SNEmulDS 0.6 alpha available

October 9th, 2007

The preview-alpha version of SNEmulDS 0.6 is now available for all the brave testers around the world!

The GUI artworks are not ready, so you have a “naked” and not very pretty GUI, but at least, you have the multi languages support!

You can check if your language is correct.
You can choose one of the language in the firmware or some language by editing the snemul.cfg :
# Language of GUI
# -1 -> Use firmware settings
Firmware languages:
# 0 -> Japanese (Katakana only)
# 1 -> English
# 2 -> French
# 3 -> German
# 4 -> Italian
# 5 -> Spanish
Non firmware languages:
# 106 -> Portuguese
# 107 -> Catalan
# 108 -> Polish
# 109 -> Dutch
# 110 -> Danish

Various External RAM packages can be used to improve large rom emulation, see snemul.cfg for more informations.

Scaling support has three modes :
- Full screen : nearly like snezzids
- Half scaling : “smart” scaling, only reduce half the backgrounds, and doesn’t squish sprites. It looks quite fine in games.
- No scaling : no scaling at all, classic SNEmulDS mode, still default

Here is the complete list of changes compated to 0.5 beta:

- New GUI using framebuffer for sub screen
- Better human interface, improved file selector (alphabetical sorted), buttons, check boxes, multi choose zones, etc.
- New GUI supports joypad (joypad is not supported when emulator is running however).
- Multi language support (more than 10 supported, including katakan japanese !)
- Memory pak support (Opera RAM, Slot 2 card reader, etc. using libram) with paging or with large ROM mapping
- Scaling with pseudo bi-linear filtering and sprites squishing : full screen scaling (like snezzids), half scaling (half scaled and without sprites squishing), and no scaling (classic snemulds mode)
- Autiomatic SRAM saving when needed
- Some other bugfixes and improvements in GUI

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  • 1. Dave F.  |  2007-10-09 at 3.29 am

    Thank you so much for this dude! I’m glad I decided to check if you dropped 0.6 tonight! Gonna give it a whirl right now. :) Appreciate all the work!

  • 2. Ibrahim  |  2007-10-09 at 4.01 am

    Awesome! Will try out right now.

  • 3. Darig0n  |  2007-10-09 at 4.16 am

    **** yes man your the best.

  • 4. CPS  |  2007-10-09 at 4.58 am

    Thanks for the update! Keep up the hard work, we appreciate it :D

  • 5. SoullessRonin  |  2007-10-09 at 6.23 am

    good job

  • 6. sscnapol  |  2007-10-09 at 9.10 am

    unable to try it out atm, does super soccer work? i tought that was the reason anyone would go near a snes in the first place?

  • 7. joe joe  |  2007-10-09 at 10.13 am

    BOOOOyAAAAAH!! I’ll go test this out right away.

  • 8. Kara  |  2007-10-09 at 10.22 am

    l’interface est pas mal, tjs quelque problème de syncro son , point de vu compatibilité roms a améliorée sinon bonne continuation

  • 9. Marios_Shadow  |  2007-10-09 at 10.33 am

    You’re awesome, Archeide! Much thanks!

  • 10. Doogie  |  2007-10-09 at 10.44 am

    Does it improve the functionality of the roms at all or allow us to run games like Super Mario RPG, DKC etc.

  • 11. RupeeClock  |  2007-10-09 at 10.47 am

    Oh man this is sweet, Super Metroid plays much better with the scaling option, I love it.

    I love the auto-SRAM saving too, awesome feature.

    The improved interface also makes life a lot easier, great job. :)

  • 12. Duobix  |  2007-10-09 at 12.13 pm

    The sound in the LoZ:aLttp seems to not work properly. It would be nice to see “sound layering” in 0.7 :) Great work, man ;) One thing more I want: kirby superstar ;) I know It’s itself impossible, but maybe whit this ultra memory pack ;) ?…..

  • 13. Sonucais  |  2007-10-09 at 1.07 pm

  • 14. Jeff  |  2007-10-09 at 1.56 pm

    This is so awesome! Thank you for the hard work? How might I send a donation to the hardest working programmer in the DS scene? :0)

  • 15. Jeff  |  2007-10-09 at 1.58 pm

    I just sent you a $10.00 USD donation..

    I encourage everyone else to do the same!!!

    …thank you so much for your hard work…

  • 16. timmy99  |  2007-10-09 at 2.28 pm

    JEAAAHHH!!!!!! thank you! super good work!

  • 17. archeide  |  2007-10-09 at 2.35 pm

    Thank you very much, Jeff! Your help is much appreciated!

  • 18. Warmy  |  2007-10-09 at 2.47 pm

    Will Super Mario RPG EVER work? Not a request exactly, more of a technical question. I know it’s physically possible, but apparently I read somewhere someone would have to make an emulator specifically for it (in other words a port :P)
    just asking if this is true (not that I’ve tried it on 0.6a yet so for all I know it could)

  • 19. timmy99  |  2007-10-09 at 2.52 pm

    but Yoshi Island and Mario kart don’t work. And the mouse-emulation is crashed.

    Aber sonst gut gearbeitet! Großes Lob! (Sorry mir ist beim besten willen nicht eingefallen wie man den letzten Satz in Englisch schreiben soll^^)

  • 20. Spike  |  2007-10-09 at 3.07 pm

    Pretty cool! I tried it with Lufia and Super Metroid, runs pretty smooth. a few graphics glithces but the games are enjoyable.

    Ill test a few more later and update the compatibility wiki^^

    Youshi´s island and mario kart wont work. and the mouse emulation is crashed. however, great work!

    (nicht 100% wortwörtlich aber das wäre in etwa was man sagen könnte ;) )

  • 21. RupeeClock  |  2007-10-09 at 3.10 pm

    I’m liking this so much, that I plan to send a £10 donation when I get my money at the end of the week, I’ve love to see this develop further. :)

  • 22. Richard  |  2007-10-09 at 3.26 pm

    Thanks so much, Final Fight 3 runs even better now!!

  • 23. Mio-Raem  |  2007-10-09 at 3.52 pm

    Awesome, your fucking legends keep up the work ^^,

  • 24. jackman  |  2007-10-09 at 5.08 pm

    Great work, but there’re problems using the “External RAM” feature for large roms.

    I have a SuperCard SD, and SNEmulDS automatically detects it as external RAM (well, the SCSD has 32MB RAM built in), but then SNEmulDS will freeze.

  • 25. Steph'  |  2007-10-09 at 5.56 pm

    Excellente nouvelle version! Quant à l’interface, j’espère qu’elle restera ainsi ou que l’on aura la possibilité de la conserver aussi sobre et précise au stylet. A part quelques détails peu gênants, notamment au niveau du son, cette version pré-alpha augure du meilleur pour l’avenir! Pour faire un peu mon boulet, j’ajouterai que j’aimerai bien voir une compatibilité parfaite sur tous les titres Squaresoft lol.

    Archeide, serait-il possible de me contacter par mail afin de me dire si il y a un autre moyen que paypal pour faire un don manda-cash ou chèque???

  • 26. Sir_Voe  |  2007-10-09 at 6.46 pm

    I really like the new gui direction and screen scaling. I have a problem with setting the background layers though. When I try to change them, say the default setting was 3, once I change that bg setting I can only switch between 0 or 1. It’s a pretty major bug for me since I like to mess with the layers and try to get it as close to perfect as I can.
    Thanks for the hard work Archeide.

  • 27. dsbomb  |  2007-10-09 at 7.03 pm

    I was curious, is the source for this available? I saw the link to Bounty Source, but it is quite out of date with the current releases. Thanks.

  • 28. Darig0n  |  2007-10-09 at 7.47 pm

    donkey kong country dont boot,chrono trigger,fzero graphics has errors.good jopb again i hope u fix these =(

  • 29. iisdev  |  2007-10-09 at 8.04 pm

    Great work on the user interface improvements! It’s really starting to come along quite nicely.

  • 30. PerswAsian  |  2007-10-09 at 8.27 pm

    I’ll get to compatibility testing tomorrow.

    For the record, there are a ton of games that will likely never work with SNEmulDS due to the constraints of the DS and the emulation of coprocessor chips found in the game carts.

    Do yourself a favor and check out the Wikipedia entry on Super FX. That will give you a list of all games that utilized that specific chip and has a “See Also” section that links you to the other SNES co-processors (DSP, SA-1 and Cx4). Those games? Also out.

    So don’t expect Super Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star, Mario Kart, Star Fox, Pilotwings or any of the other games you’ll find there to be compatible any time soon. Additionally, the compression of Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Star Ocean will likely keep those games unplayable.

    What’s the good Slot-2 RAM solutions other than the Opera Browser?

  • 31. Robert  |  2007-10-09 at 8.33 pm

    Thanks so much for this, Illusion of Gaia is running perfect now! The GUI looks great and the scaling option is awesome, it makes games like Metroid and Secret of Mana run even better. Good job, and good luck on your next release.

  • 32. The Colonel  |  2007-10-09 at 8.35 pm

    Thanks man, this is awesome..keep at it.

  • 33. JJaVMeTaL  |  2007-10-09 at 8.45 pm

    Great job!!!The best emulator for ds!!!Keep working!!:D

  • 34. cYb0n  |  2007-10-09 at 9.26 pm

    Thanks, dude, waited so long to read this news-article :D I wanted to donate a little, but i have to be 18 years old to register for PayPal. Maybe I won’t care anzmore and just register -.-’

    Great work, really!

  • 35. penpvdbs  |  2007-10-09 at 9.26 pm

    Glad to see a new update! Is there a way to contribute to your development of SNEmulDS? E.g. Need a new SNEmulDS testing app for Wiki? Or do you have any other suggest regarding the development of the emulator?
    Best regards!

  • 36. Guilty Tribute (Gp4l)  |  2007-10-09 at 10.04 pm

    Dude, you’re amazing! Keep this up! Seriously, if you ever think your work is in vain, you’re so wrong! This rocks. Seriously amazing work.

  • 37. PerswAsian  |  2007-10-09 at 10.14 pm

    This build seems pretty unstable… at least on Max Media Dock.

    Crashed every time I tried to save my game, not just save states. And when I did try to use a save state, it wiped out all other directories on my CF including SNEmulDS itself.

    Restoring the file system at the moment but putting this out as a warning to people who may not have their files backed up.

    Offhandedly, though, I really like the new GUI even if it’s not finished. And the translated FFIV and FFV roms are working, now… haven’t tried FFVI or others like Tales of Phantasia and Bahamut Lagoon, yet, but will when I get things working again.

  • 38. WyGuy  |  2007-10-09 at 10.28 pm

    Good new update!
    And i like the new gui very nice looking :)
    buggy though crashes once in awhile but im sure that will be fixed

  • 39. Adam  |  2007-10-09 at 10.48 pm

    Thank you SO much!

    Anyways, don’t take it the wrong way, but I’ve had so many bad experiences with alphas of homebrew (probably my MMD. I need an r4) that I usually just ignore them.

    It’s great to see the updates though, and I will be sure to put your beta through my crapload of roms. =P

  • 40. Jeff  |  2007-10-09 at 11.20 pm

    Really awesome, splendid job. I really love the new GUI and I’d prefer that you leave it in this style, rather than replace it with distracting graphics; it’s fine the way it is now. Besides the standing graphics/compatibility issues that I’m sure you’re aware of, I’ll suggest some new features for the GUI:

    - Pause button, in case we want to surf through the GUI while the game isn’t running
    - SPC dumping to the ROM folder, for use with the SPC jukebox
    - Screenshot button that saves a .bmp or .png snapshot to the card, it would probably help a lot for people trying to explain graphical glitches
    - Maybe move the framerate and timestamp to the top of the screen so they don’t overlap GUI buttons
    - Maybe a ‘Back’ button for embedded menus so that you don’t go all the way to the start when you hit ‘Ok’

    I noticed a sound glitch with the SPC jukebox; if you try to load the jukebox when there’s no .spc files in the folder, and then hit ‘Ok’, it’ll completely glitch out the sound and it won’t fix itself until you load a new ROM.

  • 41. Al  |  2007-10-10 at 1.32 am

    hey man totally awesome, congrats 2 u. I just got a problem i have a games n music to run homebrew and i wanna know if it just happens 2 me or for all da ones with gnm, the menu doesnt work, 2 load another rom, the save and load state, etc.. all this buttons doesnt work dey r just like a picture. wat 2 do?

  • 42. dej  |  2007-10-10 at 1.45 am

    Thanks a lot!

    This menu is more comfortable.
    But I tries to run Chrono trigger on M3-CF it dosn’t work.

    Do you suggest?

  • 43. Striker  |  2007-10-10 at 2.36 am

    Awesome! I finally got Earthbound to work with correct layering. These are the settings if anyone’s interested:

    Priority Per Tile for: BG2
    Block Priority: Off

    Blank Tile: 0 0 0

    [X] Auto Ordering

    BG0: 0
    BG1: 1
    BG2: 2
    BG2(low): 3

    Sprites 0: 0
    Sprites 1: 0
    Sprites 2: 2
    Sprites 3: 1

    Hit the “Fix Graphics” button if you see layer problems in battle.

    Plays perfectly so far. Thanks a ton for this awesome emulator!

  • 44. Striker  |  2007-10-10 at 2.46 am

    I take that back. Battles only turn out well if you’re fighting bosses. Normal enemies have major layering issues still.

  • 45. hip hop anonymous  |  2007-10-10 at 6.32 am

    Hey Developer!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I love you. Work hard on this piece of software and you will be rewarded with lots of hugs and kisses…

    I am so anxious to try out this update, but I dont’ have my supercard yet…:( Whenever Secret of Mana works really well, you will see a donation. Thank you very much! XoXo 143 K.I.T. ILU

  • 46. Armend  |  2007-10-10 at 7.37 am

    Exellent work dude! gunna test it now, hope FF games work better!

  • 47. sarkwalvein  |  2007-10-10 at 8.55 am

    dej: To play the games that stopped working change the memory expansion mode to zero (disk-swapping alike -> MapExtMem = 0). This way Chrono Trigger will work again.

  • 48. timmy99  |  2007-10-10 at 12.09 pm

    Schade dass die Coprozessoren noch nicht emuliert werden. Aber der DS hat doch 67 Mhz+ 33 Mhz. Super nintendo hat nur 3 Mhz. Das muss doch gehen. yoshi Island usw. sind Top-Spiele.
    Wenn ich programmieren gelernt hätte könnte ich helfen. Wie stark sind denn die FX und Super FX Prozessoren?

  • 49. PerswAsian  |  2007-10-10 at 1.00 pm

    After restoring my file system, SNEmulDS has seemed to stabilized.

    Some notable changes, though:

    The emulation for some games seems slower when compared to 0.5b when not running speed hacks.

    Some transparencies seem to be working while others are not. Surely just a layer issue, but good to see some really good progress made.

    Mr. Do! still won’t boot. I’m probably the only person who’s going to care about that, though.

    The sound seems a lot louder in this build than the previous build. The rain in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past at the beginning was almost unbearably loud and drowned out all other sound. (Still really nice to have a proper portable version, though.)

    Many games with diagonal scrolling seem to be running better. This includes Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose, which is greatly appreciated.

    TMNT: Turtles in Time still crashes if you skip the opening cinematic.

    All else, I’m going to spend this weekend on the compatibility list and donate. Great to see progress, sir.

  • 50. jo  |  2007-10-10 at 1.31 pm

    thank you! you are great man!

  • 51. Human  |  2007-10-10 at 3.19 pm

    YAY thanks, testing now

  • 52. SNEmulDS 0.6 Alpha Releas&hellip  |  2007-10-10 at 4.17 pm

    [...] SNEmulDS 0.6 Alpha, an SNES emulator for the DS, has been released. As an alpha version there are still a lot of known bugs in the software so this is mostly for those willing to test and help the project move forward. [...]

  • 53. John  |  2007-10-10 at 7.44 pm

    Lost Vikings 1, 2 doesn’t work((( Only Title screen in 2nd and grapical artefacts in 1.

  • 54. Dutch  |  2007-10-10 at 8.04 pm

    SnesmuIDS is also downloadable at It has more info in dutch about it.!

  • 55. SNEmulDS-user  |  2007-10-10 at 9.19 pm

    Still graphical glitches in the text boxes of RPG games, man I wish that was fixed.

  • 56. RupeeClock  |  2007-10-10 at 11.10 pm

    Now here’s something to scratch your head over.

    Okay, I’m playing some Super Metroid, and I decide to play some Earthbound music from the SPC jukebox.
    After starting the song, I later went into the options and enabled the sound again.
    Now when I play Super Metroid, random music and sound effects from Earthbound start playing, I’ve been randomly hearing the level up music and freezing an enemy makes a telephone ringing sound, what the hell happened? Is all this sound data inside one SPC file?

  • 57. Imgod22222  |  2007-10-10 at 11.52 pm

    gj archiede. It may sound like much, but it really is, truly, a genuine GOOD JOB. I

  • 58. flcl573  |  2007-10-11 at 1.46 am

    EarthBound plays better in 0.5b, in my opinion, as the text during battles isn’t a lot slower. It’s awesome that you can walk so fast, and unlike M1+2, you can put the DS into sleep mode.

  • 59. Wrecking_Crew  |  2007-10-11 at 2.26 am

    :D I can play Earthbound on my DS (Even if there’re still major layer problems D:)! Thanks SNEmulDS team!

  • 60. megamanac  |  2007-10-11 at 2.39 am

    Nice. I’ve only tried Megaman 7 so far and its running a lot smoother. Default settings seem to work fine, except weapon select menu needs some layer tinkering to get right.

  • 61. Scognito  |  2007-10-11 at 10.43 am

    2 suggestions:

    * have savefiles in “sav” dir avoiding confusion
    * create a downloadable gfx game settings list

    Godd job, as usual :)

  • 62. Fabien  |  2007-10-11 at 11.49 am

    Super Mario RPG still doesn’t boot!!! :( :(

    But great work anyways!!

  • 63. RupeeClock  |  2007-10-11 at 5.08 pm

    Alright, I’ve donated $10 towards the project. :)
    I wanted to donate exactly £10 but I wasn’t given an option, oh well.

    Keep it up!

  • 64. dej  |  2007-10-12 at 1.32 am

    Thanks sarkwalvein

    I edit snemul.cfg to this

    MapExtMem = 0
    SpeedHacks = 0
    SoundPortSync = 01000000

    but it didn’t work again.

  • 65. scottfro  |  2007-10-12 at 3.03 am

    so i tried this with my ninjapass x9 and it gets to the rom selection screen fine. then you see the next screen after selecting a rom but the top screen is white and the whole thing freezes.

  • 66. lilaznkilla  |  2007-10-12 at 6.31 am

    Trying this on my M3 Simply, the touch screen doesn’t work but everything else does. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • 67. sarkwalvein  |  2007-10-12 at 7.09 am

    dej: I modified that in the global section… maybe it’s not working in the game specific section… anyway that option was making many games to fail, so the global section was ok for me… anyway (and it’s a little exterme) if you take out your ram expansion pack from the slot2, the game will work even without any modification in the config file.

  • 68. Dani  |  2007-10-12 at 2.29 pm

    Thanks a lot for this release. The emulator works good!!

  • 69. Eyedunno  |  2007-10-12 at 2.56 pm

    Okay, the Japanese translation needs some work. For one, it would be better to at least include hiragana (and including kanji would be best all around, though I realize it would probably increase the filesize a fair amount). Second ly, aslon gas you’r enotus ingkan ji, so mebodyn eedst o cleanu pth etext. There’s a reason Japanese children’s books use spaces between words, and things like ショウサ/イセッテイ look almost as bad as what I’ve typed above. Finally, it’s a minor gripe, but why ロムセンタク and not ROMセンタク? I think you’ll find that few Japanese people are not familiar with “ROM,” and that’s certainly much more commonly seen than ロム. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can just set this thing to English in the config file somehow.

    Otherwise, this is an awesome update. I love the new screen options and the fact that graphics and speed both seem even better than before. I’m hoping some game-specific code (at least for common games) comes along to fix the layer issues that all DS emulators still seem to have though.

  • 70. toto  |  2007-10-12 at 8.11 pm

    GREATanother update.

    than u very much!


  • 71. Duke Jones  |  2007-10-13 at 2.03 am

    First off, to answer some of your questions guys (and I have nothing to do with this program… except using it…) but it is unlikely that Kirby Superstar, Mario RPG, and Kirby’s Dream Land 3 will be emulated for quite some time… because they use a special ship that was in the SNES (SA-1 Chip) You can Wikipedia it… to learn more info. HOWEVER! Maybe someday it will be possible… maybe if you were able to use a slot-2 card to emulate the SA-1 Chip… but I don’t know… NOW ON TO THE NEW VERSION!

    I like the new GUI. I also like the Save State system… In .5b I couldn’t get it to work. I’m still experiencing problems with Mega man X (It doesn’t save the armor when you pick it up… it disappears after the level) Sound is better. Mainly I think the new GUI helped people a lot, because it makes it easier to fix the settings.

    One suggestion:
    Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!!!! Keep up the good work!
    (And you thought I was gonna say something I wanted you to add… silly boy! Lol)

    Good Job, I look foreword to reliving some of my childhood with this program!!!


  • 72. timmy99  |  2007-10-13 at 2.26 pm

    Kokopops are good!^^ Game! Kennt ihr Kokopops?

  • 73. gamemaster652  |  2007-10-13 at 9.03 pm

    good job. you are widley getting known across the internet. can wait till you perfect chrono trigger and emulate the chips for the snes.

  • 74. siou  |  2007-10-14 at 12.07 am

    AWSOME! SO COOL! 0.6 IS OUT great work awsome outstanding!how would i put this that you totally ROCK!!!! thx…

  • 75. Alex  |  2007-10-15 at 9.59 pm

    Excellent work ! Definitely the best SNES emulator for DS !

  • 76. William  |  2007-10-17 at 8.15 am

    Actraiser still can’t be played in version 0.6.

    I’m not complaining about this, just to point out a fact :)

    This is a good emulator for most other games, I should say! Merci, archeide.

  • 77. toto  |  2007-10-17 at 1.43 pm

    Où trouve-t-on cette fameuse libRAM ?

  • 78. tyler  |  2007-10-18 at 12.05 am

    hi, ive been searching for hours and i need to know what website to go to to get my roms. the emulator works great. i just dont know where to get the roms from. i want to play super mario all stars.

  • 79. Alex c  |  2007-10-18 at 1.55 am

    Great update, but im a little confused? Is “normal spped” the same as wait vsych?

  • 80. Nips  |  2007-10-18 at 4.30 am

    Sweet, man. Been waiting for this update. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • 81. seph  |  2007-10-19 at 3.35 am

    Hi guys, quick question:

    With LttP when I enter/leave houses and doors etc link doesn’t go in the door, you can see him over the top of everything.

    How do I change this, its a small thing but still annoying.

  • 82. Darig0n  |  2007-10-19 at 11.47 pm

    hacked roms dont work on this =/

  • 83. Simon  |  2007-10-20 at 3.44 pm

    Why cant I play Games when i have to choise a rom I don’t see my roms :S:S:S

  • 84. Simon  |  2007-10-20 at 3.44 pm

    At select rom I don’t see my roms

  • 85. Vulok  |  2007-10-20 at 7.25 pm

    Hey, no complaints here just wanting an idea on Chrono Trigger if anyone has one..

    I use m3 Lite Pro, a Slot 2.

    and Chrono Trigger will lock up on the screen where I set my battle mode at the very begining. Tried different settings no luck so far, just curious if anyone else had an issue.

    Thanks again

  • 86. Nathan  |  2007-10-21 at 5.28 am

    All the games that need external ram do not work for me, regardless of the MapExtRam =0 setting. I use a Supercard. Whatever was done in 0.5 did work, it is just the new stuff that does not.

  • 87. Simon  |  2007-10-21 at 4.44 pm

    Hi. I have a problem at Select rom I can’t see my roms does annyone know how to solve my problem

  • 88. Vulok  |  2007-10-21 at 5.30 pm

    nm, got it working so-so now

  • 89. scognito  |  2007-10-21 at 9.20 pm

    the only rom i tried is super street fighter 2 and it freezes at random if i use the opera card :(
    excellent work anyway, it works if i remove it

  • 90. remmus2k  |  2007-10-22 at 7.36 am

    Hi, I’ve been trying to get Seiken Densetsu 3 snes rom to work on this but it doesn’t load up. To download the rom its here

    If anyone here gets it to work somehow please email me at Thank you…

  • 91. Simon  |  2007-10-22 at 2.47 pm

    If annyone knows how to solve the problem that i cant see my roms at the menu ‘’select rom”

    pleas add me to your msn or mail me at

  • 92. John H.  |  2007-10-22 at 4.49 pm

    Strange bug report….

    For some reason, launching either SNEmulDS 0.6a or 0.5b from the Datel Games ‘n Music built-in shell (with the correct DLDI and configuration) causes my DS to lock up, but running it from DSorganize’s browser works fine.

  • 93. Mike  |  2007-10-23 at 3.57 am

    Bomb-Fucking Shit.

    This is awesome. Great job!

  • 94. Philou  |  2007-10-23 at 9.29 am

    it’s a really good emulator on DS but F-Zero is not 100% of speed :-(

  • 95. Jesse  |  2007-10-23 at 3.18 pm

    This new version looks and works even better! i love the new GUI, and skinned with a theme it should look great. One of my favorite games is Secret of Evermore, and there are definitely less bugs while playing. Unfortunately, even after downloading the game’s SPC, it still won’t play any sound; by the way, if anyone knows why the sound is not working i would love to know. Other than that, every thing’s wonderful. Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait for the next release!

  • 96. Mullerman  |  2007-10-23 at 8.22 pm

    Well how do i download this emulator???

  • 97. Leon  |  2007-10-23 at 8.32 pm

    Thanks man, this is by far the best emulator out there, I cant wait to give it a spin.

  • 98. Spooty  |  2007-10-23 at 11.39 pm

    I’m still having problems loading save states in Zombies Ate My Neighbors. If I do anything besides move the character after loading the state, the game freezes. This problem is also present with Super Street Fighter 2- The New Challengers.

    I’m also having a problem with the game Illusion of Gaia. I can get the graphics to layer right, but once I get to the world map in the game, nothing functions.

    I’m using the Max Media Dock by the way.

  • 99. Mini Moose  |  2007-10-24 at 4.39 am

    Apparently there is a compatibly problem with Max Media Dock.
    Because Super Metroid has some major new glitches. (I DLDI patched it and all that jazz)
    But other than that all of my games work better than ever! (besides than Primal Rage)
    I’m also glad to see that F-Zero works perfectly!

    Is any one else have problems with Super Metroid?

  • 100. RPG MANIA  |  2007-10-25 at 3.34 pm

    “secret of mana 3″ the execution does not become.

  • 101. RPG MANIA  |  2007-10-25 at 3.35 pm

    “It wants playing Secret of mana 3″. please ..!!

  • 102. Kenny  |  2007-10-26 at 7.56 pm

    I love your emulator!

  • 103. Fred  |  2007-10-26 at 10.04 pm

    Excellent work, I spend more time on Super Mario World than most of my NDS games. Two sugestions concerning layers:
    1) A mode where you can view each layer individually so you can work out what goes where.
    2) A wiki with the best settings and layer settings for each game.

  • 104. Anthony  |  2007-10-28 at 9.11 pm

    Can someone help me please? I have a R4, and I followed the instructions, to put the snemul.cfg and the snemulds.nds in the root directory, then make a seperate folder for the roms. Now when I do that… I load up the snemulds and it doesn’t seem to find the games in the folder.. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!! thank you

  • 105. Stoneman  |  2007-10-29 at 5.29 am

    Amazing proggy. Illusion of Gaia seems to randomly freeze, but apart from this, i can’t get enough of SnemuDS. well done!

  • 106. Jules  |  2007-10-30 at 1.34 am

    I’ll never get used to these graphical fallacies… makes Chrono Trigger unplayable at the teleport.

    But, nonetheless, I will be patient. Awesome work.

  • 107. KovuKun  |  2007-10-31 at 4.18 am

    This is the first version I’ve used and it’s really cool. I just got Datel’s Games n’ Music and with the DLDI patch it really works. So glad I get to play my SNES games again and even take them with me. NDS is so much more reliable then the SNES consol nowadays. I like just about everything but I would like to make a couple suggestions, if you get bored and need new features to add.

    1: Scaling: Is there anyway to get a fullscreen scaling that doesn’t distort the image, even if I would need black bars on the sides or top and bottom? Squishing the hud seems to distort the letters of Earthbound too much.
    2: Under Advanced Graphics options the first three background layers only have 0-1 value but start at like 2 or 3 if you used the Background layers option in the other menu.
    3: I don’t know about other cards but on Games n’ Music I can’t delete files so maybe put in a way to delete Saved States from within SNEmulDS. I know it’s not a big deal but I’m a little OC and if I use a save state to try and test sprite/background layering or something I like to delete it when I’m done and would be nice if I didn’t have to go to the computer to do it.

    Again I love your nds rom and these suggestions are just something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

  • 108. Elvo  |  2007-10-31 at 2.05 pm

    I tried it with a DS-linker (nand flashcard libfatnrio), here’s a brief report:

    Italian translation it’s ok, only gfx part is partially translated, but here is quite unnecessary;
    Scaling mode working fine;
    GUI menu is much,much better than previous version: simple, but working! Nice job!
    Saving is not working, as for the previous version;
    Stable emulation speed with theroms I have, sometimes it was too fast or too slow with the previous versions!

  • 109. Seraph  |  2007-11-01 at 6.32 am

    Wow! I just got through playing some roms, and 0.6a is a huge improvement over 0.5b. My favoritee feature is the GUI. I have been hoping for something like that ever since I started using this emu. Over all this seem to work better for me Super Mario World is way better with the new scaling options, and DKC seems to run better as well. Over all, great work. Keep it up!

  • 110. Elvo  |  2007-11-01 at 2.01 pm

    Tried again saving with DS-linker: it really takes a lot, but it works!
    Gonna play Chrono Trigger! :D

  • 111. wormman  |  2007-11-01 at 11.58 pm

    That’s the BEST THING that was ever made to the DS!!!

    I think it’s easy to solve, but the sound is a little out of tune, comparing to the SNES… it’s about 0,25 semitones higher. Maybe if you put a way to change the pitch on the ini.


  • 112. adbnd  |  2007-11-02 at 12.15 am

    Stunt Race FX not working.

  • 113. adbnd  |  2007-11-02 at 12.17 am

    Super Drift Out game play not working

  • 114. Aidin  |  2007-11-02 at 3.46 pm

    keep up the good work!

  • 115. Aidin  |  2007-11-02 at 5.04 pm

    note that some games like Megaman X still run better on 0.5beta than 0.6alpha.

    and config file in this version doesnt have less data, why?

    and is it possible to convert my save files from SNES9X to SNEmulDS?

  • 116. snesdevil  |  2007-11-02 at 7.26 pm

    Great emulator!! It runs a lot of games

    But I’ve noticed that the sound in snemul ds has a slighty higher pitch than the original snes

  • 117. Darry Booper  |  2007-11-02 at 9.17 pm

    Love this emulator, juste have a big pb with the game ON THE BALL (Other name is CAMEL TRY), It work fine but the background sprite can’t be put on the right place.

    When i try to change the priority, the main sprite disapear !!!!


    See Ya / Thx 4 the great job you’ve done (For free !)

  • 118. Timmy99  |  2007-11-04 at 10.23 pm

    Ok i have problems:

    The Ds Browser RAM-pack crashed at 5 Minutes of play. (when use(Donkey Kong Country (2)))
    (Das Rampack stürtzt nach 5 Minuten ab (Donkey Kong Country (2))

    Mousesimulation crashed
    (Maussimulation funzt nicht)

    Sound have little “kraks”
    (Ton hat kleine “krackser”)

    Aber sonst sehr guter Emulator!
    But this is a very good emulator!

  • 119. ApprentiSorcier  |  2007-11-05 at 6.38 pm

    Hi Eyedunno,

    I have already sent Archeide a list of all possible fixes on the text cleanup.

  • 120. lord2800  |  2007-11-05 at 11.40 pm

    Super Metroid crashed as I attempted to leave Norfair after entering the first time. Additionally, the moment I entered Norfair, the attack button (which I had configured to X) stopped (which is why I was leaving Norfair — I suspected there was some sort of glitch in that specific area).

  • 121. Gaiyae  |  2007-11-06 at 8.46 pm

    Great emulator - Keep up the good work.
    I noticed a game that wasnt listed in the compatible list. Its called “sparkster” and it has NO isues :) It works perfect.

    Keep up the good work, and i hope i cant see some more great releases in the future ^^

  • 122. Aidin  |  2007-11-07 at 12.54 am

    the problem with MegaMan X is with its load state, if you play it from start to the end, its ok but if you load a state, it will freeze and you have to disable sound to make it “WORK” which will run with stupid music loop.

    BTW, i’m using a G6 Lite with PassCard 3.
    and same thing with True Lies, if u load a state, it will die and u have to disable the sound.

    hope these get playable in next updates, good work.

  • 123. Darig0n  |  2007-11-07 at 3.28 am

    um making any new progress this is my favorite just wondering >_>.

  • 124. joe joe  |  2007-11-08 at 10.53 am

    you know what would be REALLY cool is if you could implement wifi into snemulds. I know I said this b4 but I really want to play multiplayer snes games on my DS with my friends. Using a program on computer and then connecting the DSes through a router will be the easiest way I think. But they’re finally cracking DS-to-DS wifi over at gbadev. They even have a couple of games and apps with DS-to-DS implemented in them.

  • 125. Franklin  |  2007-11-08 at 4.49 pm

    About what joe joe said, if you do implement wifi multiplayer, could you include download play if possible for some games?

  • 126. henrique  |  2007-11-09 at 7.54 pm

    joe joe, I think that first he has to try and get emulation right, right now it’s the best snes emulator for the ds thats for sure, but it’s still not perfect, once he gets a good game compatibility ratio he an start looking on adding other features,´personally I think that assing wi-fi for multiplayer would be nothing short of a impossible task, due to cpu time required, memory etc… he’s already taking the DS to it’s limits I believe, but hey who knows, the guy already did something that others considered to be impossible when he got SoM and Chrono Trigger running allmost perfect.

  • 127. Sir Leonard  |  2007-11-10 at 8.51 pm

    Ok, so i have an R4. I just downloaded SNEmul 6. Earthbound and Super Mario all-stars works. I’ve tried Star Fox and it the game loads with everything working except the graphics. Mario Kart only gets up to the nintendo screen, and other games such as final fantasy III just don’t work.

    Can anyone tell me if i’m doing anything wrong….
    Is it the R4? Kthxbai

  • 128. Sir Leonard  |  2007-11-10 at 8.51 pm

    oh, and they didn’t work on the older versions of this either.

  • 129. Sir Leonard  |  2007-11-10 at 8.54 pm

    Also, this is the only emulator that has come close to working on it. So thank you so much.

  • 130. Flygon  |  2007-11-11 at 4.02 am

    I find this emulator very suburb and accurate in almost every way.

    My only compliant is that Earthbound is slightly buggy in some GUI elements when in battle scenes and that some instruments are missing from some sounds effects.

    Overall a great emulator, great job!

  • 131. PlatnuimREd1425  |  2007-11-12 at 11.33 pm

    I would like to join the making of SNEmulDS because I have some great ideas.Like being able to enter Pro Action Replay Codes.

  • 132. PlatnuimREd1425  |  2007-11-13 at 2.33 am

    Please email me at

  • 133. andrew  |  2007-11-13 at 2.41 am

    hey i have used the 0.5 version for a long time, but i still cant find out how to make the SPC jukebox work.

  • 134. andrew  |  2007-11-14 at 3.59 am

    i cant find a converter that converts mp3 to spc so i can play them. anybody know any? i keep finding spc to mp3, but i want mp3 to spc.

  • 135. adbnd  |  2007-11-15 at 11.36 am

    Lost Vikings not working

  • 136. Greg  |  2007-11-17 at 1.34 pm

    Andrew, MP3s cannot be converted into SPCs because of how the formats work. (An MP3 stores waveform data, while an SPC consists of just instructions for the SNES sound card, which cannot be generated from the waveform).

  • 137. Quickgold  |  2007-11-17 at 6.10 pm

    Awesome Emulator!, but Contra 3 still has graphics glicths :(, please fix it, I love this game.

    Thanks for this great peace of work!

  • 138. Christopher Chandler  |  2007-11-23 at 10.38 am

    Thanks. I like the improvements, however I’m still not getting anywhere with Soul Blazer or Secret of Evermore. If in the future you can make them work better, I would greatly appreciate that.

    I do like the the graphic user interface. It adds a better DS feel.

    Great new options. It helped out Zombies ate my neighbors, and some others.

    Again I really want to play Secret Of Evermore on my DS, if that can be fixed, I would love that.

    Christopher Chandler

  • 139. programmieren&hellip  |  2007-12-01 at 11.03 am


    Das sag ich nur! SUPI!…

  • 140. Knux the Fox  |  2007-12-03 at 2.40 am

    Many games, like Mario Kart, StarFox, Megaman X2/3, and Super Mario RPG use external chip sets like the Super FX chip. These games will not run, so don’t try. If you’re wondering why a game doesn’t work, then that’s probably why.

  • 141. Ordhep  |  2007-12-03 at 9.25 pm

    hello i,ve got a problem with ilusion of time ande secret of evermore

    Ilusion:When te tittle apearrs and the play say push start i psuht it but…Nothing happens!!
    its also to me or its the normal???

    Secret:I cant play

    Can someone help me???I really wont to play Ilusion of time because its one of the plays what i play when i was young

    Thanks and sorry im not english im SPANISH XD

  • 142. Necromancer  |  2007-12-05 at 6.59 am

    I tried playing Final Fantasy V and II, the game worked perfectly, i had problem in the screen where we customize the equipment and magic and other things like that…

  • 143. Hunter  |  2007-12-05 at 10.44 pm

    First off awesome work! I’m quite impressed with the speed and sound quality of this emulator. I have experiance a couple bugs that I’d like to point out thought:

    Layering/transparency issues
    This issues are quite apparent in boss fights (these fights are unable unless you disable some layers as manually reordering them didn’t help)
    There is also some small layer issues where the main character (sprites) are being painted above trees and buildings (layer 2 I think)

    SFP Jutebox:
    If you click on this button the sound keeps replaying a half sec sample over and over again

    Let me know if you would like save states which illustrate these issues.

    Once again - AWESOME JOB!

  • 144. SuperGustafson9  |  2007-12-07 at 4.24 pm

    Hello Everyone I Just Got Finished With My Compatibilty List For Snemulds 0.6 Alpha And Snemulds 0.6 Wip And I Will Be Sending To You, It Is Quite A Long List But It Will Do.

  • 145. daniel  |  2007-12-08 at 1.52 am

    hi, i need help i downloaded the 0.6 version i have the ninjapass ds and i put the SNEMUL.CFG on the root directory and the SNEmulDS.nds on the root directory, and i created a folder SNES and put all the roms there but, i start the snemul and on the select rom screen i doesnt show any roms, and i dunno how to do so it can find the roms on the snes folder plz help me if anynone know how to solve my problem plz add me on my msn im also gonna be aware of the forum to any help i can get, thanx =)

  • 146. justmike  |  2007-12-13 at 9.34 am

    I had troubles getting Chrono Trigger to work.

    This now works for me, this is what I did:

    Edit the file snemul.cfg (found on your card or zip file) using WordPad, put this at the end:

    MapExtMem = 0

    Save the file.

    Now when you go to play the game, it will not work at first. You have to select it once and select the ROM again.

    The second time it picks up what you had changed in the snemul.cfg file.

    It still has graphical issues, but I’m guessing they can be fixed if you play around with the settings.

  • 147. Dave F.  |  2007-12-14 at 2.08 pm

    Can we get a Beta soon? lol

  • 148. wischmop  |  2007-12-17 at 1.31 pm

    I’d like to try this emulator so bad, but it doesn’t start at all, just leaving a “Filesystem error 1″ behind. I think it somehow doesn’t work on japanese M3 DS Reals. :|

  • 149. shark  |  2007-12-19 at 8.13 pm

    I am supercard SD user,
    i had follow all steps, but finally it can’t detect the roms
    i had tried it on version 0.5b too
    could u mine tell me is it the version not supporting SupercardSD??

  • 150. Kevin C.  |  2007-12-20 at 1.33 am

    Amazing emulator! One of my favortie SNES games is Tetris Attack. Unfortunalely, it doesnt work too well. If you notice, the blocks are stationary, but the cursor scrolls up… then when it scrolls up a full block height, the blocks “jump” to meet the cursor and then the cursor starts scrolling up again. I remember the PC SNES emulators having this same problem many years ago. Maybe, if you look into this, you’ll find its a minor change to get this fixed (I hope!) Also, when the level is over, its supposed to scroll some graphics up, and it doesnt. Check out Tetris Attack on one of the later PC emulators to see how it’s supposed to look! Regardless, this is amazing work, to get a SNES emulator on an arm7, with sound! If you get Tetris Attack going, I’m donating!

  • 151. exacube  |  2007-12-24 at 9.01 pm

    this is great :D really love your work. keep it up, it’s great!

    a small suggestion though; i think that emulation should be a bigger priority, and that the GUI and everything else should be worked on later.

    i think you should maybe make a poll where people can vote which game they’d like to see worked on so it’s playable, and if anyone else can help, they should!

    best regards

  • 152. coconut  |  2007-12-26 at 11.03 pm

    des progrès sur l emulation de super soccer ???

  • 153. Edwin  |  2007-12-27 at 8.57 pm

    good work!! but,… can you fix the killer instinct graphics problem??
    does buying a ram expansion for my r4ds will make this emulator work better?

  • 154. maichel  |  2007-12-30 at 3.33 am

    Thank You!

  • 155. destoo  |  2008-01-11 at 6.52 am

    What’s the good Slot-2 RAM solutions other than the Opera Browser?

    I recommend the ezflash v
    Needs to be patched if you don’t want to switch it from rumble to mempack each time. It’s cheap and works.

    Is there a test or benchmark to make sure it works?

  • 156. brendan  |  2008-01-12 at 4.46 am

    $10 donation if you can get Williams Arcade Classics working. I need to practice Robotron 2084 on the go!

  • 157. SNES  |  2008-01-21 at 1.56 am

    I’m having problems with DKC2: Diddy Kong’s Quest. It works fine until I go into any level but if I want to talk to Kranky or go to the school in the beginning it does not work so I can’t save conventionally.

  • 158. Thunder Mouth  |  2008-01-27 at 1.25 pm

    I thik that could be great to could turn off the bottom screen of the NDS while playing a game!!

  • 159. joker  |  2008-02-02 at 11.00 pm


  • 160. joker  |  2008-02-02 at 11.04 pm


  • 161. kanamaku  |  2008-02-03 at 5.41 am

    Thank you

  • 162. the name is rampage  |  2008-02-03 at 11.42 am

    can you make a dldi patch for pmp media player for ds or can you till me were to find it {-:

  • 163. JOP  |  2008-02-06 at 8.26 am

    tnx a lot how’d , how d you do it?? it’s up to you and its up to us to enjoy!!!

  • 164. Rocky McGredy  |  2008-02-08 at 5.45 am

    You should see if you could get it to run the Sunset Riders ROM completely….I love that game…but the emulator only runs the ROM up to the very beginning of the first level..
    It makes me sad..
    But it doesn’t look like it’s not runnable….it just looks like you haven’t set it up to run that rom yet…
    Idk if that is even how emulators work…. but yeah…. check it out…
    I’d be very happy.

  • 165. Spanner  |  2008-02-09 at 10.02 pm

    Brillant work..;)
    Love playing Pinball Dreams on it but Pinball Fantasies is still not working..:(

  • 166. Brandonio  |  2008-02-10 at 6.56 pm

    Cool! I happen to be one of the ppl with the Opera memory expansion. :)

  • 167. jeremy  |  2008-02-18 at 1.59 am

    Earthbound and seiken densetsu 3 do not work.Can you try to get them to work in your next release? I would really appreciate it.Those are my two favorite snes games

  • 168. Project Omega, Model No. 1kw0e741u  |  2008-03-24 at 8.43 am

    First off, (to you, archeide) an excellent program, kudos to you.

    Second, (to Datels Games N Music users) ALWAYS DLDI PATCH this and anything else that goes on your cart, it helps occasionally. And, if you have problems deleting content from the microSD card, I recomend DSOrganize’s (likley needs patching) built in file browser and manually delete what you don’t need, like those odd games that came with it when you bought it.

    Third, (to everyone) Always make sure you have a good rom, romname usually ends with a [!] i.e, Super Mario World (U) [!].smc.
    Use rom verifiyers to check them as well, some people put the [!] just so they can pass it as a good rom dump. If some of you have good results with one game, and someone else can’t run/open it, have it checked. It might help if the roms are not interleaved.

    Fourth, (to anyone) If FX chip games can’t be implemented, (if at all), what are the chances of anyone porting StarFox or StarFox 2? (The final patched version of it? Hell, any version would do), I’ll admit it, I’m a StarFox fan; I just want to shoot my lasers at anything that moves. (like my teammates, perhaps? n_n;)

    Lastly, Top Gear 3000 working sometime, is obviously out of the question, the ZSNES team barley made it playable recently v.1.51 (Probably a long time ago). Of course, if they were the ones to port it, it could be done, maybe.

    Finally, (to myself) You need to sleep more often, 3 days at a time without sleep makes you something something. (I’m exhausted, obviously, but my awareness is at its highest now. Legally, one can’t be held responsible for your actions if you have not slept in over 72 hours, at least I think in the military. It might have been standing guard and not having the changing of the gaurd take place three times, then taking your frustration out on the coke machine next to you by emptying your magazine into it. Cursed machine, always stealling my money…)

    Don’t work too hard man, this world needs your skill to make it right.

    Finished typing…(reviews post) …I’ll shut up now. Good day-nigh…aw, screw it. {Whew, thought I lost it. forgot the ‘@’ in email.} Now I’m gone.

  • 169. Judgedee  |  2008-04-07 at 8.12 am

    Thank you very much,I just got a NDSL last month,and I had played SNES games on my computer,so I want to play it on my new NDSL,I used SNESDS and SNEZZid,but your SNEmulDS is the best,though there’s some graphic and sound problem with it,I hope you will updated it sooner,we are looking forward to it.

  • 170. OMG  |  2008-04-08 at 12.23 am


  • 171. Adam  |  2008-04-08 at 12.38 am

    Let us have a moment of silence for the final release of SNEmulDS.

  • 172. Scissorman  |  2008-05-14 at 4.09 am

    Love this emulator! This with the lameboy and jenesis, makes my DS have endless amount of play. Really wish I could be able to play Clock Tower on it though. Hopefully in the future. Keep up the great work!

  • 173. Chuck Norris  |  2008-05-25 at 3.37 pm

    I need to be able to play megaman x2/3

  • 174. Project Omega, Model No. 1kw0e741u  |  2008-07-19 at 9.16 am

    What, more complaining? Are any of you even READING the compatibility list??
    Here -

    @omg Kirby SuperStar uses FX Chip, not supported, yet…

    @Adam The Dev’s purpose of existence is not to make us happy or code his life away, archeide has a life, unlike myself. I know you wouldn’t like it if I kept asking you how much longer will it take for you to wake up.

    @ Chuck Norris That has been an issue for a whule, X2 has some layering problems as well as sound, and X3 won’t run period. Obviously needs to be sorted out, but will come when its ready.

    Now give the dev a break, it’s hard to make this compatible with the Games N’ Music’s 4 meg ROM limit, let alone all of the other carts out there, these things take time. As for progress, how is your progress, archeide?

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