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September 24th, 2007

Hi folks,

The new version of SNEmulDS 0.6 comes closer… The new GUI is nearly finished and is being integrated to the main core. I’m waiting for artworks from my friend to complete the GUI design.

A new feature of the next release will be multi-language support. For the moment, the language setting is read from the DS firmware, and the charset used is ANSI Western occidental (Windows-1252) so the translation is limited to : English, French, German, Spanish, and Italiano. But in future, Japanese and other language will be included.



All language has been translated already ! Thanks to all who contributed!

Others languagues are welcomed to, but will be not included in next release. Don’t hurry to send new translations because i will not spend much time on translations now.

If you are interested in translating SNEmulDS, this is very simple.

Here are the current files containing the string ressources.
If you want to helop, You just have to translate strings, without changing anything else.

First people to translate his language will be included in credits Wink To give your translation, send me a mail (archeide at or post in this forum :

As I’m french, the french version should be the main source. If you can find better translation for english, tell me!


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  • 1. Scognito  |  2007-09-24 at 11.06 pm

    Italian translation sent! Check mail .)

  • 2. tAGGY  |  2007-09-24 at 11.27 pm

    Enfin des nouvelles, et quelles nouvelles ! :)
    Mon petit correctif a été envoyé, maintenant il faut laisser l’artiste finir son boulot ;)

  • 3. archeide  |  2007-09-24 at 11.47 pm

    Thanks scognito! Sorry can you resent it , i put the wrong email. it is archeide at :p

  • 4. archeide  |  2007-09-24 at 11.52 pm

    tAGGY : meme cause, meme punition, j’ai donné une mauvaise adresse c’est archeide at merci!

  • 5. SoullessRonin  |  2007-09-25 at 12.54 am


  • 6. joe joe  |  2007-09-25 at 6.15 am

    woohoo! news about 0.6!!!!
    I wish I could translate it into Spanish for you buuuut…..mi espanol es no bueno. :P

  • 7. milkmandan  |  2007-09-25 at 7.36 am


  • 8. cYb0n  |  2007-09-25 at 8.35 am

    yeah, finally, we got some news ;) i’m so happy about this, can’t wait for the release….
    VERY GOOD WORK, keep it up. Can you give us a date for release of 0.6? Willl it take one more month or can we already download it next week? ^^

  • 9. Scognito  |  2007-09-25 at 8.37 am

    re-sent :)

  • 10. Zeroshcr  |  2007-09-25 at 8.56 am

    Awesome archeide, glad to see you are back.

    But only a little detail. It’s Zeroshcr :$

  • 11. efferalgan  |  2007-09-25 at 11.27 am

    Ah, ça fait du bien d’avoir des nouvelles du meilleur émulateur SNES de la DS ! J’ai eu peur que le projet soit abandonné !
    Vivement la release et bon courage pour la suite…

  • 12. RupeeClock  |  2007-09-25 at 12.31 pm

    4|\|*/()|\|3 |\|33|) 4 1337 7|24|\|5147()|2?

    Just kidding. :p

    Anyhow, great to hear that we can expect an update soon! I hope Super Mario Allstars runs even better.

  • 13. Velius  |  2007-09-25 at 12.54 pm

    My anticipation grows.

  • 14. Zeroshcr  |  2007-09-25 at 8.59 pm

    Wow, also Catalan. Awesome :P

  • 15. RupeeClock  |  2007-09-25 at 9.00 pm

    Haha, yeah, I showed Sonucais this post (friend of mine) and he decided to make that. :)

    I see there’s gonna be a memory pack option, very interesting.

  • 16. Sonucais  |  2007-09-25 at 9.16 pm

    Cool! ^_^ I see Catalan has been added! Thanks Rupee.

  • 17. Dani - Spain  |  2007-09-25 at 9.56 pm

    Merci pour cette emulator… tu es great… sorry, my French is too limited :)

  • 18. coconut  |  2007-09-25 at 10.41 pm

    des progres sur l’emulation de super soccer ??

  • 19. Darig0n  |  2007-09-25 at 11.25 pm

    so no emulation updates just translation and a new gui..?

  • 20. RupeeClock  |  2007-09-26 at 12.45 am

    Look closely Darig0n, it says “Use memory pak” ;)
    I wonder if that means performance enhancing or just loading larger roms…?

  • 21. Darig0n  |  2007-09-26 at 1.57 am

    hm.. cool good thing i got r4 and ez flash 3in1 =D

  • 22. Tyler  |  2007-09-26 at 2.09 am

    Well, I frankly hope that isnt the only things thats gonna be new if so whats the point of bringing it out, fix the games before you worry about a gui gosh.

  • 23. Deng Kim  |  2007-09-26 at 4.18 am

    Korean translation sent. Please Check mail :)

  • 24. goldenyoshi8  |  2007-09-26 at 5.42 am

    lla quiero jugar en la siguiente version, espero que salga pronto

  • 25. Andre  |  2007-09-26 at 6.11 am

    Awesome work, i use the emulator everyday :)

  • 26. Echizen  |  2007-09-26 at 8.53 am

    Many typos in the german translation…

  • 27. Steph'  |  2007-09-26 at 3.07 pm

    Petite correction française mailée! (adresse du mail différente de celle de ce post)

  • 28. PerswAsian  |  2007-09-26 at 5.51 pm

    I really, really wish everyone would quit complaining about compatibility. Unless you’re doing your part to add to the compatibility Wiki, you’re doing nothing but harm with your incessant moaning.

    I’ll be pleased as punch to see any update. And I’d bet dollars to donuts that the new, integrated GUI and multi-language support isn’t the only thing.

    You want the house to be finished when the foundation has yet to set. Let the man do his work and see his vision to fruition and quit your bitching.

  • 29. Soma  |  2007-09-26 at 6.32 pm

    Exactly , why would he work 3 months (or longer) only for these two things (which are an nice addition i must admit) There will be increased compability with games
    So i dont have any fears. I hope the sound of terranigma and Lufia are increased PLEASE ;)

  • 30. Eyedunno  |  2007-09-27 at 7.51 am

    Katakana only? What the?

  • 31. Toiletking  |  2007-09-27 at 10.06 am

    J’ai juste envie de pleurer… \\(é_è)// de bonheur! ^^

  • 32. rick  |  2007-09-27 at 12.03 pm

    ^_^ i am from china,support you forever.waiting for the 0.6version.

  • 33. exacube  |  2007-09-27 at 9.26 pm

    can we expect more rom compatibility? i’m really looking forward to play Chrono Trigger on the DS

  • 34. Anonymous  |  2007-09-28 at 11.01 pm

    Memory pack? Scaling?


  • 35. Tokyoma  |  2007-09-29 at 7.07 am

    Much luck to you, but may I suggest adding one smart feature?
    The bottom screen should have a button to make it completely back and turn it’s backlight off to conserve power while playing on the top screen, and then reactivate it simply by touching it.
    Just a suggestion, keep up the good work.

  • 36. Shinato  |  2007-09-29 at 7.14 am

    Amazing work archeide! I can’t wait till 0.6

    I love you (Not that way >_>), for making SNEmul and it’s DS port; making it possible for the great games we used to play in the past.


  • 37. Human  |  2007-09-29 at 11.17 am

    yes, i cant wait!

  • 38. Darig0n  |  2007-09-29 at 4.58 pm

    o.o man i keep checking the site for the update >_> please release it soon lol

  • 39. siou fennic  |  2007-09-29 at 8.54 pm

    doese this mean that ur goanna have a 1.0 verson soon enough?and some games still mess up like the sprite layers in bram stokers dracula,and emerald dragon keeps freezing up when i get to a certain part in the game and i think 0.6 will be a hit,wish i could help but i know little with translation of languages (i only know english and japaneese)keep up the good work though!

  • 40. timmy99  |  2007-09-29 at 9.19 pm

    Is Yoshi Island (Super mario World 2) compatible?
    This is so good game i will help the 0.6 version! Kokopops is very good!^^

  • 41. goldenyoshi8  |  2007-09-29 at 9.20 pm

    espero que se pueda jugar super mario rpg legend of the seven stars

  • 42. Ulises  |  2007-09-30 at 12.26 am

    Yo estoy de acuerdo con Goldenyoshi, ojala se pueda jugar Super Mario RPG ,
    ¿Cuanto tardara en salir la nueva version Snemul 0.6? o cuanto tiempo falta para que salga
    Congratulations Snemul Team,

  • 43. zabocat  |  2007-09-30 at 9.39 am

    I feel I ‘m waiting for the lastset version so many year!
    It’s the Best of SNES emulator for NDS
    Well,I wait for your good news!

  • 44. Chris  |  2007-09-30 at 12.48 pm

    Is it normal that I can’t save? It completely freezes -_-

    Would realy love to see Zsnes on the DS but they say that it HAS to be on a x86 chip..

  • 45. VEGA  |  2007-10-01 at 11.43 am

    I’ve made Russian translation… Please, include it to v0.6b!

  • 46. chance  |  2007-10-01 at 7.56 pm

    hey glad to see a 0.6 version i was wondering if megaman x2 would be playable on this it’s my favorite snes game brings back good memories and also good job on everything so far your doing great hope things continue to go this good for you!!!

  • 47. Anon  |  2007-10-02 at 6.25 am

    Dude, godly success with this emulator. All others have faild me, but this one plays my games flawlessly.

  • 48. Derek, MIke, John, Steveee  |  2007-10-02 at 12.26 pm

    Lost Vikings 1,2 ??? Pleasee

  • 49. Mio-Raem  |  2007-10-03 at 2.17 am

    When me and my friend heard that then new release for DS was coming out we were so excited we shit our pants, literally shit came out our asses and we rocketed through the roof.
    also how do I sign up for emails to be sent to me telling me when new releases are out? keep up the awesome work.

  • 50. Giraffenlippe  |  2007-10-03 at 5.51 pm

    Great work…your DS Emulator is awsome but i got problems with the save and load function even in the latest release. the game stocks in sound or total crashes. is the upcoming new release more stable with the saving function???

    greetings from germany

  • 51. fdsbh  |  2007-10-04 at 9.35 am

    Brilliant Archeide! Really looking forward to the new release!

    Am hoping that I can finally play Sensible Soccer on my DS!

    Fantastic - keep up the good work!

  • 52. FU  |  2007-10-04 at 3.03 pm

    I can see this project being dead soon like most homebrews. When is the 1.0 version coming out? When DS2 comes out? Seriously i could give a crap about artwork just release a new version faster.

  • 53. timmy99  |  2007-10-05 at 8.44 pm

    Sorry for German but i can’t write good English

    kann man das Bild jetzt passend Skalieren, oder bleibt es wieder unpassend?

    It the picture complete in the screen with skalierung?

  • 54. Soma  |  2007-10-05 at 9.13 pm

    He does want to ask :

    Does the picture appear completly and that you can adjust it yourself rather then take the presetteings?

    (hoffe das hilft^^)

  • 55. Kenny  |  2007-10-05 at 10.11 pm

    Can’t wait for 0.6! Thanks for continuing the project!

  • 56. timmy99  |  2007-10-06 at 4.48 pm

    Ich glaub schon dass die Skalierung alles auf den Screen bekommt. Ich kann auch nicht mehr auf SnemulDS 0.6 warten. Hoffe auch dass Mario Kart, Yoshi Island, Mario RPG und Super james Pond II (J) drauf läuft.

  • 57. Manachai  |  2007-10-07 at 6.09 pm

    I just know that you allow to translate your very good Snes Emulator in this time .If it possible please translate it into THAI language for our nation or tell me what word you want to know. Thank you so much.

  • 58. timmy99  |  2007-10-07 at 7.04 pm

    Seid ihr alle tot? Keiner schreibt was sobald ein Deutscher hier reinschreibt^^

    Könnt ihr alle kein Deutsch, oder bin ich der einzige der kein Englisch schreiben kann/will?

  • 59. Soma  |  2007-10-08 at 10.39 am

    Nein es ist , das hier keiner Deutsch schreiben will^^

  • 60. Human  |  2007-10-08 at 4.09 pm

    Wenn die programmierung dadurch beschleunigt wird, schreib ich von mir aus nur deutsch.

  • 61. timmy99  |  2007-10-08 at 9.18 pm

    Hoffentlich kommt 0.6 vor dem 27. Oktober. Da geh ich in Urlaub und will meine SNES Games auch mitnehmen! Vorallem Yoshi Island und Super james Pond (J). Bittebittte lass das Release vor den Herbstferien sein^^

  • 62. Andrés  |  2007-10-08 at 10.54 pm

    Can´t wait for the version 6.0, keep the good work man

  • 63. Gaiyae  |  2007-11-07 at 7.42 pm

    dutch translation send - check mail ;)

  • 64. Adam  |  2007-11-10 at 7.43 pm

    I speak perfect English =P. If you still need a better eng version I am here =D

  • 65. RP  |  2007-12-29 at 7.26 pm

    Merci beaucoup pour tout le travail fourni sur cette excellent émulateur Super NES très prometteur !

    J’espère que les grand classiques comme Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI ou Dragon Quest VI seront émulés un jour sur notre petite Nintendo DS ^^

  • 66. Broome  |  2008-05-25 at 2.44 am

    Can anyone please tell me how I can get the Save States to work on any version of Snemulds with a G6 Lite?? If I try to save, all that happens is the game (any game) freezes and I have to reboot my DS.

    I have spent 3 hours on the Net trying to find an answer to no avail.

    Please, please, please help me…..I love this emulator!!

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