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June 18th, 2008

No SNEmul is not dead, it’s simply sleeping. I Hope I will have more time later to fix bugs and add improvements to the emulator, but it’s not really possible for the moment.

Due to a change in the MySql from my provider, Wordexpress was not working correctly since some months. I was hoping that the bug will get fix itself but it seems I needed to upgrade Wordexpres. Anyway it seems ok now…

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  • 1. shadows  |  2008-06-18 at 5.59 pm

    Awesome. Are you still taking donations?

  • 2. Homer Simpson  |  2008-06-18 at 7.40 pm

    Waiting for an update…

  • 3. Adam  |  2008-06-18 at 7.43 pm

    Ah well, good to hear I guess.

    You ever considered going open-source? I know there are people here who would love to work on this.

  • 4. Kirby  |  2008-06-18 at 8.36 pm

    Yeah, open source would be a fine idea. Since it would allow more people to work on it and essentially further progression but it would lead to ‘alternate’ emulators. Anyways, I can’t wait until the next release. It should be great. Also, I want to play Kirby. >_>

    You should .. uh… make Kirby work in your next release.
    (Super Stars please)

  • 5. come on  |  2008-06-19 at 4.10 am

    don’t be gay, go open source

  • 6. AnotherVisitor  |  2008-06-19 at 5.28 am

    Great to hear all is well. I look forward to any news on this amazing project.

  • 7. tlr  |  2008-06-19 at 9.30 am

    any plans to enable the emulation of games with special chips (ie Super Mario rpg)?

  • 8. Joey  |  2008-06-19 at 9.54 am

    Great news.

    Please come back to this when you can.

    The newest version is pretty great.

    A few more versions and I’ll be really happy.

  • 9. archeide  |  2008-06-19 at 11.13 am

    SNEmul is already open source (GPL to be accurate) ! Source is available through SVN.

    Wait before next release before donating :) Even if you donate now i would not be able to speed up the work.

  • 10. Rigle  |  2008-06-19 at 1.50 pm

    Please, you can add compatibility for FF VI (III)?

    I need play …


  • 11. VEGA  |  2008-06-19 at 2.31 pm

    Wow, glad to hear that SNEmul lives! By the way, when you were working on v0.6 you said that your friend was responsible for the GUI skin. Did he complete it in the end? If he didn’t, I’m always glad to help you to make a new one. But anyway, current skin is still good.

  • 12. Malory  |  2008-06-19 at 3.48 pm

    From Spain:
    Thank you so much for bringing us this great emulator. Expecting for improvements so we can play more roms of the (in my opinion) best console ever created (sorry!!! my english is getting rusty)

  • 13. Alec  |  2008-06-19 at 4.26 pm

    Thank you so much for this! I have spent hours playing SNES flawlesly on my ds! I have one suggestion.

    In the next version, make the boxes and stuff on the bottom colorful. It would loom so cool.

  • 14. rawr  |  2008-06-19 at 5.16 pm

    Good luck on it! I will donate once it’s stable enough to run Chrono Trigger (There seems to be a problem with the text alignment)

  • 15. Vague Rant  |  2008-06-20 at 4.54 am

    Glad to hear you’re still planning to work on SNEmulDS, it would have been a shame to see it go.

    I have a kind of weird question, in versions before WIP2, I could switch screens and play on the bottom screen, but retain touch screen functionality (so I could hit the upper right area of the game screen and it would register as hitting the save button). I was never sure if it was a mistake or a feature, but it was very useful, because I didn’t have to switch screens every time I wanted to save state.

    Also, a couple of people have noticed that hitting the “*” button on an original DS to turn off the options screen results in the sound cutting out permanently. Works fine on a DS Lite, though.

    Anyway, thanks for the update.

  • 16. 110110101110111110  |  2008-06-20 at 7.08 am

    Glad to see its still alive

  • 17. Alato  |  2008-06-21 at 5.43 pm

    Ah, thank you so much for any news. It makes me happy. :)

    I’m not counting on any special chip emulation(though that would be awesome), but there’s some games I’d like to see emulated better, like Earthbound and Super Metroid. They’re both playable, but most of the time you’re stuck fondling with settings(ie. Battles in Earthbound, especially boss battles) until you get it almost perfect, then you do it again and again to the point where the game loses it’s enjoyment.
    Any improvements on this will make me a VERY happy person.

    Also, two other things. It would be nice to have a button for the SNES mouse support in the GUI, and also some minor sound improvements(ie. DKC2 sounds weird a lot of the time).

  • 18. cYb0n  |  2008-06-22 at 11.55 am

    Finally, i was waiting SOOO long for some news after the site was “down”… good to hear from you ^^

  • 19. Anonymous  |  2008-06-22 at 11.58 pm

    Good to see that the emulator isn’t (totally) dead.

  • 20. Sir Tibbles  |  2008-06-24 at 7.22 am

    Oh, thank god, please add compatability for Super Mario RPG!
    Also, emulation for Super Mario All stars, Earthbound and A link to the Past could use a little work…no pressure though ;)

  • 21. jackman  |  2008-06-24 at 8.41 am

    @tlr,@Sir Tibbles: neither Super Mario RPG nor other Games with Special Chips (Yoshi’s Island, Kirby’s Fun Pack / Kirby Super Star, etc.) will be supported in SNEmulDS, because the emulation of them will be to much CPU intensive.

  • 22. RupeeClock  |  2008-06-24 at 2.38 pm

    I was really worried about this project, I thought it had gone the way of Lameboy (although that came back from nowhere.)

    I wish you luck in improving this emulator further. :)

  • 23. Adam  |  2008-06-28 at 7.05 pm

    Lameboy came back from further than nowhere. :P

    Anyways, I might have to start fiddling with the source code, I want to see what I can do (though I’m not about to invest the time in making a new emulator or anything. Archiede is obviously better than me at this stuff anyways.)

  • 24. Mathias  |  2008-07-01 at 11.35 am

    Merci pour les nouvelles, ça fait plaisir!
    Pas de souci, on attendra le temps qu’il faut, y’a plus urgent dans la vie.
    Bonne continuation!

  • 25. Alato  |  2008-07-05 at 1.34 am

    Can you give us a heads up of what to look forward to?

  • 26. Danief  |  2008-07-06 at 6.10 am

    YESS! archeide isnt dead! dude your awesome, you have single handedly stolen the snes emulation on DS.

    Dont give up, this is huge.

  • 27. Rainierman  |  2008-08-01 at 1.21 am


    Is this… dead? ;-;

  • 28. Rainierman  |  2008-08-01 at 5.09 am

    I mean… err sorry, you just said it’s not dead but, it’s pretty heart breaking seeing the emulation projects we like in this state because they all usually… end like that, and I got carried away when I read the date of the last comment previous to mine. I personally hope this won’t end like this, but it’s your call, please take your time and thanks for the very nice work you have done so far.

  • 29. jackman  |  2008-09-20 at 9.32 am

    Any progress on page or with SNEmulDS?

  • 30. Mathias  |  2008-10-31 at 1.00 pm

    Nope, the last build is still 0.6WIP2.
    But it remains the best SNES emulator actually available on DS as far as I know.

  • 31. Kevin  |  2008-12-25 at 10.47 pm

    Heeey oversleeping? are you still working on the new version? my friends and I are anxious for a new version, C’mon boy ya can’t give up keep up the good work.

  • 32. joe joe  |  2009-02-02 at 5.57 am

    hey any news on the new release yet?
    I just got a 3 in 1 for my DS and would really like to start using it for better SNES emulation.

  • 33. Alvaro  |  2009-02-05 at 11.25 pm

    Please, fix for run SimCity 2000! Very good work!


  • 34. BastarB  |  2009-09-06 at 3.42 pm

    Well, it has slept for over a year now=(=(

  • 35. RupeeClock  |  2009-12-01 at 11.42 am

    That’s one long hibernation. :(
    Although with apparent rumours of a Supercard DS Two that have native GBA and SNES emulation coming, what’s a guy to do?

    I wonder if they’re using your source, actually?

  • 36. Sir Tibbles  |  2009-12-09 at 3.36 am

    Well, I think this IS dead now

  • 37. Adam  |  2010-03-04 at 3.41 am

    Yeah, I’m gonna go with this actually is dead. Too bad.

  • 38. Julio  |  2010-03-16 at 6.46 pm

    Too bad, I guess I have to buy a PSP if a I want a SNES portable. LOL

  • 39. RupeeClock  |  2010-04-09 at 2.15 am

    Well well, it looks like Team Supercard’s DSTwo, which is soon to be released INDEED has a built in SNES emulator!

    I can’t wait to see how it works, and if it’s based off of SNEmulDS.

  • 40. Alato  |  2013-05-12 at 5.15 pm

    I miss the days of watching Snemul’s development.
    It’s crazy to think that’s it’s been five years since then.
    Thanks for the emulator and all your contribution to the DS homebrew scene.

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