Work In Progress release for Slot 2 device and some words for a friends’ project

November 13th, 2007

Hello everyone, a tiny and “unofficial” update for slot 2 device users. The 0.6 alpha didn’t work well, so i tried to fix most issues in this release.

Other people can check this release too, it reduces the battery consumption and includes a button to hide the GUI.

Off-topic :

I want to wish luck for a new project made by friends : a new way of paying for creators, PEPITA !

A digital store where you can sell your music, artworks, pictures and software. You can even include creations of others!

Take a look here :

I included my store here, and you can donate for SNEmulDS this way instead of paypal :)

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  • 1. cYb0n  |  2007-11-13 at 2.42 pm

    If I try to download this WIP2, it will tell me there is an error…file not found! Please fix it, I’d really love to test the new version (0.6 alpha really wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be… :P I think it’s worse than 0.5 final)

  • 2. cYb0n  |  2007-11-13 at 2.43 pm

    Sorry for double post…but I should be able to download without donating, shouldn’t I?

  • 3. archeide  |  2007-11-13 at 2.49 pm

    sorry, the link has been fixed.

  • 4. Armend  |  2007-11-13 at 5.24 pm

    Exellent work Archeide, wish the best of luck for you and you’re friend!

  • 5. Sir_Voe  |  2007-11-13 at 6.00 pm

    Works fine and recognizes my Opera pack now, but when I’m on my Original model DS and I hide the bottom screen the sound cuts off. This doesn’t happen when I’m on my lite.

  • 6. cYb0n  |  2007-11-14 at 2.52 pm

    Ok, downloaded it and I’m surprised :D Thanks, very excellent work!!! Good Job!

  • 7. Mathias  |  2007-11-14 at 3.22 pm

    La nouvelle interface est très chouette, plus claire, moins de fausses manips.
    Merci pour le boulot accompli!
    -Impossible de couper le son avec la case correspondante.
    -Certaines ROMs “gèlent” l’application, obligation de redémarrer la DS.

    Ces 2 bugs ont été constatés sur une DS-Lite blanche avec un linker DS-EXTREME de 512 Mo.

  • 8. Dani spain  |  2007-11-14 at 9.21 pm

    Hey thanks for this release, but sorry to tell u that it freezes after the message “FS success”, at least on supercard microsd. I’ve patched it, yes, but does not work :’(

  • 9. liquidnitrogen  |  2007-11-15 at 4.18 am

    Good SNES emulator but doesn’t work for me…

    I use a Supercard Lite (black) firmware 1.84

    Doesn’t work for me…

    usually, it’d go

    External RAM detected!
    FS initialization…
    FS success!

    but on the WIP2 it goes

    FS initialization…
    FS success!

    and then freezes… I don’t know why…

  • 10. Nathan  |  2007-11-15 at 7.07 am

    This fixed my problems! Thanks!

    The remaining issues I have are all layer order related, such as with Rock n’ Roll Racing. Other than that, compatibility is pretty darn high!

  • 11. Metaluna  |  2007-11-15 at 8.13 am

    je viens de tester sur mon vieil M3 SD slot 2 et ça marche du tonnerre !

  • 12. Mathias  |  2007-11-15 at 11.19 am

    Suite du test avec DS-Lite et Ds-X:
    Le problème de ROM “gelant” l’émulateur a été constaté sur Yoshi’s Island et Toy Story, (deux jeux sortis en fin de vie de la console).

  • 13. cYb0n  |  2007-11-15 at 5.38 pm

    Mhh…after 1 time playing my SNEmulDS Wip2 doesnt work anymore…I can launch the program, messages appearing are:
    FS Initializing…
    FS Success…
    (i’ve got the german version so maybe it’s different in english but I think I made clear what progress it is)
    Then the Emu stops loading and the DS freezes…

    I’ve got a SNES directory on the root of my SD-Card (I use SuperCard Mini-SD). In this directory, I’ve got some games in SMC format and then SNEmulDS.nds file, patched with scsd_moon.dldi (moonschellk dldi, works beter with most programs). And I got the new snemul.cfg on the root, and a second SNEmulDS.nds on the root….both don’t start! Suggestions?

  • 14. Mathias  |  2007-11-15 at 6.03 pm

    Hello, first thing to do might be to flash up your linker’s firmware.
    There are 4 type of DLDI patches on Chism’s webpage.
    Can you try another one?
    Perhaps you should also try to have
    1) A DLDI patched SNEmulDS.nds AND a snemul.cfg in your root directory
    2) a SNES directory containing your roms and nothing else.

  • 15. goldenyoshi 8  |  2007-11-16 at 1.15 am

    where i can find opera ram

  • 16. goldenyoshi 8  |  2007-11-16 at 1.15 am

    or what is

  • 17. goldenyoshi 8  |  2007-11-16 at 1.16 am

    or what is?

  • 18. goldenyoshi 8  |  2007-11-16 at 1.17 am

    sorry for the double post

    and is great snemulds

  • 19. Antioch  |  2007-11-16 at 3.20 am

    I’ve been trying to get Yu Yu Hakusho 3: Tokubetsuhen to work on ds forever now, although I’m happy to report it runs, its unfortunate that the sprites/layering do not show up correctly no matter what I do with the layering settings. Perhaps you can resolve this issue with your next update

  • 20. KovuKun  |  2007-11-16 at 3.41 am

    I have a DS Original and I also noticed that when the bottom screen is hidden the sound cuts off. Sound works fine until the bottom screen is hidden then the sound is off until I restart my DS and run it again. Loading a different rom or reseting it doesn’t fix the problem. (I saw the post above, just trying to add more info on the bug)

  • 21. Arnaud  |  2007-11-16 at 1.22 pm


    J’ai un probleme sur mon Supercard SD.
    Lorsque je lance l’emulateur, y a marqué

    “Initialisation du systeme
    Erreur, continue malgré tout”

    De plus, je ne trouve pas les jeux dans le dossier. (J’ai essayé la version réelle et la patchée avec DLDI)

  • 22. RupeeClock  |  2007-11-16 at 6.56 pm

    Oh very nice update, I’ve wanted to be able to hide the GUI like in nesDS for a while now.
    Earthbound actually seems to run a bit smoother, but maybe that’s my imagination.
    Doesn’t seem to recognise my Supercard Lite as memory expansion, but oh well.

  • 23. cYb0n  |  2007-11-16 at 11.07 pm

    @Arnaud, i got the same problem and (with other DLDI patch) it was initialized but it didnt go on.
    I don’t have any idead of how to fix it.
    I tried no DLDI patch, scsd.dldi patch and scsd_moon.dldi patch, all don’t work. I also tried several settings in snemul.cfg, the custom and some other. I tried firmware 1.83 and 1.84, both don’t solve the problem.
    I use Supercard MiniSD with 2 GigaBytes MiniSD-Card. My card structure looks like this:
    /SNES/Super Mario World.smc (smc is the right file type?)
    /SNES/Goof Troop.smc
    Doesn’t work for me this way…any suggestions?

  • 24. RupeeClock  |  2007-11-17 at 4.21 am

    Ah, I see that it still recognises my Memory Expansion, it just doesn’t say that it does on boot anymore.

    I have a suggestion, move the hide GUI button from the top right corner to the bottom centre, you’ve got a nice little gap down there that a nice wide bar would fit great on.
    It would be much easier to tap it then, seriously! :)

  • 25. Mitch  |  2007-11-17 at 8.24 am

    SNEmulDS is perfect now! All it needs now is SA-1 emulation, but I don’t think that’s going to be happening. : (

  • 26. Arides  |  2007-11-17 at 11.36 am

    I tried it, on a Supercard SD and a DS lite.
    The interface in the lower screen doesn’t work at all, doesn’t matter where i touch.

  • 27. RedGear21  |  2007-11-18 at 6.45 am

    This all works find and everything, but on some games when i have my exram in, the graphics mess up, like on samurai showdown, the fighters look like a badly designed tetris game going on, but this is coming along nicely, good luck with your future updates

  • 28. Mathias  |  2007-11-18 at 2.07 pm

    Once more: have you updated your linker’s firmware?

  • 29. cYb0n  |  2007-11-18 at 3.11 pm

    What do you mean by this? I have a SuperCard MiniSD and I downloaded firmware 1.83, installed it on DS and now I tried 1.84…both don’t work! Look at !
    So the root looks like posted before. I tried all DLDI Patches for SuperCard SD, all don’t work (FS failure or FS initialized, but then SNEmulDS stops). Version SNEmulDS 6 Alpha works fine, but 0.5b is much better. I can use these without problems, but 0.6 WIP2 doesn’t work!
    It is for Slot2, isn’t it? Or doesn’t it support 16 Gigabit SD-Cards (2 GigaByte)? HELP ME, PLEASE! I ALMOST GOT INTO DESPAIR!

  • 30. Arnaud  |  2007-11-18 at 10.53 pm

    C’est exactement comme chez cYb0 :
    Avec l’ancien firmware, l’émulateur avait un problème lors de l’initialisation, maintenant l’ému s’initialiste mais l’écran du haut devient blanc en cours de route..

    Comment faire? :(

  • 31. Devezu  |  2007-11-19 at 1.30 am

    Why does the mouse not work correctly in games that use it (it only goes left and right while sliding the stylus up and down

  • 32. liquidnitrogen  |  2007-11-19 at 4.35 am

    Well. did you try the auto patching that comes with 1.84 for the Supercard?

    But yeah, I experience the same problems you do… SNEmulDS .6 WIP doesn’t boot for me either. The two previous SNEmulDS .6 Alpha (roms like Chrono Trigger doesnt work..) and SNEmulDS .5b works…. But not SNEmulDS .6 WIP…

    (using English version)
    (using firmware 1.84, Supercard Lite)

  • 33. joe joe  |  2007-11-20 at 6.35 am

    works good for me but I’m using an MMD so I don’t think my post is that relevant.

  • 34. cYb0n  |  2007-11-20 at 2.50 pm

    I hope someone can post a solution for this or archeide (or someone else) patches the WIP2 version so SuperCard-Users are able to play…it took me 13 hours of testing everything, copying, patching, upgrading, deleting and so on…help, please!

    If someone has SuperCard and got WIP2 to work, please post and please post what structure your SD-Card has, what DLDI-Patcher you used, what firmware….omg

  • 35. jackman  |  2007-11-21 at 2.00 pm

    The WIP2 build works on my SuperCard SD (except saving config file, archeide will create a debug build for SCSD users), DS Firmware: Version 2. Root: /SNES/*.smc and /SNEmulDS.nds, patched with scsd.dldi using dlditool.exe, SuperCard Firmware 1.84 with fixed 1.83.

    If your SD card is newer or optimized for high-speed file operations, use the alternative DLDI driver by Moonlight, scsd_moon.dldi, this works better on them.

  • 36. cYb0n  |  2007-11-21 at 2.37 pm

    I got a High-speed Mini-SD card and i already used the scsd_moon.dldi … but it doesnt work! My root looks like yours…but what do you mean by 1.84 fixed 1.83 ??? And firmware…I use the FlashMe v8 firmware, didnt receive any problems til now :’-(

  • 37. jackman  |  2007-11-22 at 4.53 pm

    “Firmware 1.84 with fixed 1.83″ means, that I have SuperCard SD Firmware 1.84 with previous installed fixed 1.83, the unfixed 1.83 had an issue with the built-in emulators, but this Fix doesn’t affect the working of SNEmulDS (I hope it).

    It “could” work, if you install your SuperCard’s Firmware up to the latest (attention: all previous versions between current and yours included).

    Are you using the SuperCard SD,SuperCard Mini-SD or SuperCard Lite (DS) adapter?

  • 38. cYb0n  |  2007-11-23 at 3.33 pm

    I use Mini-SD, already posted it…and on supercard internet page i read that it doesnt matter if I install every firmware step-by-step (so upgrade from oldest to newest) or only install the 1.84.bin …so I tried using the emulator with DS firmware v2, with FlashMe v7 and Flashme v8a, all didnt work! Firmware 1.83 and 1.84 of Supercard both don’t work! It looks like I have a wrong structure on my SD-Card because SNEmulDS says “FS initializing…FS completed!” but it doesnt go on, it just stops (I think that’s when the roms should be loaded, isn’t it?). I’m desperate!!!! Please release a new stable or a patch for this! It sucks to know all can use new emu but I can’t ;)

  • 39. hello  |  2007-11-27 at 12.46 am

    i have the same problem as cybon

  • 40. Mrkoolcat  |  2007-11-28 at 2.04 am

    I cant get the emulator to see any roms, can you help?

    I put the roms in /SNES , this still doesnt work.

  • 41. Pétaglair  |  2007-11-28 at 4.06 pm

    commençons par le début j’avais une sc rumble firmware 1.71 et j’arrivait à faire tourne snemul0.4final avec moonshell1.6 après j’ai upgradé jusqu’en 1.83 ma sc rumble et je pouvais faire marcher snemul 0.4final et 0.5b sans l’aide de moonshell1.6 j’ai aussi pu faire marcher snemul 0.6a sans moonshell et uniquement si je ne patchais pas avec le dldi(sinon ça bloquait à l’initialiation du système).j’ai upgradé au 1.84 tout marche comme avant sauf si je laisse le dldi.scp sur la carte (autopatch) là snemul 0.6a se bloque à l’initialisation, j’ai essayé la version wip2: avec le patch auto (dldi.scp) marche pas même problème qu’avec 0.6a et sans le patch ça se lance mais il ne trouve aucun jaux dans le repertoire snes. Alors j’ai laissé tomber le wip2 et j’ai viré le fichier dldi.scp. Sois dit en passant ils se sont contenté de mettre le fichier de la sc lite dans l’archive et donc il n’existe toujours pas de dldi propre au sc rumble je recommande donc de ne pas laisser ce fichier d’autopatch sur votre carte et de patcher manuellement vos homebrews avec le dldi lite si vous n’avez pas d’autres recours tout en sachant que ça ne marchera pas forcément.
    Si vous connaissez un moyen de choisr si le fichier auto dldi se lance ou non dites le moi. Merci

  • 42. Dani_sp  |  2007-11-29 at 9.40 am

    cYb0n, i have the same problem with supercard micro sd. I’m still using the prior version of snemulds because the newest does not work :S

  • 43. Thomas  |  2007-11-29 at 7.46 pm

    Howdy! first off i just wanna thank you for the snes emulator, it really works awesomely but i do have a Q.. 2 games i tried to play dont work but i really want them to… im not sure if they use some sort of chip but i tried to play S.O.S and it freezes on load up… if you turn sound off it will play the intro but it still freezes.. and the other game is final fight 1…(not final fight guy)… the game runs okay but the background on each level isnt displayed.. is there a way to fix this? well if anyopne knows theres my email.. peace!

  • 44. Jeff  |  2007-12-03 at 12.14 pm

    Awesome program. I got $10USD ready to donate upon the next versions release. C’mon people! Help pay for this developers time!

    Excellent emulator, and I’m proud to support you.

  • 45. cYb0n  |  2007-12-03 at 4.52 pm

    Sorry, but because I can’t use the emulator and Christmas get nearer, I got to spend my little cash for presents to my family. And to my first own PC :D I hope there will be a stable release, soon…and I hope I will be able to use it :D

  • 46. Blob  |  2007-12-04 at 4.04 am

    I’d just like to say that I’m experiencing the same freeze during the load as other Supercard users are commenting about. All other versions of SNEmulDS work fine for me except for this newest one.

  • 47. Eblup  |  2007-12-04 at 6.58 am

    mine says
    fs initialisation…
    fs fail

    i continue select a blank rom and it opens my rom with no name and says not enugh packageing space.
    i have a max media player and the rom is super mario allstars.

  • 48. Eblup  |  2007-12-04 at 7.00 am

    cYboOn: can you email me the super mario world rom plz. put the subject as rom

  • 49. mmmh  |  2007-12-09 at 10.05 pm

    que dire?

    t’es un boss !!

    c’est tout!

  • 50. Justin  |  2007-12-12 at 9.50 pm

    I have exactly the same problem as you cYb0n! I even patched it with the old scsd.dldi patch, then I get other errors (cant read FS) by the way: FS = file system I guess? so please I hope this error gets fixed! thanx anyway

  • 51. derula  |  2007-12-15 at 1.36 am

    Hooray, I got it working for my SC Lite. Here’s how to do it:
    - Don’t patch it with DLDI
    - You’ll probably have to use the .nds (without loader) and boot it from DSOrganize. At least, in version 0.5, I tried to boot it from a patched SC Lite firmware and it booted but was all messed up, but when I bootet from DSO, it worked.

  • 52. Mantrakid  |  2007-12-18 at 7.26 am

    @Jeff -

    You’re holding your donation until he makes another release? Thats fine if you’re doing that, but announcing it to the world makes you look like a bit of a wank.

    “Thank you so much for all your hard work!!! I would like to give you $10. Here let me dangle this measly $10 in front of you as an incentive to do even just a little bit more work. Then you can have it. You little rascal you.”

    (say in stewie voice:) Yeah. That was you.

  • 53. RupeeClock  |  2007-12-18 at 4.22 pm

    Things have been kinda quiet for a while now…

    I hope an update comes soon, I still have a lot of faith in this project.

  • 54. Viz  |  2007-12-18 at 11.36 pm

    incredible work on tis emulator, it plays my favorite games at an acceptable speed even in battles, a few graphical glitches but im sure you will fix those eventually

  • 55. jackman  |  2007-12-20 at 6.24 pm

    Run chkdsk on your card, its possible that there are file system errors on your card. File system must have to be FAT (FAT16), try re-format it, if chkdsk finds no errors.

  • 56. Ben  |  2007-12-21 at 8.29 pm

    hm, i don’t seem to be able to save Civilization - game freezes when you load the game other saves work fine though. is this a problem related specifically to the game?

    also - the mouse is inverted (move stylus left - mouse goes right)

    any suggestions?

  • 57. EvilMArio666  |  2007-12-22 at 9.24 pm

    dont worry.. go slower…

  • 58. imec  |  2007-12-26 at 7.25 am

    Merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Or else!

  • 59. Armend  |  2007-12-29 at 11.39 am

    No word in awhile now, hoping for a new release pretty soon!

  • 60. Goten23  |  2008-01-05 at 12.16 am

    In SupercardSD don’t work. ( Snemulds 0.6 alpha work, but a lot of incompatiblities and DKC couldn’t work :( )

  • 61. Darig0n  |  2008-01-05 at 8.05 pm

    any status on this yet ? :/ please answer or make a status update.

  • 62. hvcrios  |  2008-01-05 at 11.48 pm

    yes, I can also confirm that the sound cuts off when hiding the GUI on a phat DS, heh weird bug.

    Running it on a R4 btw.

  • 63. Jonfox  |  2008-01-06 at 6.56 am


    I try your update and is very good, but a problem…
    Don´t run the Super Mario Rpg rom, why?
    It´s the most gratefull game for me and it´s a very sad to me can´t play it on my DS.
    Can you fix the problem in a new release of SNEmulDS.


  • 64. Mike  |  2008-01-06 at 7.17 pm

    hello update please love this project is it still alive

  • 65. Setsuna  |  2008-01-08 at 8.18 am

    Hey, I love this little program for my DS! Ever since I heard it was possible to emulate SNES games on the DS, I’ve been absolutly _dying_ to re-play Sailormoon Another Story on the DS.

    This emulator has certainly improved greatly as far as gameplay is concerned, but I’m still having a few problems with Sailormoon Another Story in particular…

    1) The text at the bottom is often hidden behind sprites. I’ve tried to change the options, but I can’t find a setting that consistantly works.

    2) The sound becomes a single tone upload loading a save state. The sound is great while playing, but if I try to pick up where I left off with a save state, the sound is miserable. =/

    I know you’re not making this for any particular game, but I would really appreciate it if you could look into SM:Another Story and fix the issues.

    Thanks for making this great emulator and thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into it!

  • 66. Darig0n  |  2008-01-09 at 2.12 am

    guess not…

  • 67. jonfox  |  2008-01-09 at 3.26 am

    I can´´t run SuperMario RPG on any version of SNEmulDS.
    This Great game needs to be emulated on the DS.
    Please take a look on this.
    I and very very very many players may Thanks for that.

  • 68. Sir Tibbles  |  2008-01-11 at 5.24 am

    It’s been ages since the last update…around 2 months now.
    Hopefully the next update (on SNEmulDS) will be big, like Super Mario RPG *hopeful*

  • 69. RupeeClock  |  2008-01-11 at 2.31 pm

    It’s been almost 2 months since an update of any sort, not even a progress report or an update for the supposedly unfinished interface.

  • 70. andrew  |  2008-01-14 at 4.35 am

    hey dude thnx for the emu keep up on the great work!

  • 71. pyl  |  2008-01-14 at 5.22 am

    Hey cYb0n, I had the same problem as you on my Supercard SD and managed to fix it.

    The problem is the automatic DLDI patching implemented in the last firmware. Do a manual patch of SNEmulds with the appropriate DLDI file, then move or rename dldi.scp from the root folder of your sd card and it should work.

    Note that this may break other stuff you use that relies on the automatic DLDI-patching. :)

  • 72. efferalgan.odis  |  2008-01-14 at 9.49 am

    Toujours pas de nouvelles ? J’espère vraiment que le projet n’est pas abandonné, car il est déjà pas mal avancé et pourrait vraiment devenir une référence !
    Bon courage Acheide, et nous attendons tous impatiemment des nouvelles du projet !

  • 73. PizzaPasta  |  2008-01-15 at 7.57 am

    I’m going to kill myself unless you post a status update.

    Also, Hi RupeeClock (I recognize you from DSFanboy)!

  • 74. Alato  |  2008-01-15 at 9.51 pm

    … PLEASE!!! I appreciate vacations, etc., but… At least show us you’re alive… Please… Agh…

  • 75. iSynic  |  2008-01-16 at 4.04 am

    So, at the moment, will the RAM expansion offer any performance improvement? Or is it mostly being implemented in the expectation that future games may require it?

  • 76. Y.Z.M  |  2008-01-16 at 2.20 pm

    Je Voudrais Savoir Si Vous Pouvez Installer Hamachi Sur Votre Super Emulateur SNEmulDS Je C’est Que C’est Deja Asser Dure Mais Si Vous Pouvez Alors Faite Moi Par De Vo Nouvelle Merci.

  • 77. Sir Tibbles  |  2008-01-22 at 12.00 am

    I hope the project isn’t dead, it’s getting closer to 3 months since the last update or any news at all.
    With the games that use that wierd chip (Super Mario RPG, and I think 2 kirby games), can’t they just copy off a PC SNES emulator as most of them have it running perfectly?

  • 78. Adam  |  2008-01-24 at 2.03 am

    *agrees with Alato*

    At least with the earlier releases we got relatively regular updates. This is so erratic that I actually forgot about it for a month.

    *searches Amazon for Datel Tool so I can run PSP homebrew*

  • 79. Wrecking Crew  |  2008-01-24 at 4.08 am

    I’d like to know what progress’s been made with SNEmulDS too. I don’t mind not having a release, just a “this is what we’ve managed to do, this is what’s giving us trouble” type of update…

    Check out this development blog:

    I know its not the same as making an emulator, but look at it! :P Even with no progress, they update saying “This is the only thing I got done.” Its also pretty educational since they explain the whole process… But of course, I’m telling that’s what you should do. :P

    Well, anyhow, good luck with everything! Hope you have enough to time to do all you need to do!

  • 80. Armend  |  2008-01-25 at 5.56 pm

    Still nothing, well over 2 months and not one release, are you still even working on this?

  • 81. Darig0n  |  2008-01-26 at 9.08 pm

    meh my r4ds broke i give up looking at anything ds related bye arch i hope you progress

  • 82. Io  |  2008-02-04 at 9.43 pm

    Do anything for emulate Super Mario RPG, please!

  • 83. jackman  |  2008-02-06 at 8.43 am

    Is SNEmulDS still alive?

  • 84. Abdul  |  2008-02-06 at 11.09 pm

    No, SNEmulDS is now officially dead. Don’t expect any new release.

  • 85. Armend  |  2008-02-07 at 8.04 pm

    Dude, I dont think it is anymore, no word in months now.

  • 86. Nanothume  |  2008-02-15 at 6.58 pm

    Uhm, hello? Give the guy a break, he has a personal life too, you know… Of course I’m also hoping SNEmulDS will get updated, but complaining about the lack of updates is not going to change anything. In fact, it will only annoy the developper.

    Super Mario RPG isn’t even full speed on the PSP. I don’t think it’s even possible to run that game on the DS, ever. And you can’t really compare PC emulators with SNEmulDS since the DS is not all that strong.

    Of course it would be nice to hear from you again, Archeide. Thanks a lot for your hard work on this emulator! Best of luck to you!

  • 87. Armend  |  2008-02-15 at 7.18 pm

    Abdul, how do you know it is “officially” dead???

  • 88. obsolete000  |  2008-03-02 at 9.33 pm

    WHERE IS THE BLOODY UPDATE!?!? Its march now!

  • 89. SantinoNESGamer  |  2008-06-20 at 8.43 am

    i have a datel max media dock using a 2 GB compct falsh and when i start .06 it says FS was failed any help?

  • 90. Sir Tibbles  |  2008-06-24 at 7.24 am

    Try patching it with your DLDI, worked for me.

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