Happy birthday SNEmul!

July 14th, 2007

Sorry, no new release yet… I’m busy with work and vacation …

Hope to add new features like screen scaling, new GUI, memory pak compatibilty and some nice things soon…

Anyway, I wanted to wish an happy birthday to.. old SNEmul core!
It was the 14th july 1997, the start of the SNEmul DOS emulator project!

10 years ago… it seems to me like it was yesterday!

A lot to thanks to all SNEmul(DS) users for your support and help!

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  • 1. RzzzzzzA  |  2007-07-14 at 10.27 pm

    Congrats Hero!

  • 2. Alato  |  2007-07-15 at 2.10 am

    I subscribed to this site, then as soon as I saw an update, I was so excited. I was really disappointed when I read “Sorry, no new release yet…”, but I’ll wait. Thanks for the progress.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Snemul!

  • 3. Jagov  |  2007-07-15 at 2.58 am

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • 4. Alcidias  |  2007-07-15 at 3.22 am

    It’s good to know that it wasn’t abandoned either…I look forward to the next release!

    Happy Birthday SNEmul!

  • 5. timmy99  |  2007-07-15 at 4.47 am

    Happy Birthday Snemul!

    But: Is a german side here? I can a bit english so i not understand the text when you write fixed list.

  • 6. whishky  |  2007-07-15 at 7.21 am

    An update about no new releases is better than none at all I suppose. I was worried there for a couple weeks that the project had died and was worried. This is the best and most advanced SNES emulation project I’ve seen so far, and is the only one that runs Earthbound near perfect :D Keep up the good work

  • 7. Echizen  |  2007-07-15 at 10.18 am

    Happy birthday, SNEmul! ^_^

  • 8. Badablek  |  2007-07-15 at 10.32 am


    champagne pour cet excellent émulateur Snes ;-)

    en attendant impatiemment une nouvelle version à se mettre sous la dent, qui s’annonce une fois de plus magnifique.

  • 9. tubsun  |  2007-07-15 at 2.33 pm

    Hello, I am from China is a friend, I would like to give you some good advice. That is the voice of the simulator is the beginning stage can not. Since you can compare the picture perfect time for us to add sound, so you procedures there will be a great change, not voice an image up as you are too busy to come.

    happy birthday

    A friend of the Chinese proposal

  • 10. ApprentiSorcier  |  2007-07-15 at 2.43 pm

    Yes, absolutely it is great that you updated on the progress.

    Vacation is a must for summers, as I am taking a week off to visit my home country, Japan.

    Good luck with all, and it will, once again, exciting to see this emulator improve further!

  • 11. imec  |  2007-07-15 at 5.37 pm

    Happy anniversary Archeide, I hope you enjoy your vacation.

  • 12. yannickdh  |  2007-07-15 at 6.31 pm

    bravo pour tout ce beau travail…. bonne continuation et joyeux anniversaire ^^

  • 13. tAGGY  |  2007-07-15 at 6.42 pm

    Bon anniversaire Snemul, et bonnes vacances Archeide :)
    Content d’avoir de tes nouvelles, on commençait tous à s’inquiéter ^^
    En tout cas bon courage et bonne continuation sur ce projet qui nous tient tous à coeur ;)
    A très bientôt !

  • 14. HectorHM  |  2007-07-15 at 7.14 pm

    Does “memory pak compatibilty” refer to the Opera Ram expansion and the EZV 3-in-1 memory expansion??? That would be awesome!

  • 15. Spooty  |  2007-07-15 at 9.03 pm

    No news is good news, and right now we have no news! So… good.

    Can’t wait for the next update. I’ve been having some troubles lately, particularly with save states not working right for a few games, including Donkey Kong Country and Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

  • 16. Canadacdn  |  2007-07-16 at 3.43 am

    Good to hear an update after so long!

    I hope you get the opportunity to add in those new features when you get some time (and after your vacation, of course). SNEmulDS is my favorite SNES emulator for DS. These new features would only make it better!

  • 17. Leo  |  2007-07-16 at 5.01 am

    Hi Man,

    Nice to see you.
    Hope you have good health and clear brain to give us more special SNEmul!

  • 18. CreatorX  |  2007-07-16 at 9.26 am

    Congratulations for this great project! Special thanks for the conversion on the DS. I hope the “screen scaling”
    feature are soon inserted.At present many games are larger than the screen.

  • 19. James  |  2007-07-16 at 10.27 am

    Happy Anniversary! If it wasnt for you and the early pioneers, the emulator scene wouldn’t be where it is now. I recommend checking out Squidge and Reesy’s work on Snes with GP2X and Yoyofr on GP32 for inspiration etc.. they’re both ARM devices, so there might be some useful code there ;)

  • 20. Askot  |  2007-07-16 at 4.05 pm

    Happy birthday snemul and thanks for your great work Archeide!!

  • 21. pieterpost  |  2007-07-16 at 6.20 pm

    keep up the good work, hope the next update will be soon..

  • 22. OMG  |  2007-07-16 at 6.44 pm

    OMG, when did you think to release a new version. In 2008 or what ? lol

  • 23. omg  |  2007-07-16 at 11.11 pm

    Bon Anniversaire!

  • 24. Andrew  |  2007-07-17 at 4.30 am

    Have fun on your vacation, Archeide! Thanks for sharing this great project with us all. This is, by far, my favorite homebrew!

  • 25. Andrew  |  2007-07-17 at 3.58 pm

    Awesome news, Archeide! Its great to know that you’re not like the Wiikey team that just stops supporting their stuff altogether. :) Have a nice vacation, you deserve it.
    And do nice things include repaired save states? :P
    Seriously though, really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into SNEmul.

  • 26. Thebradshaw  |  2007-07-18 at 4.23 am

    Hmm very nice to see a post, I actually thought that the many request scared you away from the project. Anywho, as usuall keep up the good work and settle for nothing less than perfection. Cheers.

  • 27. UoBtEx_FODA  |  2007-07-18 at 4.39 pm

    Happy birthday SNEMUL!!!

    Too bad no news yet… I’m looking for news that say more compatibility/ improved sounds/ improved graphic layers draw order :P I hope it happens someday

  • 28. phreak :)  |  2007-07-20 at 12.03 am


    Please continue the great work. SNES Emul for the DS simply kicks ass. It’s great to be able to play old games like Super Mario World or The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past on the DS.

    Thank you very much.

    Greetings from Germany…

  • 29. JeffMan  |  2007-07-20 at 6.42 pm

    Just wondering, will there be an update for the GBFS version? I still can’t get saving to work on the DLDI versions of the emulator.

  • 30. chance  |  2007-07-21 at 1.52 am

    hey there man hope your vacation is going awesome i was wondering if it was possible could you get the SNEmulDS to run Megaman X2 and Megaman X3 those games were my favorites growing up i read somewhere that it could’nt be done on the ds though becuase of something to do with the wire frames or the engine they used

  • 31. Brian  |  2007-07-21 at 7.54 am

    Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this amazing emulator!

  • 32. fansu  |  2007-07-21 at 5.33 pm

    Happy Birthday! And thanks for this great program!

  • 33. timmy99  |  2007-07-21 at 8.17 pm

    I cant English. Can you write in german?

  • 34. penpvdbs  |  2007-07-22 at 1.32 am

    A bit late perhaps.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    Hope I can give you any support you want for your project!

  • 35. DSMASTER17  |  2007-07-22 at 2.02 am

    YAY For SNEmul!:D

    Great job, really, you are doing an awesome job.
    I honestly thought that you gave up on it and just left:(…
    You really proved me wrong, I’m just happy to see a new post:P.

    It hurts me to say this, but take your time on the new update, and enjoy summer and vacation;):P

  • 36. niko  |  2007-07-22 at 7.56 am

    happy bithday snesmul!!!!!!!
    oooo la belle bleue!!!!!!

  • 37. gq13kid  |  2007-07-22 at 6.44 pm

    Happy Birthday SNEmul!
    Hope to see an update soon. Keep up the fine work!

  • 38. Pincopallino  |  2007-07-22 at 9.22 pm

    Great job guys! This is the best emu on the DS :D

    i hope that one day it will emu all the snes games hehe ^^

    tnx from italy o/

  • 39. sepp256  |  2007-07-23 at 9.34 pm

    Happy anniversary, Archeide! I am impressed by your success with SNEmulDS!

    I have a question about the menu system. It seems that when I select something on the touchpad, SNEmulDS will often think that I pressed a different button on the screen. Could you work on the robustness of the menu interface for future releases?

    Thanks so much for your excellent work!

  • 40. cYb0n  |  2007-07-25 at 6.41 pm

    Happy Birthday!
    And good job ;)

    I also wait for a new release, but i think we all do. The only thing i missed in every new release is a total new look of the emulator. I hope that anyone who can do such a job will integrate some graphics to make the emu more beautiful xD IUt would be great to have coloured menu or somesthing like this, wouldnt it? But it is only a suggestion.

  • 41. Sugi  |  2007-07-26 at 10.02 pm

    Happy Birthday Snemulds.. (:P) and my applause to the snemulds project team.. you guys are doing a great job keep up the great effort and work… :D you guys work..

    p.s Cyb0n >.> why do u want colour menu’s lol :P i don’t half the time look at the menu when playin a game.. :S i dunno it neva bothered me :P maybe you need some games on that emulator lol.. buh yea maybe a new layout design would be nice.. heh happy bday :D my best of luck to you guys…

  • 42. Sugi  |  2007-07-26 at 10.04 pm

    i meant to say ” you guys ROCK” not work :P heh

  • 43. Rainierman  |  2007-07-30 at 10.03 pm

    Nice, so far this is the only Snes Emulator that runs in M3 Simply/R4 (I think), so way to go my friend. Also, I recommend you keep this pace and update EVEN if you don’t have a new version ready like you just did, just so we know you are still alive as well as the project lol. I am pretty sure that will help with the emulator’s popularity, and that added to it having the most support for different kinds of Flashcards, this could turn out to be the biggest Snes emulator for the DS is you set yourself to it. The winds are in your favor! Good luck!

  • 44. happy birthday  |  2007-08-01 at 6.18 am

    i have a questian about snemul.
    i have a ez4 flash. i did dldi patch
    on snemul file. but when i execute the
    snemul file, it freezes at white screen.
    what should i do?

  • 45. philou  |  2007-08-01 at 10.14 am

    Passe de bonne vacances Archeide :)

    et repose toi bien pour donner a nos chère NDS un émulateur super nes encore mieu que le précédent :D

    Reviens vite !

  • 46. medisyn  |  2007-08-01 at 1.38 pm

    Any chance for an update?

  • 47. Goten X  |  2007-08-01 at 6.37 pm

    Keep on, keepin’ on. Can’t wait for the next release. I’m hoping it’ll fix some of the higher end games I’ve wanted to make portable, but either way, great job with this.


  • 48. boby_on_fire  |  2007-08-01 at 7.56 pm

    Bonne vacance, et j’adore ton émulateur, reste quelque affaire à arranger, mais en général tout va bien. Pour l’instant c’est le meilleur émulateur snes pour DS.

    Bonne continuation.

  • 49. Mathias  |  2007-08-02 at 9.30 pm

    Bonnes vacances, ouèp! Et merci pour ce boulot bénévole de qualité! J’attends avec impatience la version qui fera tourner SoulBlazer, mais hé, prends ton temps, no stress!

  • 50. cYb0n  |  2007-08-07 at 6.14 pm

    I would give everything just to hear what’s going on…a little more news would be great, just to keep us waiting, wouldn’t it?
    So, archeide, please write a small news-message, just to tell us that you are still alive and still working xD ;)

  • 51. kittipob  |  2007-08-08 at 2.07 am

    Happy Birthday Snemul, great emu for DS.

  • 52. Darig0n  |  2007-08-08 at 11.05 pm

    awesome hombrew keep working hopefully we ca see a update this month or next month…

  • 53. Velius  |  2007-08-09 at 8.47 pm

    Gah, the anticipation is killing me, but I’m patient.

    Thanks for the wonderful emulator, and I hope it prospers and grows much more.

  • 54. Matrix22  |  2007-08-12 at 1.02 pm

    Archeide, tu es le seul actuellement sur la scène ds à pouvoir creer un émulateur pratiquement fonctionnel.
    Tu es le seul à pouvoir le faire, alors je te souhaite bon courage et fais nous rever! Matrix22.

  • 55. Kenny  |  2007-08-12 at 6.13 pm

    Keep up the good work!

  • 56. Mio-Raem  |  2007-08-13 at 11.30 am

    Happii B-day :D can’t wait for the new release ^_^

  • 57. Corny Carl  |  2007-08-14 at 8.37 am

    This is corny as all heck, but I wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve put into this. When I learned that the DS had 4MB of RAM, I thought an emulator would never be done - and yet somehow, you’ve managed. Every new release amazes me more and more - I hate saying stuff lik ethis before it actually occurs, but I get the feeling that some day every single SNES game will be playable, perhaps even 100% perfect. I guess a guy can dream, no? :)

    So, like I said - thanks for what you do. Oh, and happy (late) birthday!

  • 58. Fuck You  |  2007-08-17 at 10.00 am

    could you at least give us an estimate of when the version will be released? I wont be surprised if this is dead. If it is dead i hope you die along with the project.

  • 59. jasballz  |  2007-08-17 at 10.56 pm

    You want to finish this!

  • 60. Darig0n  |  2007-08-20 at 5.42 pm

    another status update please by the end of the month or release something in september this is my most favorite emulator.

  • 61. Reid  |  2007-08-22 at 6.06 am

    Happy Birthday Snemul!!!

  • 62. Rambo  |  2007-08-22 at 7.38 am

    happy b-day
    does any body know if there’s a fire emblem for snes?? or just snes

  • 63. yes  |  2007-08-23 at 5.15 pm

    yes there is!!!

  • 64. Wrecking Crew  |  2007-08-23 at 5.43 pm

    @Rambo: There’s three- Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (Fushigi no Nazo), Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Holy War, and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. The last one was first released only as a ROM that could be download with official flashcarts. Was later released as a full cart, I believe.

    I’d like to congratulate you for your emulator (I like being able to play my old Super Mario All Stars cart on my DS, which is more silent than my PSP).

    I’d also like to encourage you to keep on working on the emulator, since there’s a great many games that still don’t work well (but you know that). I’d like to point out, as many already have, I bet, about the GUI. It’d be nice if the new GUI wouldn’t be so… random-like… O_o I’ve often found myself touching one option only to have another happen! O_O (I have an idea for SRAM saving: put a wide bar at the bottom of the touch screen. That way, people can press the “spacebar-like” SRAM save button easily, with either thumb. :D)

  • 65. Bernie  |  2007-08-23 at 9.49 pm

    Hey, thanks for all your hard-work.

    In the future, do you want to perhaps have SNEMULDS load settings for specific games from a file? So it saves users some time of figuring out the best settings?

  • 66. whishky  |  2007-08-24 at 7.51 pm

    So…is this dead or what? It’s been over a month without updates

  • 67. thisguy  |  2007-08-25 at 5.54 am

    yeah…its dead.

  • 68. Schwipp Schwapp ohne Zucker  |  2007-08-25 at 10.42 am

    Oh, another one of these projects which are aborted without any news, any information or anything else. But I knew before the Emulator wouldn’t be finished at all, muahahahaha. There were just two SNES Emulators which were ever finished, ZSNES and SNES9x. Rest in peace buddy :)

  • 69. sarkwalvein  |  2007-08-26 at 12.30 am

    Hey, take it easy! It’s not dead, the next version will be released around september as archeide said here http://boards.pocketheaven.com/viewtopic.php?t=5922

  • 70. Analord10  |  2007-08-26 at 12.25 pm

    I really hope not, this is by far the finest emulator on the DS :D

    Maybe archeide’s still on holiday… Looking forward to the next release, if it ever comes - a new GUI’d be sweet :)

  • 71. bill  |  2007-08-26 at 4.06 pm

    hello. im very new to the ds emu scene and would like to ask if you could sent step by step very detailed instructions. i have a max media player, snemulds 0.4 and 0.5, some roms that should work and dldi patch im sure how to use. any help you could give would be VERY appreciated. just you doing this makes you a vg hero in my eyes and please keep up the good work.

  • 72. turbohat  |  2007-08-26 at 6.58 pm

    Awesome emulator for the DS, love it.
    If scaling was implimented it would be 100%. Keep it up mate!

  • 73. derdhal  |  2007-08-26 at 8.34 pm

    newbie here
    how can i convert my smc snes files to sml?

  • 74. derdhal  |  2007-08-26 at 8.42 pm

    newbie here
    how can i convert smc snes files to sml?

  • 75. imec  |  2007-08-27 at 12.54 am

    He’s probably just on vacation, just be patient. He has already done so much, I doubt he would even think about abandoning the project. Even if he did, that’s his choice, it’s hard to stay motivated when you know working hard isn’t going to make you money, but he has already donated so much of his life for the community. So yup, everyone has their own lives, anything can happen.

  • 76. Kei  |  2007-08-27 at 7.10 am

    Oh! It sounds great!!
    Happy Birthday!!
    I’m looking forward to updates of SNEmulDS!
    Go for it!!!!

  • 77. Matt  |  2007-08-27 at 1.24 pm

    I really hope you do that screen scaling, half the text is cut off when I play the old DBZ rpg =[

  • 78. sarkwalvein  |  2007-08-28 at 6.23 am

    Hey, take it easy! It’s not dead, the next version will be released around september as archeide said in the pocketheaven forums.

  • 79. Darig0n  |  2007-08-31 at 3.31 am

    still on vacation man i miss you and your updates =/ please post here for some kind of update again.

  • 80. Jeff  |  2007-09-02 at 4.34 pm

    Excellent work on this emulator. Just want you to know that many people all over the world enjoy your work. Thanks again.
    Patiently waiting for a new (and improved!) release. If theres any way I can help, please let me know (financial, postcards, words of encouragement, etc).


  • 81. hehalun  |  2007-09-10 at 2.10 pm

    等左好耐啦 , 請快0的出新版本啦 , 我覺得你呢個模擬器係最有前途架 , 加油啊鬼佬!!!!

  • 82. Steph'  |  2007-09-11 at 6.41 pm

    Bravo pour cet émulateur vraiment terrible! J’ai hâte de voir ce qu’il donnera par la suite et j’espère sincèrement qi’il y aura encore de très nombreux autres anniversaires à fêter!

  • 83. ...  |  2007-09-12 at 11.35 am

    Is he dead?

  • 84. cYb0n  |  2007-09-12 at 1.40 pm

    So, if he already spend so much time for the product without earning money for it, it is his choice…but i think we should donate a little when we know that he’s back, maybe after his next release. So everyone of you should donate, i sure will after next SnemulDS release!

  • 85. Mr.Sunshine  |  2007-09-13 at 5.16 am

    Patients ;O… he’s still at vacation most probably.. ;O who wouldn’t with the publicity he gets now :D lucky guy..but if a good release comes out when he’s back from vacation or what so ever i’m donating ;D

  • 86. Kasimir2007  |  2007-09-13 at 5.44 pm

    Salut Archeid,

    Toujours pas de news de toi sur portabledev, j’espere que tu vas nous pondres une superbe nouvelle version !!!

    c’est vraiment trop bon de redecouvrir un super ghouls n ghost rapide avec du son, ou encore de ce defouler sur un ninja warrior again….

    je suis impatient de voir le gui aussi…

  • 87. Jorgan  |  2007-09-14 at 4.33 am

    On your next update could you make it so that Earthbound works perfectly.

  • 88. joey  |  2007-09-14 at 5.50 am

    hey good job, u turned school fun! i play earthbound and super metroid during lunch! but im kinda disappointed that the final fantasy games dont work, ff2 has it when your at the pause menu none of the words show and ff5 at the shops it turns into a total glitch. mayby u can dedicate the next release to the final fantasy games so then u can run them like u can run most games. and i also wanted to now if u put a cheat menu in it, that would be soo cool and well… i say bravo i can now play some of my favorite games.

  • 89. Armend  |  2007-09-20 at 5.23 pm

    It’s been quite a long time now and still no new realese…oh well i hope he’s doing okay and i hpe the new version will realease soon!:D

  • 90. timmy99  |  2007-09-23 at 3.18 pm

    Wann kommt eine neue Version? Ich freu mich schon auf 0.6^^

  • 91. SNEmulDS-user  |  2007-09-25 at 4.17 pm

    Interesting, he made an update post yesterday but I can only see it on Google Cache, did he take it down for some reason? Anyway, looks like there will be a v0.6 (YAY!) coming shortly, I can’t wait to see how this one runs. Thanks so much for continuing to work on this, it’s already great and with more work I can only imagine how much better it can be.

  • 92. SNEmulDS-UER-KOREA  |  2007-09-29 at 12.22 pm

    I also congratulate the great achievement in emul histrory~ ^^

  • 93. timo tretter  |  2008-03-07 at 2.50 pm


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