Pre-patched version of SNEmulDS 0.5 beta are available here. M3 SD/CF, Supercard CF, and GBA Movie Player should work with the regular version without patching it.

If you download one of these, you must also get the following README and snemul.cfg. The emulator will not work properly if you don’ have the snemul.cfg in the root directory of your card.


Create a SNES directory at the root directory of your card, where you will put your roms in.
Put the patched SNEmulDS.nds at the root directory of your card.

(Thanks to various contributors on forums)

DSLink(microSD Card)
Ewin2 (SD Card)
EZ Flash 5 (SD Card)
EZ Flash 4 (SD Card)
G6 Flash (version 0.17) (*)
NEO Flash MK5 (NAND Flash)
Max Media Dock (Compact Flash)

Ninja DS (SD Card)
NEO Flash MK2 & MK3 (SD Card)
NEO2 (SD Card)
R4DS / M3 Simply
SuperCard DS (Slot-1)
SuperCard Lite (SD Card) & Rumble(*)
SuperCard (SD Card)
Ninjapass X9
Ninjapass X9 (alt)

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  • 1. Ross  |  2007-03-13 at 9.21 pm

    Downloaded the patched version for M3 Adapter (SD) put it in file ‘root’ and placed folder ‘SNES’ (filled with .smc roms) in the root folder aswell. wrror appears saying ‘please put roms in SNES directory of root folder…Help. Cheers. Ross

  • 2. archeide  |  2007-03-13 at 11.47 pm

    Ross: As written, you shouldn’t use the pre-patched M3 adapter version, use regular version without patch instead.

  • 3. JoeJoe  |  2007-03-14 at 10.03 am

    The MMD and Ninja DS files are put under the same link. Are they the same?

  • 4. archeide  |  2007-03-14 at 2.15 pm

    Joejoe : It was an error; i fixed it. thanks

  • 5. scognito  |  2007-03-14 at 2.42 pm

    Still i cannot boot the ninjads one.
    I hope you’ll listen me this time :)
    Since the 0.4 version i can boot (half time i get stuck at fs init, half time it pass the init), but when i get the directory listing of the games (i have 4 games in the /snes directory and they are listed) but i get the menu freezed and cannot continue.
    If you want i can do more test for you, we can test if you send me email or add on msn or whatever, just let me know.
    (maybe you can add some verbose debugging)
    Snesemul is in the root directory, i also tried your dldi patched and mine, same result.
    You could try to change the gamecode to something like “####” because ninjads detect it as normal game and not homebew (it indeed create a sav file).
    I changed with hex editor and tried to fix with nds tool but same behaviour (maybe -f option didn’t worked).
    As you see i’m avaiable for testing and other things, so i pass the ball to you.

  • 6. Ross  |  2007-03-14 at 5.49 pm

    “Ross: As written, you shouldn’t use the pre-patched M3 adapter version, use regular version without patch instead. ”

    Downloaded the .4 final version. still same problem. SNEmulDS opens fine but the opening screen reads “No Files Found. Please Put ROMs in SNES directory of your CF/SD card”

    I have placed .smc files in a ‘SNES’ folder in the ‘root’ folder, In the root folder alone and outside of the ‘root’ folder but nothiing seems to work. P.S i am using v1.02 on M3 simply. Cheerz

  • 7. Sebastian  |  2007-03-14 at 7.12 pm

    First: Sorry, i cant speak really good english, im German ;-)
    Okay: Its like all other snes emus. The dont work. I have the M3 Perfect SD. All games has grafic “mistakes” (words in ” i dont know) , there are lots of Lines on the screen, and I cant see the picture.
    but: 1 Game mario alstars works perfectly. Why is that so?

  • 8. Chris  |  2007-03-14 at 9.11 pm

    Using an EZ-Flash V, I’ve also recieved the “No Files Found. Please Put…” error that Ross speaks of. This has been tested using the unpatched version, one I patched myself, as well as the pre-patched version. In any case, thank you for all your hard work! I understand that a lot of time goes into making and eventually porting an emulator, so even if I never get to try it I appreciate the effort :-)

  • 9. Jake  |  2007-03-14 at 11.19 pm

    hey all, im pretty new to this whole emulator thing, and by “pretty new” i mean i’ve never done it in my life. heh. so, i have an EZ-4 micro sd and i really want to play SNES roms on it. I just can’t seem to get anything to work… i tried draging the SNEmulDS.nds file onto the card as well as the patched one and the ds just freezes, and i have also tried using the EZ client to load the files on that way, and it just goes to two white screens. it’s killing me because i just want to play duck hunt! AAAH! please let me know what i’m doing wrong!!

  • 10. archeide  |  2007-03-15 at 11.14 am

    Ross : Oh sorry i think you said you had a “M3 Adapter SD”, but you have a “M3 simply”, which is not the same. So you have to take the patched “R4DS / M3 Simply” or patch the regular version yourself with the R4DS dldi patch. It should work, i have also a M3 Simply with 1.02

    scognito and others: i will make an other version with different use of filesystem. hope it can fix your problems.

  • 11. player1  |  2007-03-16 at 5.11 pm

    ich kan kein englich :-( hab aber den gleichen fehler.
    please put roms in SNES directory of root folder.
    kan mir jemand helfen? bitte.

  • 12. player1  |  2007-03-16 at 5.22 pm

    ich habe die M3 DS SIMPLY (MICRO SD)

  • 13. Ross  |  2007-03-16 at 5.41 pm

    Thanks to evryone giving up there time to help.
    This problem seems unsolvable my micro sd card looks like this : RossM3\root\SNES\
    I have placed my .smc roms in the SNES folder and the already patched version of SNemulDS in the root folder (along with some of my ds backups) i don’t know where i’m going wrong? Maybe you could give me the seetup of your Micro SD? Many Thanks again . ROSS

  • 14. Kiten  |  2007-03-17 at 1.59 am

    Thanks for the patched SNEmulDS !
    The same version of SNEmulDS I patched never runs :P

  • 15. scognito  |  2007-03-17 at 3.32 pm

    I think the problem is not the filesystem itself but the touch function. I tried to compile 0.4 but you didnt’ used standard makefiles so even if i tweaked them, i didn’t compile arm9 (no main function found)

  • 16. someone  |  2007-03-20 at 12.08 am

    I have the “Games N’ Music” cartridge by Datel and I have tried evry single version of this emulator on it and none work! Please HELP!!!

  • 17. Oly  |  2007-03-22 at 4.33 am

    Hi I’m using an n-card and would like to know what version will work with it. It works by uploading files via USB connected to the GBA slot. Once uploaded the GBA cart isn’t used anymore ie there is no SD, all data is stored in slot 1, no firmware update req.


  • 18. Chris  |  2007-03-23 at 7.01 pm

    I just found a patching tool to fix some homebrew in EZV. It works by changing the header to say “PASS” instead of, in this case “SNDS.” Now, the emulator works in my EZV! (Nice work, by the way!) Perhaps altering the header will work for the other flash cards in question? If so, I imagine it would be a whole lot easier than creating a whole new file system. Thanks for the excellent emulator :-)

  • 19. scognito  |  2007-03-24 at 3.11 pm

    I tried some weeks ago, changing the header and adding a loader cause NInjads to do not patch as it was a commercial rom, nothing else.
    It also freezes after boot (rom selection).

  • 20. YourNameHere  |  2007-03-26 at 2.01 pm

    ok, im probably the only one here with a ninjapass x9, but anyways……i dont know too much about how this works, but i downloaded both of the files above (.dldi.nds files), put them in the root, made a SNES directory with .smc roms, but its still saying no roms are found. maybe im asking a question that has already been asked…but what do i know? is there something im not doing right or something more i should be doing? any help would be great. thanks

  • 21. Deltamasse  |  2007-04-02 at 11.32 am


    I’ve just bought the last memory card: NCARD
    I didn’t manage to find any emulator working with or any dldi patch for it. COuld help me through please?


  • 22. chepox  |  2007-04-03 at 10.25 pm


    First, thanks for your hard work with this emu.

    I have a Ewin2 mini DS and I cant play any game, I patched (dldi) the snesmul and y put a game in the snes file in the flascard. When I start the emulador its find the rom (in my case donkey kong country or super mario world) the emulador showme the game, the number of megas and the region of the game but in this point the emulator doesnt work anymore, its freez and i have to reset my nds.

    I dont know if I´m doing something wrong but i really wants tried your emulator.

    Thanks for any answer.

  • 23. Taylor  |  2007-04-04 at 3.02 am

    I have the M3 Simply DS. everytime I attempt to boot this, it says to put roms in the /SNES/ directory. What is the problem because my files are actually in that directory. Did I do something wrong/what should I do instead? thanks

  • 24. Skyler  |  2007-04-04 at 7.01 pm

    I have to thank you for doing a bunch of work and i have a question. Like another person i saw on here, i have games n’ music by dattel and i was wondering how i could make this work? i have succeded in getting PERFECT nes roms on my ds but sadly i am still unsuccesful with snes and gba… any help?

  • 25. Adam  |  2007-04-05 at 4.11 am

    I just wanted to say they new version is awesome! Keep up the good work. I played the last version and super mario world did not play so great…now it runs awesome. I am very excited about your project. You are doing a great service to the DS community! I plan on making a donation as soon as I get my bank account straight!

  • 26. Bob  |  2007-04-05 at 1.22 pm

    How can i play this emulator on my ds linker 8g?

  • 27. Bob  |  2007-04-05 at 2.27 pm

    When i launch it,it tells “Didnt find any ROMS.Please put snes roms in /SNES/ Directory.”Thats exactly what i did…

  • 28. Bob  |  2007-04-05 at 11.31 pm

    plz answer som1

  • 29. archeide  |  2007-04-06 at 10.19 am


    You have to patch with the dldi inside this file:


  • 30. archeide  |  2007-04-06 at 10.31 am

    For people with ultra flashpass


  • 31. Bob  |  2007-04-07 at 2.26 am

    But there is no DLDI for dslniker on the DLDI site…

  • 32. Lucky  |  2007-04-08 at 1.18 pm

    Can’t get it to work on my G6 Lite.. no option to ‘add header’.

  • 33. Lucky  |  2007-04-09 at 12.06 pm

    Somebody? I really wanna get this working on my G6 Lite…

  • 34. Wiggymaster  |  2007-04-11 at 3.27 am

    Tried this with my Max Media Dock/Player. Put five ROMs in \SNES directory. Keeps telling me “Please put roms in the SNES directory of your root CF blah blah”. They’re there.

    I downloaded from http://snemul.free.fr/ds/dldi/SNEmulDS_mmcf.dldi.nds

    Can anyone give me a hand with this?

  • 35. Haroldo  |  2007-04-13 at 4.29 pm

    Hi, I’ve just downloaded SNEmulDS and it works fine in DS-Xtreme, just slow and some other bugs, but it is compatible with the card. I’m writting this because it is not in the compatibility list of cards.

  • 36. NEGLEFAROT  |  2007-04-17 at 6.05 pm

    1.- Respect for the creators and many many thx!!!!

    2.- In my X9, “no roms found, put some roms”, etc.

    i tried all the diferent posibilities, is there something you should recommend us to us X9ers for this case?

    or we just iterpretate silence as “wait for other versions”?

  • 37. Bob  |  2007-04-18 at 12.31 am

    Me too it keep telling me Keeps telling me “Please put roms in the SNES directory of your root CF” but they are there…

  • 38. Floyd  |  2007-04-18 at 5.30 pm

    I’m trying to play Seiken Densetsu 3, and I can’t see any letters (character’s name, empty panel instead of letters to choose the names, etc…) is it normal ?

  • 39. Bob  |  2007-04-21 at 11.06 pm

    Now im able to play but i cant save on my ds lniker…i click on save SRAM,nothing happens.I click on save state,i click on a empty state,still empty.HELP ME PLZ!

  • 40. Coyle  |  2007-04-22 at 10.56 am

    i would like Pre-patched version of SNEmulDS 0.5 alpha 2 , please.
    Thank you.

  • 41. abs  |  2007-04-23 at 5.50 pm

    Can I use the G6 Flash file for G6 Lite?

  • 42. Coyle  |  2007-04-28 at 5.24 pm

    Thank you, I find the patch.

  • 43. sonic  |  2007-04-30 at 5.13 am

    how the hell do you make the games work i have r4 ds could somebody plz help

  • 44. Don  |  2007-05-03 at 10.09 pm

    The ROM has to have the .smc extension. Worked on my M3 DS Simply.

  • 45. charlie  |  2007-05-07 at 10.27 am

    can someone please tell me how to get snes roms on an n-card (for the ds) i tried moonshell but it wasn’t listedin there an dim not sure if they are compatible

  • 46. charlie  |  2007-05-07 at 10.29 am

    listed and (spelling errors) sorry lol

  • 47. NAME  |  2007-05-08 at 3.56 am

    espero que sepas leer español lla que no se ablar mucho ingles

    i cant speak really good english

    y espero que me tomes en cuenta





  • 48. Xevailo  |  2007-05-11 at 4.12 am

    Which patch do I need for my M3 DS Simply???
    (And HOW do I patch???)

  • 49. Toria  |  2007-05-11 at 1.27 pm

    Feel horrible saying this like everybody else but maybe it really is a problem.

    I have an M3 simply (which is the same as an R4 for all you R4 users), with the latest firmware.
    So i downloaded the patched version linked at the top of this page of this emu “SNEmulDS_r4tf.didi.nds”
    I put that in my root directory, which ithink Ross was confused about and seems to have thought he had to make a directory called root. FYI: the root directory meens the base directory, so it should be “(name of your sd card here)\SNEmulDS.nds”

    First it asks me to create a save file, so i let it, then i get a white top screen and a black bottom screen with
    “-= SNEmulDS… etc here

    FS OK!
    No Files Found.
    Please put roms into SNES directory
    of your CF/SD card”

    I assume this means the “SD card name here\SNES\…” directory which is where they are.

    Please tell me if i’ve done something wrong i’m desperate for Lufia and Chrono Trigger.

  • 50. Toria  |  2007-05-11 at 1.53 pm


    I’m clearly an idiot…. It works absolutely fine. I had named the folder “SNES Games”

    Now, is it just me or isthe sound excessively dodgy?

  • 51. TheBatman  |  2007-05-14 at 1.20 am

    I have the ezflash v and its giving me the same error everyone else seems to be having.

  • 52. jake  |  2007-05-21 at 8.52 pm

    I have a Super Card (one) I get “cant find rom” shit some one help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • 53. Limbo  |  2007-05-30 at 1.17 pm

    Hey Chris from comment at: 2007-03-14 at 9.11 pm

    I have an EZ falsh 5 too - could you give the url and steps on how to get the EMU to work?

  • 54. .:[METROID FAN]:.  |  2007-05-30 at 5.06 pm

    i have an r4ds, and i made an SNES folder and put games in it, but it cant find them. help me! i want to play super metroid so bad!

  • 55. Ryhnarch  |  2007-06-01 at 9.28 am

    Ok, I have a “game n’ music” by Datel, and I wanted to use SNEmulDS 0.4, so I put it in and it told me that I had to create a snes root directory for the roms. I am New at Homebrews so what do I need to do from here?

  • 56. Sunburner  |  2007-06-04 at 2.20 am

    Gear: Supercard DS One / 1GB PNY Transflash / DS Lite (White)
    -= SNEmulDS 0.5 by archeide =-
    Init Ok…
    0×200ad18Initialize FS…
    Please restart if stuck…
    FS Failure, continue anyway…
    rompath = /SNES/
    Please put ROMs in /SNES/ directory of your CF/SD card

    Contridiction: the EMU is in the root of the flash file, I tried both the original & pre-patched version of 0.5, neither worked, and I had an SNES folder in the root. Just like all the other people having problems w/ this emu, hope the message data will help. (using SMC files)

  • 57. Chrono[eXe]  |  2007-06-08 at 6.35 pm


    I’ve downloaded the pre-patched 0.5 beta for SC Lite @ Rumble…I’m using SC Rumble btw..Iv tried run the snemul in moonshell 1.6…it said “not support adapter” ..what cud be wrong there? is there anything im missing?
    i’ve also copied paste the snemul.cfg into the root directory, and created the SNES folder..

    Please help me fix this problem…Thanks ^_^

    p/s sorry for my bad english

  • 58. Don  |  2007-06-11 at 2.23 am

    Ok, I have a “game n’ music” by Datel, and I wanted to use SNEmulDS 0.4, so I put it in and it told me that I had to create a snes root directory for the roms. I did this and i still get an error, im not to sure which patch i am using considering i tried a few of them. a little help?

  • 59. John!  |  2007-06-27 at 2.35 am

    Before i tell u my problem i have to say to you:
    Your emulator is awesome…!
    Keep up the good work!

    I’m playing Donkey Kong Country 3 and works fine…
    But freezes at Blazza’s Bockage , the first level from Cotton-cop Cove world…
    Ive tried to change all the configuration stuff and nothing…
    U Know what is this problem??
    Anyone have it too?

    Thanks anyway!
    [Sorry for the poor english, im brazilian! =) ]

  • 60. David Lewis  |  2007-06-30 at 8.29 pm

    If there is any way to get the english translated Dragon Quest V and VI to work with snemulDS that would be awesome! Do you know of any? 5 loads up but freezes in the first cave and 6 doesn’t even load up.
    Thans, Dave

  • 61. Luigiware  |  2007-07-02 at 4.06 pm

    I’m using R4, I open the snes emulator, I have a single rom in the SNES folder and i open it, as soon as I do it returns to the menu and does nothing!

  • 62. Tim  |  2007-07-03 at 8.20 am

    I am using a Max Media Player and I have created the directory for the games called SNES. It lists the games, but the touch screen won’t work. I downloaded the patched one, but it won’t work. Is there something I’m doing wrong!? I think it might be the roms…

  • 63. subalex  |  2007-07-06 at 10.04 pm

    Hi, I would like to know if this emulator works with CycloDS evolution (which is a DS linker slot 1) ???

  • 64. Sheemer  |  2007-07-11 at 6.08 am

    Hey Bob, did you ever figure out how to make the saves work using DS Linker?

  • 65. Derek  |  2007-07-17 at 2.46 am

    Hey, i have the prepatched 0.5 version for games n music so if anyone needs it just send me and email and i’ll get it right to you.

  • 66. Derek  |  2007-07-17 at 2.49 am

    Hey, i have the 0.5 version prepatched for games n music. Send me an email (slingblade1170@yahoo.com) and i’ll get it right to you.

  • 67. KminH  |  2007-07-17 at 3.02 am

    I’m using supercard DS one(not supercard DS)
    after DLDI patch, touchcreen didn’t work
    i’d like to rom select and save states..

  • 68. KminH  |  2007-07-17 at 5.24 am

    But rom file is alone in the /SNES
    that rom game play very well

  • 69. guy  |  2007-07-17 at 5.47 am

    for the love of god someone make a reasonably informative guide on how to work this

    i need to know what extension is needed and when.

  • 70. Derek  |  2007-07-20 at 3.55 am

    hey, anyone needing a prepatched SNEmulDS emulator for games n music, i have it. Just email me (slingblade1170@yahoo.com) and let me know you want a copy of it and ill get it right to ya.

  • 71. Jebus  |  2007-07-21 at 1.36 am

    i’m having a tough time trying to get this emulator to work (i am using a g6ds flash card btw). now, it tells me to make a SNES directory. i wanna know if by directory it means folder, and if it means folder, why wont it work when i make the folder and put the roms in it. please help me!!!!!!

  • 72. Jebus  |  2007-07-21 at 1.37 am

    i’m very new to portable console emulation btw

  • 73. Watchdog  |  2007-07-22 at 3.34 am

    I’m new to all this emulating and modding, and I have to admit that I haven’t the first clue as to how it all works, but here goes.

    I’m running the patched SNEmulDS on Moonshell 1.6/DGPTools121 (with Zombies Ate My Neighbors .smc file) and although I’ve got it set up to play the game as it would and it’s running smoothly, I’m noticing quite glitchy sound - some effects sound really off and the music tends to skip when things like enemies are spawned.

    Also, the sprite and background graphics are refusing to layer properly - where the player would run ‘underneath’ some scenery, it simply looks like they’re showing through it, and it affects gameplay.

    I’m not sure which patches work and where I’m supposed to put them, so if anybody’s got any useful info or links they can give me, I’d much appreciate it.

  • 74. Steve  |  2007-07-24 at 7.55 pm

    i am unable to get this to work with secret of mana or Seiken Densetsu 3, the words dont show up. i know this is a background transparency issue since the same thing happens on snes9x, but on that i can disable a background. but when i try on this emulator the screen goes blank and changes back to the main menu, i can click on options in the menu but it doesn’t display them. any ideas?

  • 75. Drew  |  2007-07-25 at 3.31 pm

    any way to do this on the G6 DS real 16gb?

    cause it only has the ds cartridge and no passcard in the gba slot.

  • 76. Adam J  |  2007-07-29 at 3.57 pm

    I’m trying to get this to work on my R4DS. It starts up fine but then says it can’t find any roms. I downloaded Chrono Trigger and it was a .smc file, can SNEmulDS run it or have I got to convert it into a .nds file? If i do have to convert it, what software would you recommend?
    Thanks in advance!

  • 77. Joe Grant  |  2007-07-29 at 8.22 pm

    The SneMulDs File keeps telling me that my SNES directory is empty, even thought it is cleary in the root of my card and cleary is full of 3 .smc snes roms.

    I have a g6 real from g6 flash. I have tried with the g6 dldi patch and without

    please help

  • 78. joemul  |  2007-07-30 at 10.16 pm

    Anyone using this on their M3 Simply?

    I keep getting a ‘not support tracker?’ message when i try and use it through moonshell. When i try and use it straight from the directory (i.e. not through moonshell) it doesn’t identify any roms in the SNES folder.

    Anyone got any advice or links to a walkthrough?

  • 79. cocoro  |  2007-08-02 at 1.45 pm

    i have the EWIN2.
    I played SNEmulDS in EWIN2 But couldn’t played.
    how do I do it?

  • 80. mackie  |  2007-08-03 at 3.04 pm

    i am that much of a noob that i dont even know where i get the game roms can anyone give me a hand please?

  • 81. WiiRock  |  2007-08-06 at 6.52 pm

    Great Program i must say ive been using it for awhile now!!
    but its odd some games such as smw 2 (yoshis island) Just dont start. but i cant complain i could never write a piece of software such as this. Great job

    Looking forward to a new release!!!!

  • 82. Maynard  |  2007-08-06 at 11.49 pm

    Salut, Archeide !

    Je viens de mettre le grappin sur ton émulateur : Mama Mia enfin un ému snes sur ds et pas chiant à configurer ça fait plaisir !

    A ce propos comment tu fais passer les jeux sur l’écran du bas comme démontré avec la fonction ?

    En tout cas bravo pour ton boulot, chapeau, vivement la prochaine mouture !

    Bonne continuation !

  • 83. RB  |  2007-08-07 at 2.46 am

    Alright, everything works fine, except every time I boot up a rom I get graphic errors [mainly missing text, but also missing sprites] that make it unplayable. Is there a compatibility list somewhere that I’m missing?

  • 84. Rene  |  2007-08-12 at 10.10 am

    Can someone please e-mail me a patched copy of SNEmulDS for use with EZ flash V (EZ5).
    I would highly appreciate it..

  • 85. Ramzy  |  2007-08-14 at 12.35 am

    I can’t get a single game to work.
    I have downloaded every version, and tried them all.
    None worked.
    They boot, but have waaaay too many errors.
    For example, I played Megaman X, and finished a level.
    It brought me to the very beginning of the game.
    Final Fantasy Three was no different, it kept skipping/rewinding.
    I downloaded the pre-patched one (For R4), but it runs the same.I
    I have an R4DS, if it helps.
    Please help.

  • 86. therudy  |  2007-08-14 at 7.09 pm

    greetings from Australia - I have a DS light, pass key 3 & Ewin2 micro - I’ve patched SNEmulDS with the DLDI for Ewin2 mini (as there seems to be none for the micro).

    SNEmulDS opens, finds the two games I have, but does not let me select and or run them, meanwhile the top screen is glowing white.

    Is there a fix or I’m I stuck with a crappy Ewin2? ;)

    by the sounds of it your work is excellent, well done! :) - though I have yet to experience it :(


  • 87. F***  |  2007-08-15 at 5.00 pm

    Roms at romworld.com I think.

  • 88. F***  |  2007-08-16 at 8.05 am

    roms in .smc format usually

  • 89. Windy  |  2007-08-16 at 5.57 pm

    @ Drew | 2007-07-25 at 3.31 pm

    The G6 DS Real is a passcard in itself, no need for any GBA cartridges.

  • 90. Altair  |  2007-08-17 at 2.37 am

    Hey, i was wondering if there was a setting that would make Seiken Densetsu 3 and Secret of Mana playable ?

  • 91. Matt32x  |  2007-08-17 at 5.52 am

    If you are having problems with the program not finding the directory, you haven’t patched the SNEmulDS file. GO to http://m3-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=7468&sid=a4cc805212d6b316960290e47e23312d and read the post about patching to learn how to do it. I was getting frustrated, now I’m playing NBA Jam TE..heh heh

  • 92. Adam  |  2007-08-19 at 5.44 pm

    Wow, looks like we have a LOT of unswered questions.

    I’d get confused trying to keep track of my answers, so drop me an email at luiginut[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    But the number one rule is: PLEASE do your research before asking such basic questions. This is probably why no one is answering.

    GOOGLE. I could give you sites for but that post is a perfect example of my above statement. I bet for most roms you’d find at least 5 different sites on the first page of google results.

  • 93. Adam  |  2007-08-19 at 5.46 pm

    Oh, just to make another example, READ THE README. Many of us hate it when you ask ignorant questions like if you have to convert the SMC file. First of all, that’s impossible, and second, it’s called a README for a reason!

    I’m done now. You can still email me with the rest of the questions.

  • 94. Lina  |  2007-08-21 at 5.53 pm

    ok i really need help lol i am very dumb when it comes to this stuff. i have the Games n Music cartrdge. i put that snemulds on it, and a root folder called SNES. is there something else i need on it for it to play roms? if so, what?

    Thanks for any help.

  • 95. Ctown  |  2007-08-22 at 12.33 am

    I have some Datel’ Games n’ Music Answers. It works for nearly every card.

    1a. First go to [ http://dldi.drunkencoders.com/index.php?title=Category:SLOT-1_devices ] Download the dldi you need. I downloaded the games n’ music one. You can get the one you need.

    1b. If the file written on a gba car go to [ http://dldi.drunkencoders.com/index.php?title=Category:SLOT-2_devices ]

    2. If you have windows XP or vista download Win32 Gui. If not find linux gui or something else. There basically the same.

    3. Make a NDS folder. Inside of that make a folder called Patcher and put the file from step 1 inside it. It should be a .dldi file.

    4. Extract the gui to the patcher folder. Delete the zipped folder.

    ——Now you can patch any file you want.

    5. Go to the snemul.com/ds and look for
    http://snemul.com/ds/SNEmulDSv05b.zip on the homepage. put it in the NDS folder.

    6. extract it to the NDS folder.

    7. Open the gui.

    8. In the first “…” box locate the patcher folder. It now should say the name f your card.

    9. Locate the second “…” box and find the extracted snemulds file that you need. Games n’ music needs the .ndsfile.

    10.Click Pacth.

    11. Put the pacthed file( it doesn’t make a new file) on the micro sd,compact flash or whatever you use and open it.

    This works with any other rcently updated homebrew. It will not work with real ds roms.

  • 96. Ctown  |  2007-08-22 at 12.43 am

    Sorry for the misspellings. Also it works for every gba and ds cards on these conditions:

    It is recent homebrew.

    You can find the dldi.

    You fond the right gui.

  • 97. Ctown  |  2007-08-22 at 12.52 am

    If it cannot find SNES Games:

    Plug your card or sd or compactflash card to your computer. Say if X:\ is your drive for your homebrew card then open it. Make a “SNES” folder (not “Snes” or “SnEs” )and open it so the adress bar of your folder reads “X:\SNES” Put your .smc files inside of it. And put the emulator with the .smc files, too.

  • 98. john  |  2007-08-24 at 12.04 am

    im dead

  • 99. rick  |  2007-08-30 at 4.17 am

    i want to play fireeblem in idsl so hoping the perfect version to release.

  • 100. Ike fucking Turner  |  2007-09-01 at 10.08 pm

    Using Supercard, SD and Superkey, along with patched version of SNEmulDS (SNEmulDS_scsd_moon.dldi.nds) and snes roms (yes .smc) in the SNES directory, the fucking thing can’t find the fucking roms. It thinks my fucking rom directory is empty while there are 100 fucking roms there. The fucking DS reads the SNES folder as snes. I change the fucking .cfg file to look for snes but it fucking keeps looking for SNES. There doesn’t seem to be anybody with a fucking clue how to get past this. fuck

  • 101. Ordhep  |  2007-09-04 at 4.14 pm

    Hello i,ve got a ninja ds card but i can use snemul im my ds i put snemul an d other archives in a usually carpet created for me, but when my ds is on and i use snemul ds emulator “say”

    put the roms in the directory on your cf/sd card

    can someone help me?

    My english is bad by i.ve got 14 years! can something help me please?

  • 102. dj Obbo  |  2007-09-05 at 10.31 pm

    i put the 2 files in the root of my card and the games in a rom directory of the card, but it still comes up with the annoying error

    No Files Found.
    Please put roms into SNES directory
    of your CF/SD card

    i seem to be doing every thing right
    do i need the latest firmware
    i’ve got m3simply 1.2v

    any help will be good thanx

  • 103. Dave  |  2007-09-06 at 8.05 pm

    Hi, I would like to know if this emulator works on a cyclo DS evolution.The one game I want to play is Mario RPG.

  • 104. Poppit  |  2007-09-07 at 1.03 am

    Okay The only problem is I use a mac and it won’t let me make the folder required! I need to make it /SNES directory (yes one slash) and my computer won’t let me! Help is very much appreciated.

  • 105. VLAD  |  2007-09-22 at 7.51 am


  • 106. Willie  |  2007-09-28 at 3.56 am

    If you are having problems getting the ROMS to work… try renaming the files to xxxxxxxx.smc. My roms didn’t have the proper file extention.

  • 107. z c  |  2007-09-28 at 9.47 am

    snesmulds is working great for me, but a couple roms arent working. Star Fox, Super Mario Kart, Final Fantasy 3, Super Mario RPG arent working. I can hear the sound, but no picture. any help?

  • 108. siou fennic  |  2007-09-29 at 8.46 pm

    do you have a games n music dldi patcher?i need one

  • 109. Maeglin  |  2007-09-30 at 6.13 pm

    I have r4. Tried to run Blackthorne. Start rom, but it returns to main menu. How do I run roms?

  • 110. Maeglin  |  2007-09-30 at 6.13 pm

    I have r4. Tried to run Blackthorne. Start rom, but it returns to main menu. How do I run roms ?

  • 111. corey K  |  2007-10-05 at 10.27 pm

    Hey, how do you play patched hacked roms? (Like custom supe r mario world roms). I was curious if I could get them to work. I tried and it starts running, but it drops to a white screen when % goes up.

    can you help me with this.

  • 112. James  |  2007-10-12 at 3.08 am

    Hey I;m feeling lost but where can I find super mario all stars rom?

  • 113. linus  |  2007-10-13 at 12.58 am

    hi, the emulator works great, but when you press start for the map its only be a black screen, if you press start botton to resum the game every thing works fine. In Final fantasy 5 the battle meny and job and status meny the onlely thing you can see is the cearacter but nothing else. any way this emulator is very great.(may need some fixes)

  • 114. Bane  |  2007-10-14 at 9.49 am


    I have a friend who owns a Cyclo DS, and also whats to use your brilliant emulator :) What is required for him, in order to play? Does he need to DLDI patch it? If so, where/what is the Cyclo DS.

    Cheers in advance. :P

  • 115. Vince  |  2007-10-23 at 8.31 am

    IM USING SUPER CARD LITE RUMBLE WITH SUPERKEY The Ds Loads and shows a list of smcs but i touch one of them nothing happends, all of them and then I press every button there is and still nothing happends

  • 116. Knight  |  2007-10-28 at 5.20 pm

    I’m kind of new to this DS emulation and whenever I do all what you say to get it to read the ROMs, it tells me it can’t find any ROMs, even though they are in the directory, /SNES/

    Just to help you out with my problem, I’m using the MAX Media Dock

  • 117. paul  |  2007-11-08 at 1.32 am

    how do you patch things. can i get a step by step guide for max media dock. and a link for some roms

  • 118. Jake  |  2007-11-09 at 7.44 pm

    Im using the Datel Games n’ Music,but i cant figure out how to set it up on it. It works but the roms arent being detected

  • 119. Mark  |  2007-11-20 at 5.10 am

    Hey i was playing Chrono Trigger. and i noticed the first line of text were cut in half. is there a way to fixing htis?

  • 120. Mark  |  2007-12-01 at 9.20 pm

    Is anyone’s Mario Allstar saving? after you beat Morton’s castle (2nd castle) and save it doesnt work.

  • 121. Jason  |  2007-12-03 at 2.24 pm

    hi, any chance of implementing the wi fi on the DS to allow muliplayer games on the eumulator, or I am dreaming too much now?

  • 122. SAJ  |  2007-12-05 at 2.09 am

    Well for all of you who havent read the description, I’m gonna help out you R4 peoples. Make sure your .cfg file is in the root directory of your R4 and patch the .nds file with that DLDI patcher (make sure you have the DLDI file for R4) and make a SNES — MAKE A SNES FOLDER in your root directory in which you will put your games. In that folder, put your .nds SNES file in there too. Once you load up your DS after all this = it should work… some games don’t work too well remember that

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  • 124. mike  |  2007-12-16 at 9.07 pm

    thanks for this wonderfull emulator are you close to a new release

  • 125. Brandon  |  2007-12-17 at 4.04 pm

    Hi, I’m kinda new at all this, I have a G6 lite and I was wondering what I do with the DLDI thing? Do I put both files into the root directory?

  • 126. Maximus  |  2007-12-20 at 8.59 am

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  • 127. Glennjam  |  2007-12-22 at 1.38 am

    I have an R4DS, this emulator works fine except the roms emulate a little faster than normal and it’s dis orientating me when playing games im used to being at normal speed, anyway of fixing this?

  • 128. Scott  |  2007-12-31 at 9.49 am

    does the M3 Simply file work on the M3 Real? I just ordered one and was wondering

  • 129. robin  |  2008-01-04 at 3.06 pm

    i want to play power rangers zeo battle racers but he runs stuck

  • 130. sinphoenix  |  2008-01-08 at 1.41 am

    Hello Everyone,

    First of all, thanks to everyone for all the friendly help. I have downloaded the SNEmulDS_r4tf.dldi.nds and 000SNEmulDS.nds the later of which works for my R4DS for a few roms like Super Metroid for instance. However, I cannot seem to get Chrono Trigger to work without glitching out. By glitching out I mean to say, the background becomes blocky and I lose details like bridges and foilage. I also cannot seem to get Super Mario RPG to work, as each time I load it, I get a blank white screen. Please help, when you can find the time.

  • 131. Louis  |  2008-01-09 at 4.22 am

    Great emulator, I’m using it on my R4! However, Chrono Trigger runs horribly. Is the ROM to blame, or is there a patch I can download for the emulator?

  • 132. David  |  2008-01-18 at 2.56 pm

    Thanks for making this! But I have a rpoblem with my R4 patched version, I checked compatibilty and everyone says Super Metroid is running fine, however the screen in not squished enough for me to see the floor. Very hard to play the game this way, I tried using the built in squish button.

    Any advice?

  • 133. Danief  |  2008-01-18 at 8.13 pm

    Dude your the best! im totally gonna load up my ds with all kinds of awesome crap!

  • 134. Sten  |  2008-01-19 at 11.21 pm

    I download the file for the r4ds/m3 simply but i put a game called Donkey Kong Country snes on it but the menu of that game dus works very well it comes because i hat this thing snemulds
    i try snemilds 0.6 but the menu of that with save en other buttens dont work can somebody help me with donkey kong country to have a good menu of donkey kong’s country. Thanks
    Sten Horstman

    P.S my english what i say is not very good bequise im dutch.

  • 135. Lou  |  2008-01-20 at 4.04 am

    This emulator works great with lots of games, but i’m disappointed that it is not working for Super Mario Rpg. Is there any reason why it’s not working?

  • 136. Alvaro  |  2008-01-30 at 4.30 pm

    I have an R4 an I just downloaded the Snemulds 0.6 and the DLDI for r4 & M3 file from this website but I don’t know how to pacth the SNES emulator to my DS please I need help because some roms don’t play good or they don’t even load.
    By the way It’s awesome that you came up with this emulator good work.

  • 137. » street fighter 2 &hellip  |  2008-02-02 at 2.01 am

    [...] Main site: http://www.snemul.com/ds/?page_id=22 [...]

  • 138. Gabe  |  2008-02-04 at 3.22 am

    Well I got a Games N’ Music and put this on it and patched it. It starts up, but when I load a rom, it just goes to a white screen with no sound. Same thing with the lameboy emulator, a white screen comes up and the roms don’t load. Anyone know why this is, because the programs act like they are working.

  • 139. Zarox  |  2008-02-08 at 4.48 pm

    how about new version ?
    congratulation and go on

  • 140. jj  |  2008-02-11 at 6.30 pm

    i have dstt how do i put it on that

  • 141. solarboyzx  |  2008-02-18 at 4.33 pm

    hey i got the emulator but i need the roms does any have a site that they can send me?

  • 142. » street fighter 2 &hellip  |  2008-02-20 at 5.21 am

    [...] Main site: http://www.snemul.com/ds/?page_id=22 [...]

  • 143. » R4DS-Guide to pla&hellip  |  2008-02-20 at 5.22 am

    [...] Emulator:http://www.snemul.com/ds/?page_id=22(Click DLDI at the top of the page. ROMS: http://www.1rom.net/ OR http://www.emuparadise.org/ [...]

  • 144. Justin  |  2008-02-24 at 4.22 am

    It does not work with SanDisk SD’s?

  • 145. Bill Gonzo  |  2008-03-07 at 5.43 am

    Ok so i had the same problem with the whole “not reading the roms” error. So what i did that fixed it was i added .smc at the end of the name of all my rom files. this then changed the file format to SMC instead of just FILE. I hope this helps people :D:D

  • 146. laurent  |  2008-03-07 at 6.55 pm

    I have a r4 but i just dont know how to get the emulator and snes games to work. How do you make a folder on your card? Anyone have basic steps for me to follow? do i need the dldi thing for it to work? please help!

  • 147. Ctown  |  2008-03-08 at 2.22 am

    For Games n’ Music owners, the best thing to do is to get DSOrganize 3.2 from Dragonminded’s blogspot page. When you extract that there will be a file that is something like “dsorganize-gnm.nds” and a folder “dsorganize”. Put both on our root. DSOrganize can patch any nds file for you. Open dsorganize.nds on your Games n’ Music card and go to browser. There find the emulator and dsorganize will patch it and then run it.

  • 148. noob  |  2008-03-08 at 8.45 pm

    plz help me. i got games n music and want to put a snes emulator on it. i dont know what patch to download. and i need some GOOD games on it. plz help meeeeee!

  • 149. Strifecore  |  2008-03-16 at 5.23 am

    how do you play hacked smw roms on mmd? or which ones are there that work?

  • 150. recloose  |  2008-03-19 at 10.08 pm

    hi, i have m3 ds real,does snemul works on it?if so, how?

  • 151. Tyler  |  2008-03-23 at 1.42 am

    do translation files work with SNESEmulDS?

  • 152. the man  |  2008-03-25 at 12.01 am


    1: download the r4 file up top and snemul.cfg to desktop.

    2: place the .nds file straight onto micro sd no other folders

    3: place the snemul.cfg into your GAMES folder like i have

    4: in game folder create a new one called SNES

    5: place all your snes rooms in SNES folder and enjoy the emulator

    all this combination worked for me on r4 so should work with anyone elses and m3 simply

  • 153. gt  |  2008-03-25 at 7.28 am

    how do you make a cfg file? please help >.

  • 154. excalibr  |  2008-03-28 at 9.09 am

    Thanks for the great work. I’ve always wanted to play Secret of Mana on my DS. Works well so far on my M3 Simply except for the intro and name selection.

  • 155. A dud  |  2008-04-08 at 11.07 am


    I got most of my snes roms to work by using DS link (micro sd card) emulator above.

    it works great with many games, some games need a few tweaks with backgrounds, and DK country runs perfectly if u turn the speed hacks to full or interrupt.

  • 156. Mike  |  2008-04-12 at 11.19 pm

    I am trying to play Super Mario RPG. But it doesnt support LoRoms. Any ideas as to how to deal with this?

  • 157. A dud  |  2008-04-13 at 2.38 pm

    anyone playing simcity? I cant seem to get the game to save, any solutions?

  • 158. r88  |  2008-04-15 at 9.03 am

    I have datel games’n'music and when I try to play a game, the touch screen DOESN’T WORK, so please can anyone tell me how can I fix that.

  • 159. r88  |  2008-04-16 at 4.38 am

    that happens to my SNEmulDS emulator

  • 160. The Nintendo R4DS (Good Q&hellip  |  2008-04-27 at 7.14 am

    [...] SNES: http://www.snemul.com/ds/?page_id=22 [...]

  • 161. Jesse  |  2008-04-30 at 7.55 pm

    Hey, I have an M3 Real, I’m not very good at this stuff. I put a .smc rom in the SNES folder I made. What else should be in the SNES folder, and what shouldn’t? And what’s the root?

  • 162. C. Boy  |  2008-05-01 at 12.50 pm

    I have a problem with my R4 and the snes emulator.
    When I start the emulator, it shows me all games, but i can’t select one. When I touch the display it goes down and I cant’t go up or something else.

  • 163. » R4DS-Guide to pla&hellip  |  2008-05-07 at 4.37 am

    [...] Emulator:http://www.snemul.com/ds/?page_id=22(Click DLDI at the top of the page. ROMS: http://www.1rom.net/ OR http://www.emuparadise.org/ [...]

  • 164. » The Nintendo R4DS&hellip  |  2008-05-07 at 4.37 am

    [...] SNES: http://www.snemul.com/ds/?page_id=22 [...]

  • 165. Jared  |  2008-05-13 at 3.23 am

    #136 Alvaro

    From what I see it sounds like you got the emulator to work but some games don’t work?

    I’ve read that the music doesn’t always work 100% because something doesn’t load fast enough and he would have to do some hacking but he doesn’t have the time to do it.

    In terms of the graphics and blockiness of the game for the games that don’t load, (ex super mario rpg) and a few others they run a special chip in the cartridge for the game that does not work with any of the SNEmulDS version and the creator says not to expect them to work with it any time soon.

    Also, for the blockiness of the game, that’s to be expected as no one can be absolutely perfect.

    Yah so if the emulator WORKs why would you need to patch it? According to this site it’s prepatched for the m3 simply and R4.

    Hope that helps.
    I’m just a newbie that knows a lot lol.

    (I have pro words) HEHE

    Just a question though too. Do any of these versions work with M3 Real???? I just ordered one and it should be here by May 14 or so. THX

  • 166. Jared  |  2008-05-13 at 4.30 am

    #140 jj

    If you tell me what a dstt stands for maybe I can help you.

    Hope I can help

  • 167. andrew  |  2008-05-14 at 6.40 am

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Works great, thanks for all your hard work :)

  • 168. Slingblade  |  2008-05-19 at 6.42 am

    If anyone needs help with patching games n music email me at slingblade1170@yahoo.com. I can help.

  • 169. ehsan  |  2008-05-19 at 12.18 pm

    do any of these work on the R4 card for DS

  • 170. Ismael  |  2008-05-20 at 6.07 pm

    I got a M3 REAL and can’t do this emulator to run. I’m new in this matter so I don’t know what means PATCHED. So there is a beginers README file or something….Thanks

  • 171. Kazelizl  |  2008-05-25 at 1.35 am

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  • 172. Kazelmoz  |  2008-05-25 at 1.35 am

    Hi webmaster!

  • 173. Kevin  |  2008-06-06 at 10.29 pm

    c’mon guys what R you doing? keep working on the next version I very happy for your work don’t stop now.

  • 174. yo  |  2008-06-14 at 1.42 am

    super mario rpg doesnt work, but everything else does

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