i have patched it already, and i can’t run it on rumble(i’m using moonshell 1.6)
    and the reply is “not support adapter”
    plz help me….. :’(

  • 72. Hank Dryly  |  2007-05-13 at 6.35 pm

    I have noticed some problems in Super Mario World. I have been playing the version that is part of Super Mario All Stars so I don’t know if this affects the stand alone original game.

    The game runs perfectly most of the time, which is great. The first minor problem is the path on the map screen appears above Mario, but it is translucent so you can still see Mario.

    Sometimes (I don’t know what triggers it) the stored item (feather, mushroom, fireflower) at the top of the screen isn’t visible.

    The background in boss battles that use mode 7 appears red instead of black.

    The most serious issue which is kind of game breaking is the second boss is invisible! I have cycled through all the layer combinations I could think of and nothing fixed the problem.

    I’ll post other problems as I find them in this and other games if anyone is interested. :D

  • 73. Alex  |  2007-05-14 at 12.06 am

    Nice work!

    Any chance of mario kart working? I know it uses a special dsp chip, but accordfing to wikipedia, which i know isnt exactly reliable, dsp chips can be “high ;evel emulated”

  • 74. Dave  |  2007-05-14 at 9.42 am

    Hello there! I have a problem with Donkey Kong Country 3. The game works almost perfect until a certain point. After I have played through the first level of the third world (sea level), the game freezes just before I can hiss the flag. Can anyone help me to fix this problem? Please, archeide, try to make the DK series work perfectly on your emulator.

  • 75. Kasimir2007  |  2007-05-14 at 5.51 pm

    c’est vraiment genial, Super Ghouls’n ghost, Castlevania X et 4, contra 3 etc …. Ils tournent impeccable sans bugs graphiques …. Pour ce que j’en a vu.

    Bravo !!!! Continue de nous epater faire tourner une machine 16bits sur une console DS n’est pas si simple !!!!

    Et Vivement un jolie menu en bas de l’ecran, histoire que se soit bien fini.

    Bon travaille et vivement ma ^prochaine version.

  • 76. dej  |  2007-05-15 at 2.58 am

    Thank a lot!! You’re great.
    I’m waiting for your improve DQ & FF series.

    Hello from THAI.

  • 77. imec  |  2007-05-15 at 4.56 am

    Alright, here are some new bugs I have come across:

    In Cyborg 009 you cannot get past the first level; every time you begin entering the cave the game immediately pauses, disabling sound doesn’t correct this issue.

    In Lemmings 1, the little tribesman will stay center-fixed in the background when the camera is moved, this makes it difficult to select a lemming. The outer-sides of the screen also experience distortion.

    In Wonder Project J the menu reflects the main character’s image, instead of the lake, while outside of the professor’s house. Altering the layers didn’t seem to help, not really a big issue though.

    Ballz 3D won’t load any of the characters, this game may be in Mode 7, I’m not sure.

    Sorry that was pretty short, I haven’t had very much time. I’ve got tomorrow off so maybe I will just spend it looking for bugs. If I get enough time I may try to contribute to the compatibility list.

  • 78. Spooty  |  2007-05-15 at 5.34 am

    Great update! Now I can play more than just Zombies Ate My Neighbors with much fewer problems.

  • 79. Uncomprehender  |  2007-05-16 at 1.26 am

    It is just me, or is Kirby Superstar not working?

  • 80. imec  |  2007-05-16 at 6.31 am

    Alright, I didn’t get as much time as I wanted today:

    When playing Rockman and Forte, Cybernator, and some other titles, loading savestates will result in a pause during specific sequences (Attacking an enemy, changing level, loading a new part of the map etc…)

    In some games (Megaman 7, King of Monsters 1), the background will appear distorted, random layers will follow the screen (usually Layer 3. I couldn’t fix it by changing priorities), blocking the players view, this was extremely apparent in Megaman 7 after defeating the sub-boss on the first level.

    Sometimes (1/60 or so) the SNEmuldS menu will display gibberish or completely vanish besides the up and down keys. It may also become unresponsive, after which the game will begin to pause (King of Monsters 2).

    Sim City 2000 and Lawnmower Man seem to suffer from extreme distortion, editing layers doesn’t seem to help.

    Rampart causes heavy sound distortion when a new game begins.

    After going through so many games I am still shocked, the DS has less than half of the power of a GP2X and this emulator is beginning to surpass the one it uses.

  • 81. WaRiZ  |  2007-05-16 at 7.50 am

    Hi i try my supercard sd. but no it´s not found any game files. I try patch but it´s not work…and try to cheanse file folder..but no..HELP!! :/

  • 82. sithlord48  |  2007-05-16 at 5.05 pm

    nice update . .. only one problem since when do i need a /snes for my snes roms i usually have them in /games/snes w/ the emu no problems is there a way i can change where it looks for ROMS?

    other then that Super mairo world is running really good (currently only on lvl 4)

    and also i like the new layout for the options..
    thanks for the update! keep em coming and if there is ne help i can give debuging or codeing just let me know

  • 83. sithlord48  |  2007-05-16 at 5.18 pm

    wonderful update :) every thing apears to be nice and smooth so far (only played a bit of supermairo world and paint)

    and for ne one wondering how to change the default rom path from /SNES edit the config file toward the top you will find it :)

    once again if i can help you in ne way just email me and let me know what i can do to help w/ this execlent project

  • 84. James  |  2007-05-16 at 10.43 pm

    Awesome work with this emulator. I can’t believe Secret of Mana 2 (SD3) actually works - and the music is quality. I had to use an snes9x sram to get it past a black screen and it locks up when loading new areas; but to see it on the DS - I’m impressed :D

  • 85. JeffMan  |  2007-05-17 at 1.17 am

    Excellent work :)
    One kinda annoying bug with EarthBound: whenever you go through a door and are refreshing the screen or changing rooms, the whole screen goes white for a few frames instead of black. Battle swirls and the secondary map layer don’t show up either but I probably just don’t have the graphics settings right. Also, everything goes super fast, even without the speed hacks. Not to complain about that one though, I kinda like it. :)

    But I can’t save states. It freezes when I touch the menu. Saving SRAM doesn’t crash it but it takes a few moments and the changes don’t take effect on the next bootup.

  • 86. MKBOY  |  2007-05-17 at 7.06 am

    I have tried with R4, It works good! But I don’t understand how to config the setting or the game is not too compatiable, When I play
    Seiken Densetsu 3 (J), it can’t display the janpanese fonts! How can I solve it or waiting the newer version?

  • 87. Brian  |  2007-05-17 at 5.45 pm

    How, or where, can one get ROMS in the correct format onto the. I have tried using the ROMS that I use with other emulators but can’t seem to get them to work. I’m not sure if they also have to be in the .nds format or not and if they do, I have no idea how to convert them to it. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • 88. Kris  |  2007-05-17 at 9.50 pm

    I wish it worked with Supercard Lite Rumble! There is no dldi to patch with though.

  • 89. Shadowqiller  |  2007-05-17 at 10.50 pm

    OMG, this emulator is amazing! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At first I thought all the games ran too fast , which seemed weird to me.. but then I realized I didn’t have the wait vsync option on , lol.

    Again , great work

  • 90. whishky  |  2007-05-18 at 5.47 am

    Earthbound works great. I’ve almost finished the game now, so right there shows you that your emulator is stable.Only problems are the same ones Jeffman listed, cept the saving thing, it saves fine for me. Chrono Trigger is pretty playable, but has a lot of graphical glitches

    Also, Super Mario Allstars doesn’t work at all, neither does Secret of Evermore, or Terranigma

    Anyways, keep up the good work man, the emulator is awesome for a less than 1.0 beta version.

  • 91. imec  |  2007-05-18 at 6.52 pm

    You need to place all of your .smc ROMs into a file named SNES in your root directory (for instance E:/SNES/). Also, have you need to put the SNES configuration file in your root directory, make sure you have patched the .nds file with the correct DLDI version or it won’t boot.

  • 92. theSaint13  |  2007-05-18 at 9.27 pm

    Im using the ds-x and super mario allstars works great.

  • 93. MrMister  |  2007-05-19 at 1.34 am

    Using an M3 Simply.
    Despite having my roms in E:/SNES and the snemul.cfg in the root, I’m still getting this error:

    FS Failure, continue anyway…
    rompath = /SNES/
    No files found.
    Please put ROMs in /SNES/ directory of your CF/SD card

  • 94. marko  |  2007-05-20 at 12.27 pm

    Problem with DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (I tried on DKC1 and DKC2): When I load save states I get to the overworld where I saved and it seems OK. But when I enter a level, the level never loads-black screen. I discovered that I can play the level if I turn off the sound. However the music from overworld continues playing inside a level. If I turn the sound back on, it just locks up.

    I use SNEmulDS 0.5 beta, G6 lite.

  • 95. Kim  |  2007-05-20 at 2.45 pm

    Thanks from Korea ^^

  • 96. Brian  |  2007-05-20 at 3.47 pm

    Unfortunately, I have tried to patch the roms just as they say to do on the site, but everytime i have tried, it has brought up the message “(greater than symbol [I have tried typing it before on these forums but it cut the sentence that it was in out] was unexpected at this time”. This was by typing exactly: dlditool (less than symbol)mmcf.dldi(greater than symbol) (less than symbol)Chrono Trigger.nds(greater than symbol). I have no idea why it isn’t letting me patch the Rom as I know I’m in the correct directory and I am also typing it as the instructions say. The only thing I can think is that I’m using a Windows 2000 as oppose to an XP.

  • 97. Brian  |  2007-05-20 at 4.21 pm

    Also, which syntax is required for this, as it also brings the message “the syntax is incorrect” every once in a while.

  • 98. VGK  |  2007-05-22 at 8.57 pm

    Hey Jeffman, BK here over at the Forums. I was wondering fi Earthbound was playable yet?

    I know in 0.4 the Boss Battles are corrupted (tested it myself)…wondering if anybody might want to create a config file for it

  • 99. PerswAsian  |  2007-05-23 at 12.26 pm

    Brian, you’re not to patch the SNES roms, you patch the emulator’s .nds file. Your Chrono Trigger rom shouldn’t end with .nds at all.

    Read the instructions again or find a tutorial. As for the syntax error, that’s likely stating that you’re trying things that just don’t work because you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s fine. There’s also tutorials out there for how to use dlditool.

    I’ll give you a hint, though: Don’t use the “greater than” or “less than” and patch the emulator file. Also, since you’re using Max Media Dock, make sure your SNES roms are in your CF’s root directory and not the “games” directory.

    Hope that helps.

  • 100. Brian  |  2007-05-24 at 2.05 pm

    Thanks PerswAsian. I have lived under a rock my whole life and am just getting used to properly operating the command prompts. Thanks, this was a big help.

  • 101. VGK  |  2007-05-24 at 9.13 pm


    93. MrMister | 2007-05-19 at 1.34 am

    Using an M3 Simply.
    Despite having my roms in E:/SNES and the snemul.cfg in the root, I’m still getting this error:

    FS Failure, continue anyway…
    rompath = /SNES/
    No files found.
    Please put ROMs in /SNES/ directory of your CF/SD card

    I get this aswell. Any help?

  • 102. Lestat  |  2007-05-24 at 10.09 pm

    Hyper mieux…j’ai fait le tour de Zelda, il y a certes quelques bugs (surtout dans la forêt, et quelques un au niveau du monde des ténébres, quand les filles enlevées parlent à la fins des chäteaux…)

    mais il est parfaitement jouables dans ces conditions !

    Vivement la suite… (et la gestion des tiles prioritaires ou non ;))

    Bonne continuation :]

    P.s : je sais que tu n’as pas beaucoup de temps, mais si tu peux m’envoyer une capture d’écran du M3 :] mici ^^

  • 103. Adam  |  2007-05-25 at 5.18 pm

    Actually, for MMD users, all you have to do is download the mmcf.dldi file and right click SNEmulDS, and select “patch”.

  • 104. VGK  |  2007-05-27 at 5.24 am

    Nevermind my insane ramblings, I patched it with DLDI, and it now works.

  • 105. VGK  |  2007-05-27 at 5.26 am

    Except I still can’t “Save State” though….it just crashes the emulator. Which is very annoying, it means I can’t save my games….any help guys? (G6 user).

  • 106. Shaggtastic  |  2007-05-29 at 8.57 pm

    Any word on when a DLDI will be made for Games N Music?

  • 107. Kenichi  |  2007-05-30 at 7.08 am

    I love it !!
    but I try to run “WrestleMania The Arcade Game” freeze on intro. :(
    Hoping in next version will run smoothly.

  • 108. 12345  |  2007-06-01 at 12.01 am

    I now bow before you. Awesome work.

  • 109. JJaVMeTaL  |  2007-06-01 at 10.35 am

    Congratulations From Spain!!!Keep the good work on it!

  • 110. damien  |  2007-06-02 at 3.12 pm

    This is Great !!
    Keep the good work

  • 111. Adam  |  2007-06-04 at 12.57 am

    Are we going to get any new updates on your progress soon, archeide?

  • 112. sdlvx  |  2007-06-04 at 4.12 am

    Not only does this emulator not suck like the others, it actually pwnz. It’s getting much better, and I’m very greatful for your work. Keep it up, the internets appreciates you!

  • 113. Kenny  |  2007-06-05 at 6.37 pm

    Great work but on some games such as Super Ghouls ‘N Ghost when you save state and load state later the music screws up and mario paint is hard to use because it is not very accurate, my friend thinks so too…

  • 114. Kenny  |  2007-06-05 at 6.40 pm

    The above is used with R4DS and SNEmulDS .5 Beta

  • 115. me  |  2007-06-08 at 12.52 pm

    great emulator, many thanks..

    found error - donkey kong country 3, hopefully this is helpful

    -world 3, level 1..

    when you transition from swimming in the water to walking in the cave, game freezes

  • 116. hirschlord  |  2007-06-09 at 12.57 am

    hello, greetings from germany

    it is an wonderfull emulator and i would not say anytihning negative, (but i find allways something)

    then i have two questions, do u think there is a way to make the games run at the real 100% speed? and would it go to build in some button to fit screen size to DS screen size?

    keep up the good work please :)
    i would even pay to play a reallllly good emu (like snes9x)

    i am every secound day here to look for an update :)
    with much respect ,


  • 117. cYb0n  |  2007-06-09 at 8.44 am

    When does THE NEXT VERSION COME OUT? I wait so long for an update! Can’t you just give a new message of what you’re working on, or something like this? Or is it all down here? Heard nothing from you for the last weeks! :’(

  • 118. imec  |  2007-06-10 at 7.26 pm

    Damn, he’s super fast with his releases, he’s probably working his ass off with this next one or he’s caught up with life. Either way, it’s not good to expect him to be turbo all of the time, he’s only human, lol.

  • 119. Kintak  |  2007-06-11 at 7.04 am

    Unfortunately it seems Super Mario RPG does not work. When I try to load it, all that happens is that it shows a white screen on top and the normal SNEmulDS menu on the bottom.

  • 120. Adam  |  2007-06-12 at 9.39 pm

    I hope Kintak is new to this emu, because if he’s been here before then he’s just plain dumb. :P

    This emu does not, and may never support FXchip games or… I can’t believe I forgot, whatever it is for fake 3D (like Mario Kart).

  • 121. ekaz  |  2007-06-13 at 6.35 am

    looks like this project is dead.

  • 122. PerswAsian  |  2007-06-13 at 12.58 pm

    That’s the DSP chip that was used primarily for math calculations associated with scaling and rotation in games that used advanced Mode 7.

    And you’re forgetting the SA-1, which is the chip that Super Mario RPG uses.

    Perhaps we need an FAQ on this and other topics.

  • 123. scognito  |  2007-06-13 at 12.58 pm

    superfx is for real 3d, like starfox or stuntfx racer.
    “fake 3d” is MODE7 instead, and it supported by the emu

  • 124. Mord Fesse  |  2007-06-13 at 2.02 pm

    Ton émulateur est tout bonnement fantastique, bravo à toi.

    Une question me turlute cependant, pourquoi ne développerais tu pas un émulateur NES, en effet, je pense que celui ci tournerais parfaitement sur une DS aux vues de ce que tu as pu réussir avec ton émulateur SNES.

    Les émulateurs NES existant sont pour pas très jouables, et je pense que contrairement à l’ému SNES qui semble être bridé à cause des limitations hardware de la DS, un ému NES devrait pouvoir tourner à la perfection.

    Bon, je sais bien que ça doit pas être simple et tout, mais un tel développement serait appréciable.

    Merci au moins de m’avoir lu.

  • 125. Adam  |  2007-06-13 at 7.49 pm

    Thank you, I can’t believe I forgot what it was.

    But I thought Mario Kart used Mode 7, and it gets the white screen that usually means it’s not supported.

    And I’ve never heard of SA-1. What other games use it?

  • 126. callandor  |  2007-06-14 at 4.41 am

    HI i’ve been using your emul to play Chou Saiya Densetsu (well, the translated rom).

    I know this emulator isn’t complete yet, but I’ve been having some layering problems as compared to other roms and also text can’t be seen sometimes.

    otherwise the rom runs fine and is playable except the bottom gets cut off (Squish more just makes the graphics go all over the place heh)

  • 127. PerswAsian  |  2007-06-14 at 12.50 pm

    Mario Kart did use Mode 7, same as Pilotwings. However, both games utilized the DSP chip. Since the DSP was used primarily for math calculations (just as the Super FX did later), one would assume it was for things like texture mapping, rotations and scaling.

    While the SNES was capable of doing such natively, I assume it didn’t have enough power to use it extensively. Thus, again, co-processors.

    The SA-1 was just another co-processor. It was actually used in far more games than the Super FX, but the most notable are Kirby Super Star, Kirby’s Dream Land 3 and Super Mario RPG. Also, the first EA Sports golf game to use 3D maps (which I can’t remember the name of right now but it would later become the Tiger Woods’ games) used the SA-1.

    Then there’s also the Cx4 chip used in Mega Man X2 and X3.

    And let’s not forget about Star Ocean and Street Fighter Alpha’s use of S-DD1 for decompression on the fly.

    I know there’s more, but those are likely the most important ones to know.

  • 128. Adam  |  2007-06-15 at 9.51 pm

    lol, maybe it would just be easier to make a list of common games that don’t run on this emulator. :P

    So, if a game has (hypothetically) Mode 7 but no DSP, it would work?

    So that’s why only the first Mega Man X works. I was wondering about that.

    As you can see, I don’t know too much about this stuff. Not that it matters unless you’re making an emulator.

  • 129. Louiphe  |  2007-06-16 at 1.13 am

    J’espere énormément qu’à la prochaine version on pourra sauvegarder car c’est ça le plus important :P

  • 130. jeffman  |  2007-06-16 at 6.37 pm

    Ok, I got a bit further into what my saving problem is. My specific kind of flash cart (the EZ Flash 4 Lite Deluxe) cannot actually create its own files, so when I go to Save SRAM in SnemulDS it obviously won’t work.

    But what I tried then was supplying an .srm file in my SNES directory for it to write to. This is how my flash cart client handles save files for NDS and GBA games, it just generates an empty save file to go along with it. So I tried that and it actually loaded the save file fine. I had downloaded an .srm file off Zophar, it was for Earthbound and it was near the end of the game, and it loaded perfectly.

    I tried making some changes in the game, for example, I used up a few items. Then I saved the game and then went to Save SRAM. It paused for a few moments and then went back to normal. I shut off the DS and loaded it again to see if it worked, but the changes did not end up being made. The .srm file then appeared to be corrupt to Windows, as in I couldn’t copy it, cut it or delete it from the card, but SnemulDS could still read it.

    I’ve patched the latest version of SnemulDS with the latest version of the EZ4SD DLDI file. Any help would be appreciated.

    Is there a build of the current SnemulDS that can compile SNES ROMs into a standalone NDS file, and then use the flash cart’s SRAM to save games like it normally does for NDS and GBA ROMs? This would solve the problem in an alternate way.

  • 131. Albaster  |  2007-06-18 at 11.27 pm

    Just thought that I should drop you a line or two to thank you for this emulator. I just discovered it today, and have been testing it almost all day long, and It works really well (appart from the little graphical glitches here and there), with sound and at almost full speed.

    You have just filled my morning subway trips to my workplace with old-school love and fuzzy feelings. :)

  • 132. chen  |  2007-06-19 at 10.28 am

    any way to make DQ3 AND DQ6 works fine ?

    the dialog windows can display correct

    can`t see the words

  • 133. Jonlad  |  2007-06-19 at 12.55 pm

    absolutely amazing, when will there be another update? how long before graphic layers/tiles are all sorted?

    if you need a donation, just let me know!

  • 134. wai  |  2007-06-20 at 4.07 pm

    When i was playing Super Mario All-Stars , sometime the speed increased suddenly (both screen and sound). Hope it can be fixed
    Add oil!!!!!!!!!

  • 135. Remmus2k  |  2007-06-20 at 8.54 pm

    Does this work with Seiken Densetsu 3? I wonder because some ppl had tried it with other emulators and it didn’t work. im wondering if this new version can now support it. If it does please email me at

  • 136. cgib  |  2007-06-21 at 7.28 am

    I just wanted to thank you, Archeide. I have been waiting for a SNES emu for DS to be able to play and save Earthbound and thanks to you I can run it nearly perfectly with save states and normal in-game saving. Only a few of the larger battles have any graphical glitch and a quick change to the gfx config menu and choose auto on/off fixes it temporarily. This is great news and very very fun- my first time playing through Earthbound on friend’s recommendation, I get to play on the DS. I have an m3 mini-SD. Thanks again.

  • 137. Keith Warden  |  2007-06-21 at 11.03 pm

    very nice work!

    hope to see this Emu. have some updates soon.

  • 138. Nipahc  |  2007-06-22 at 3.29 am

    Nice work! I like how this is going so far. Someone here notes a non-working list would be cool, but I tried two Super Metroids that someone sent to me, one went haywire and the other works pretty good but has some graphical glitches. Pretty neat though we dont have some weird as$ compiles and weird crap. Keep up the good work!

  • 139. gq13kid  |  2007-06-23 at 5.46 am

    Thank you for making this! Its great and makes my DS even cooler!
    Hope to see more updates in the future.. Thanks a lot man!

  • 140. WhizzBang  |  2007-06-23 at 2.54 pm

    This emulator now boots on a SuperCard Lite Rumble from the SuperCard menu when using the latest firmware (1.82) and patching using the SuperCard Lite (SD Card) patch.

    The menu shows the games but when START is pressed to launch the ROM, the top screen remains white, while the bottom screen displays the SNEmulDS manu.

  • 141. HN05  |  2007-06-23 at 8.33 pm

    Keep up the good work! Thanks for making this emulator because now, I can finally play my favourite games of the past on-the-go.

    Keep improving the emulator, and I hope you finish it 100%. Right now the only serious problems I see are the configurations, it would be better if they could be permanent and not set back to default every time I turn off the DS.

    Anyways, thanks a lot, and I hope you finish the emu!!!!!!!!!

  • 142. Wolfboy183  |  2007-06-24 at 2.53 am

    the file extension for the roms i have is .NES
    and it wont work. is there a different file i have to use?

  • 143. DaDOME  |  2007-06-24 at 6.36 pm

    Plz Help,
    What type of setting do i need to get Ms. Pac-Man to run. I got the rom, tried a variety of options but still can’t get it to run; just a white screen. I’m using v0.5b patched to run on G6 (Slot 2 w/ Slot 1 Passcard). I got Mario All Star + World to working just fine…but Ms. Pac-Man….eh….plz help.
    Ms. Pac-Man is the only reason why i got SNEmulDS lol

    Is there a compatibility list for Ms. Pac-Man?

  • 144. xeno  |  2007-06-25 at 8.23 am

    I apologize for posting the errors in the wrong place, the errors I listed are in the comments for the “news about version 0.5″
    again sorry.

  • 145. Alcidias  |  2007-06-25 at 10.21 pm

    Wolfboy183…your files are for regular Nintendo games…this is a Super Nintendo emulator…where the files are supposed to be .smc files.

  • 146. Jeremy  |  2007-06-26 at 6.17 am

    I just have to say. The dldi version works when put directly on my root. With the .cfg file on the root and chrono trigger in the SNES folder that is placed on the root. I was ****ing AMAZED to see the clock moving and the intro coming in. A few graphical errors on the rom but it is amazing to see the speed that it runs at with almost perfect sound.

    Amazing job. Thank you very much.

    BTW, I’m using SuperCard DS Slot-1.

    Awesome job.

  • 147. Adam  |  2007-06-26 at 4.19 pm

    HN05- Stuff under “options” gets saved with the state. For GFX config settings, put the new config file in your root and hit “save”.

    Wolfboy183- …..this is a SNES emulator

    DaDOME- This is a SNES emulator, is Ms. Pac Man a SNES game?

    What’s up with these new people who don’t even realize it’s SNEmulDS

  • 148. mario  |  2007-06-26 at 11.23 pm

    how do i make this work?when i try to get it to work it says, put roms in /SNES/ directory, how do i make the directory or whats the root?

  • 149. mario  |  2007-06-26 at 11.25 pm

    oh yah im using ds-x

  • 150. Frigolit  |  2007-06-27 at 3.55 pm

    Great damn work :D
    I found out about SNEmulDS at the last alpha release, and I must say this beta works a lot better.
    Now I can play Chrono Trigger and Super Mario All-Stars wherever I am!

    Thanks a lot

  • 151. Esspeez  |  2007-06-27 at 8.25 pm

    I take it this doesn’t work on the ninjapass. I can’t get it to work anyway

  • 152. DaDOME  |  2007-06-28 at 12.35 am

    @146.Adam: Yeah, Ms. Pac-Man is a SNES game. i got it from here:
    Plus, i know for sure that it is SNES game b/c it is a .smc file when i extract it from the zipped file.

    And ya i’m a noob at this whole thing so plz be patient with me and plz help if you can. THNX

  • 153. mario  |  2007-06-28 at 4.21 pm

    this is cool, but it cant play super mario RPG or starfox or kirby dreamland 3 :( my favorite games

  • 154. unkown  |  2007-06-28 at 7.37 pm

    hi please finish this emu and please make killer instinct and probotector alein rebels working it crashs after second level PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

  • 155. Drkirby  |  2007-06-29 at 11.30 pm

    Ah, thanks for the Work. Also, any one have an Idea of what could be making Tales of Phantasia not work? I know it uses Mode 7 quite a bit, but it won’t even boot. Could the Flexible Voice Driver be the Problem?

  • 156. Richard  |  2007-07-01 at 2.48 pm

    Wow - thank you for your amazing and very hard work.

  • 157. Adam  |  2007-07-02 at 7.21 pm

    DaDOME: sorry, I didn’t mean you specifically, it was just a general comment. The “white screen of death” as I now call it, usually means the rom isn’t compatible. The one thing that will sometimes work is to turn off the sound. Which rom did you get? If there is no letter after the rom, just blame the site (it’s also usually on the download prompt. Check there if the site doesn’t say). However, there should be a letter in parenthesis. E is for Europe, U or US is for United States, J or JU is for Japan. Some emulators only run certain versions, but since I don’t know about Ms. Pac Man on SNEmulDS, just try each one. Also, a [!] after the rom means a “clean dump”. Clean dumps generally run better.

    These are some good sites:
    All these sites also have roms for other systems, so look around.

    unknown: Killer Instinct works fine. Read the above to help you out for those 2 games.

  • 158. Adam  |  2007-07-02 at 7.25 pm

    I guess since not too many people will answer around here, I’ll post my e-mail address. I don’t play any part in making this emulator, but I know quite a bit about it, along with others.

    Drop me an email here: luiginut[at]yahoo[dot]com. A reply shouldn’t take more than a couple days.

  • 159. -[GuiLLe]-  |  2007-07-02 at 7.50 pm

    Keep up the wood work!Thanks for making this emulator but…
    When are you going to make a new version? :S

  • 160. Denzelo  |  2007-07-02 at 8.33 pm

    when u say “patchP it, what do you mean. ive dowloaded the dlditool32 but where do i go from there?

  • 161. Str1ngS  |  2007-07-02 at 8.35 pm

    @ Unknow, killer instinct works fine for me, apart from some graphic glitches. but it is very well playable

  • 162. PerswAsian  |  2007-07-03 at 1.43 pm

    Adam, I like that you are willing to help but a lot of the reasons that I haven’t been answering questions is that many of them and the problems described herein seemed to be common sense ones.

    I get that a lot of people aren’t familiar with file systems or emulation, but I’m not a big fan of answering every last question when a lot of it could be resolved by simply taking the time to learn the emulator itself.

    Take, for instance, the multitude of people talking about emulation being too fast. Simply tinkering with the options will eventually get them the answer of “wait vblank.”

    Meanwhile, other information can be found at the SNEmulDS compatibility list.

  • 163. Adam  |  2007-07-03 at 3.44 pm

    I can understand that; it’s not like I’m blaming you. I just don’t mind helping out, especially when I remember back to when I was new to emulators. Besides, finding all of the information scattered around sites can be difficult and irritating. It took me a while to find understandable directions to make this work, and I’ve never found the compatibility list.

  • 164. Adam  |  2007-07-03 at 3.45 pm

    Scratch my last post, I guess I haven’t been checking the sidebar. :P

  • 165. Sytheon  |  2007-07-03 at 8.12 pm

    This new version makes the sound in Chrono Trigger near perfect, only one slight problem, I have annoying clouds over the screen. I played it before on a snes PC emulator and don’t remember them, the style however looks like it’s in line with the game and it made me doubting if it is supposed to be like this. Problem is that the clouds cover up more than 50% of the screen.

  • 166. Mord Fesse  |  2007-07-04 at 8.16 am

    SNEmulDS Compatibility List

  • 167. Sytheon  |  2007-07-04 at 1.43 pm

    Ah.. I see, sorry, looked over it.

  • 168. Sytheon  |  2007-07-04 at 1.52 pm

    hmm.. no edit.
    Anyway, I tried all the layers, including the one on the wiki. This does not only remove the clouds but also the characters and all the text.

  • 169. youhou  |  2007-07-05 at 6.18 pm

    just awsome! thx

  • 170. alfredo  |  2007-07-06 at 1.49 am

    Hey! Who ever has Games N music Can Now play this!
    DLDI has been made for It!
    Go HERE!

  • 171. Katie  |  2007-07-08 at 11.13 am

    Thanks SOOOO much for this latest update!! This emulator is fantastic! I have a fan-translated sailormoon rpg rom that I have been -dying- to play on my DS, but before this update it just wouldnt work right, but it works great now. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate it!

  • 172. Neb  |  2007-07-08 at 4.29 pm

    hey i can’t seem to make it run on theMax Media Dock with the Max media Player on it
    just keeps telling me that there are no roms found and i have them in the /SNES/ directory
    send me a mail if you know how can i fix it, i really want to play my megaman X series on my DS

  • 173. ClockWork  |  2007-07-09 at 3.04 pm

    I just want to say that I today began to play Secret of Mana on this genius emulator and it works just fine :). Thx for giving me back special memorys of my childhood.

  • 174. Scottecs  |  2007-07-13 at 9.02 pm

    Keep up with the good work! You are GREAT!! :D
    Lookin’ forward for the next version to make PLOK work!! :D

    Thank you!!

  • 175. Adam  |  2007-07-15 at 1.39 am

    Neb: First off, MM X2 and X3 don’t work, so don’t get to excited.

    Lets start with basic solutions:

    Did you name the directory SNES or /SNES/? Don’t put the slashes.

    The SMC file needs to be in the SNES directory. did you unzip the rom and cut and paste the SMC?

    If that doesn’t help, drop me an email at luiginut[at]yahoo[dot]com.

  • 176. lol  |  2007-07-24 at 4.31 pm

    y did u put 2 links

  • 177. EvilMArio666  |  2007-07-25 at 5.59 pm

    Hello everyone, i downloaded this recently and i have read the

    Readme. I followed all the instructions, i put the config file in the

    Root of my games ‘n’ music, i have put my roms in the snes

    Folder and i have DLDI patched the actual SNEmul Ds.

    However, when i start it up everything seems fine until it says:

    rompath: \snes

    And then it crashed. BUT, if i take out the config file, it gets the

    The menu fine! i can play around with the options and all that

    Jazz… one thing though….

    The Roms don’t work!! i just get a white screen!

    Pleaasee, help would be…umm… helpful lol

  • 178. EvilMArio666  |  2007-07-25 at 6.13 pm

    it gets ”to” the menu sorry

  • 179. Gouf  |  2007-07-25 at 9.06 pm

    I am having difficulty getting video on my new G6 Real.

    I have the new 2.2 OS with the auto DLDI patcher.

    Your program boots fine. I have tried several ROM’s including Chrono Trigger. I get ether a blank white or a blank black screen when trying to start the ROM. On some ROMs I get sound and I can hear the game playing in response to buttons I press, but I never get video.

    I have the .nds and the .cfg in the root dir. I’m not sure if it is a setting thing.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all your hard work. If we can get this working, I’ll gladly beta test for you if you are interested.

  • 180. liza  |  2007-08-01 at 10.33 am

    link exchange with you

  • 181. Jasballz  |  2007-08-04 at 3.51 pm

    ok this is the first ever emu I got to work on my Max Media Dock and I actually had SEIKEN DENSETSU 3 fan translation up and running!!!!! I ported the zsnes save and loaded!!!!

    its a little slow but the music is great and the frame rate is great. The alpha version didn’t run it but the beta did and if this is v0.5beta I can’t wait until the next v comes out this is phenomenal.

    some problems with the fan translation: cannot read text, cannot move between map frames, slow character ai / movement.

    BTW SOM works PERFECTLY besides a few bg probs; I love that!

    snesds sucked butt compared to yours–I ran FFIV and the scrolling maps roll. Pilotwings went a long better on yours but the simulations didn’t play. SNESDS sukks pilotwings. Again a few bg problems in FFIV but nothing major. I am really, really impressed by the working sound; major improvements from alpha for sure SOM and SEIKEN DENSETSU 3 (SOM2 fan translation) were fantabulous. I used to run SNES ADVANCE off my flash and that sukked big time–no sound and real slow processsing and hardly any games worked. I liked Harvest Moon and actually played it out for a VERY long time on that emu.

    Well, I can’t wait for the next v!!!!!! I am really crossing my fingers that the Seiken Densetsu 3 fan translation will work!! you are a Master!!!

  • 182. Jasballz  |  2007-08-04 at 4.20 pm

    more on SOM2/Seiken Densetsu 3 fan translation–cannot talk to sprites in game or storefront owners and if you do not port a save .srm from ZSNES the starting story screens freeze up.

    I put transparency at 1 and speedhack at 3 and it sped it up nicely however these problems were still apparent.

    I’m anticipating it to work more with the release of the next snemulds version

  • 183. Dreavus  |  2007-08-10 at 5.27 am

    How is Killer Instinct with this version, when my DS was still working KI was playable back in v0.3 but was not at 100% speed and had many graphic errors. with v0.4 i olny tested it a little and then my DS broke but from what i can remember its speed was about the same, maybe a tidbit faster and the graphics was a bit better but still buggy. so im wondering what changes to KI happen with v0.5

  • 184. Stringfire  |  2007-08-11 at 2.04 am

    When will this be able to play star Ocean…? Is that even possible to play the star becuase star ocean requires dejap and grafix pack… When will this be possible…. When will I ever finish that game….. Vacation is over get on this update alreaaady do you need a competitiooooon are whaat

  • 185. therudy  |  2007-08-16 at 8.10 pm

    Greeting from Aus, Ive got an:
    Ewin 2 micro sd, pass key 3, followed all instructions ie. dldi patch, correct placement of SNES folder etc, however the Ewin requires a save file patch to be performed before it even tries to load something, which I’ve done…..either way I get to see the roms in my SNES folder but cannot select them and the top screen glows white.

    Please help

  • 186. J  |  2007-08-17 at 2.39 am

    Hi if any one here knows or could email me of a DS emulator or show me how to get one working that would be awesome..thanks!

  • 187. jasballz  |  2007-08-17 at 10.56 pm

    You want to finish this!

  • 188. Jeff  |  2007-08-19 at 12.54 am

    Is it possible to emulate the chip that is used on Super Mario RPG?

  • 189. Reid  |  2007-08-22 at 5.56 am

    Thanks a million from Indonesia :)

  • 190. 2dere  |  2007-08-22 at 3.07 pm

    Wow, thanks a tonne FFVI portable the way its meant to be played *drools* No excuse for not finishing the game now.

  • 191. Julien  |  2007-08-23 at 1.41 pm

    Hy everybody. I wanted to know if this emulator is compatible with a supercard ds one v2 and if it is possible, how dit that? Thank you for your answer and scuse for my english.

    Bonjour, j’aurais aimé savoir si il était compatible avec la supercard ds one v2 et comment on l’installais (car je n’ai aps encore très bien compris ce système de patch)

    Merci d’avance. Julien

  • 192. Feyrin  |  2007-08-26 at 6.17 am

    hi, I have an R4DS, and I’m trying to get crono trigger to work.

    everything seems to work fine, except the start menu. I push start, and get just a blank screen. Any help with this, please email:

  • 193. MarioPro  |  2007-08-26 at 9.54 pm

    I can’t play any games on my ds. When I open the file it says “no roms found.” I put the .cfg file and the the main source on the root of my memory card, and I made a folder called SNES on the root of my folder and put Megeman 7 ROM in it. The application still says I don’t have any ROMS in my directory. Please help

  • 194. LongKe  |  2007-08-27 at 3.35 am

    Cool !!!! Thank you very much

  • 195. rick  |  2007-08-30 at 4.08 am

    i am from china,hoping the new version simulator,you did a good job ,waiting for the perfect edition SNEmulDS for idsl.

  • 196. Brookman  |  2007-09-03 at 4.15 am

    I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger too without any major problems, except for the sky city in the Dark Ages (12,000 B.C.). I can get it to work, but I have to keep changing the graphics settings when going from the sky city to the earth or I won’t be able to see where the skyway is on the earth is or where anything is in the sky city. Is there anyway to fix it so I don’t have to keep changing the settings? Otherwise, this is the best piece of homebrew I have on my Max Media Dock.

  • 197. Rhino  |  2007-09-08 at 10.50 am

    Excellent work, old bean….! Keep it up - can’t wait for the next release.

  • 198. KEVIN  |  2007-09-10 at 2.42 pm

    is it because i forgot to do something ?

    the screen is kinda weird

    i can see the sprites in batman and robin…

  • 199. Martin  |  2007-09-14 at 11.23 am

    Sensible Soccer International Edition works if you disable sound and BG3, AND if you know how to get through the menu options by heart because the text is barely readable…

    But; once you get to the field, it plays very smooth and looks great except for:

    - it crashes after about 50 seconds (seems to always happen)
    - the bottom half of the field contains two goal sprites :p

    I sincerely hope that a next version might solve some of these problems, because this version of sensi seems to be the best playable one next to the genesis versions on jenesisDS and PicoDrive. The SMS version plays best so far, but it looks terrible, and Amiga is never going to happen, so I put my hopes up for the SNES version….

  • 200. Kobakku  |  2007-09-17 at 7.51 am

    How do i play street fighter alpha any help would be nice!!!

  • 201. siou fennic  |  2007-09-20 at 2.46 pm

    wow,tiz is really cool!now i can play my snes games on my ds!thanks a lot!u really helped me out and im sure u really helped out everyone else out here to!

  • 202. Human  |  2007-09-24 at 5.12 pm

    Great work!

  • 203. curupa  |  2007-10-01 at 7.14 pm

    what an amazing step, man! You rule!

    How can I contact you? I’m a software developer in Brazil and I would like to contribute with this great project!


  • 204. Jack Frost  |  2007-10-06 at 5.16 pm

    Great! Zelda didn’t work for me for some time (i had a blank screen) but after I added a save file to the SNES folder it worked perfectly ;)

    I owe you!

  • 205. Avanty  |  2007-10-16 at 12.53 pm

    hey, i installed this onto my DS last night, and was playing super mario all stars, working fine!

    i woke up this morning to play it, i opened snemulds (on my ds menu) and it said it couldnt find any ROMs.

    i tried deleting it off of the memory card, and re-installing it, but nothing seems to work? what can i do?

  • 206. andfrew  |  2007-11-06 at 5.16 am

    plz make star fox work with the next update!!! put sfx1/2-chip support in, star fox 1&2 rock, even better on ds!

  • 207. JordanH  |  2007-11-27 at 4.00 am

    When I put in my Max Media Dock and boot up SNEmulDS 0.5b (patched), It says there are no roms in the /SNES/ directory. I have lots of games in there. I have my config in the root, as well the SNEmulDS. I try over and over. Plz help me.

  • 208. JordanH  |  2007-11-27 at 4.02 am

    sry, plz email me at if you know what to do

  • 209. Mark  |  2007-11-30 at 1.06 am

    not to be rude or anything but there are a lot of glitches.

    Kirby Superstar doesnt load up at all (downloaded 3 roms already)
    Mario Kart doesnt work either (downloaded 2 times already)

    Chrono Trigger is really buggy lol. Best RPG game ever but the only problem is that the effects are glitchy and the text are cut and also changes colours (options doesnt fix it) and also sometimes there are large globs of … white stuff floating around my screen ._.

    but overall good job for the only mario working perfectly (i think) it’s very nicely converted.

  • 210. Mark  |  2007-11-30 at 1.10 am

    Oh and i forgot to add that in Chrono Trigger after you enter in the first portal the graphics for the warping is… warped and then once you arrive in the past for the first time and your at that weird forest. The tree vines are missing and bridges (graphical error)

  • 211. Whatever happened to Lisa&hellip  |  2007-12-11 at 12.54 am

    [...] Notice that the device itself is not the only diversion, but also the task of making a case (or as Noah calls it - a “cozy”) for the DS. Additionally, I now have it functioning as a PDA, ebook reader, super nintendo and ipod. Thank you homebrew! [...]

  • 212. eldeste  |  2007-12-13 at 8.24 am

    Qué tal!, necesito ayuda. Podría alguien decirme cómo diablos emulo en media player para el DS? He seguido infinidad de tutoriales y no logro hacerlo. Bajo tal parche y tal emulador(SNEmulDS), pero no lo consigo. Ahi si alguien me hace el favor de indicarme en que podria estar fallando se lo agradeceré.

  • 213. AnnendaGlisee  |  2007-12-21 at 9.00 am

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  • 215. peter de man  |  2008-02-15 at 3.23 pm

    hi i tried some other snes emu’s on the DS. they didnt work for me. i saw some good video’s on youtube on this emulator. i will sure give it a try. thanx for all you efforts. i’m a programmer myself and i can imagine how much work this is. respect and thanx for me :D

  • 216. TobMovevape  |  2008-05-22 at 5.29 pm Find cheap viagra here!

  • 217. branden  |  2008-05-26 at 9.29 pm

    how do you get the game to work because when i puted in chrono trigger i press A on the emulator and it loads up and it sayed

    sneEmulds 0.5 by archeide

    Init Ok…
    0×200ad18intialize fs..
    FS OK!
    rompath =/snes/
    no files found.
    please put roms in /snes/directory of your CF/SD card

    what am i post to do and i’m using r4ds for my ds

  • 218. caribbean poker gambling internet uk  |  2008-06-19 at 5.06 am

    good work, will back soon, great site congratulation!!

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