Alpha release of SNEmulDS 0.4!

It has been a long time with no real updates of SNEmulDS.. This first release break this silence, and i hope it will please everyone. First of all, the main change is the integration of the CPU engine of SnezziDS. In fact, I wanted to make my own CPU engine in ASM, but i rapidly saw that i couldn’t do better than bubble2k did. I recognize his work as a masterpiece in DS homebrews. I personnally added some new features from the original C CPU of SNEmulDS: speed hacks, memory protection, and ROM paging/dynamic reloading (giving Large ROMs support for Slot-1 cards). All combined CPU engine and speed hacks give a great boost in speed.
There are also various changes:

  • Implemented MODE 7
  • Partial line by line engine for MODE 7 games
  • Implemented MODE 3,4 (256 colors)
  • Now SNEmulDS uses devkitpro 20 and libfat library from chishm with DLDI support, for better compatibility
  • Improved ROM paging, reducing bugs for Large ROMs (> 3 Mo)
  • Fixed memory leaks (And consequently, fixed famous “Unsupported Large LoRom” bug)
  • Three level of speed hacks : no speed hacks, medium speed hacks, full speed hacks. Each level give various compatibility and speed enhancements.
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Now SNEmulDS sources are under GNU license, to be compatible with snezzids

Get it here : (don’t forget to patch it with your DLDI driver, SNES games are loaded from SNES directory)

Sources are available on SVN, or with this package :

27 comments February 20th, 2007

Problems with the DLDI version ?

I’m sorry to see that the compatibility of the DLDI version is far from what i expected …
Some have experienced problems they didn’t have with the regular version.
I tried to fix some bugs in a test release. There are two differences with the release version :

  • ROMs are read from the root directory (some drivers seem to have problem with paths).
  • The FAT init loop has been removed (for some drivers the FAT_init functions return false whereas it has initialized correctly).

This should improve compatibility. At least it has solved problems with GBAMP CF and R4.

Here is the file:

You have to patch it with your own patch.

Instructions are here:

Don’t forget that games have to be put in the root directory not in the SNES directory…

16 comments January 19th, 2007

SNEmulDS 0.3 with DLDI

I just finished building SNEmulDS v0.3 with DLDI support. This system made by chishm should make SNEmulDS compatible with much more devices:

  • DSLink (microSD Card)
  • Ewin2 (SD Card)
  • EZ Flash 4 (SD Card)
  • EZ Flash 5 (SD Card)
  • G6 Flash (version 0.15)
  • M3 Adapter (Compact Flash)
  • M3 Adapter (SD card)
  • Max Media Dock (Compact Flash)
  • GBA Movie Player (Compact Flash)
  • GBA Movie Player (SD Card)
  • NEO Flash MK2 & MK3 (SD Card)
  • NEO2 (SD Card)
  • Ninja DS (SD Card)
  • R4(DS)- Revolution for DS, M3 Simply compatible
  • SuperCard (Compact Flash)
  • SuperCard DS (Slot-1)
  • SuperCard (SD Card)

More informations here :

You can patch SNEmulDS.nds to support others devices as long as those device have been made compatible with the DLDI system. So you should visit this site regularly for update, if your device is not supported by SNEmulDS yet!

Please try it with your device and tell me on the pocketheaven forum if you have any problems…

49 comments January 15th, 2007

SNEmulDS v0.3 beta

It seems indeed that save feature was broken for most users in alpha release. This beta version of 0.3 includes a simpler save system that should work for all devices that support saving. Another little change : larger items in all file selections and a back button in the Select ROM selection.

11 comments October 16th, 2006

SNEmulDS v0.3 alpha

It’s not a real release yet, it’s a preview release because i’m disappointed with my save feature which stopped to work properly for me. It seems it comes from my SD card but i’m not sure.
I need help from people who had no problems saving with 0.2… This new release have sound! I need to know if this new reelase reload music correctly…
If you have any bugs with this preview release please tell me. For more infos, take a look here :

5 comments October 16th, 2006

SNEmulDS v0.2 GBFS

AlekMaul, another author of emulators for DS, has made a GBFS version of SNEmulDS 0.2. This should work on devices that are not compatible with FAT library (as G6). You cannot save your progress though.
Download this version here.

7 comments October 4th, 2006

SNEmulDS forum

SNEmulDS has its own forum thanks to Titney from pocketheaven! Look here

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